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Trusting your design instinct {and a video}

There was a time not that long ago when we moved into a little cottage 
in the California countryside.

And it would teach me so much about design and trusting my instincts.
From not so great choices to perfect choices - it was a learning process and along the way
that house became a home.

From taking an awkward feeling room and making it more functional by changing hallways and walls to adding an abundance of windows and french doors to designing something from scratch.
And as this house evolved from that rundown cottage to my French Country Cottage, 
I started to fill it with pieces that spoke my language.

Pieces like that antique buffet deux corps which is rich in history and patina
and pieces that needed a little help to shine- like my French cottage sofa.

And with that sofa, I learned a valuable lesson design wise. 
To trust my design instincts. 

Because when I first saw this sofa and the terrible condition it was in, I had a vision - and it involved bold and beautiful red and white buffalo check fabric. 

But as I started to upholster it, I paused and questioned myself.
 And I wondered if my Charles Faudree inspired vision was the way to go. 
Maybe I should go with something simple and neutral and 'safe' design wise. 
And I had to just trust that my first instinct with this was the right one.

And, though it is definitely not a neutral, it is a conversation piece
and it is something unexpected in the room.
And it is a piece that definitely taught me to trust my design instinct and give it a try.
And something fun! (and a little frightening!) 
I am partnering with Wayfair in a new vlogger series-
 and I am talking all about that
special sofa and listening to your 
design instinct today.

I have to be honest-
feeling a little shy about shooting video footage to send over to Wayfair 
for them to edit and put together the way they would like
 and to then put out and share with their audience.
So... I hope you like it and if you are so inclined-
I would appreciate if you would 'like' the video at YouTube as well.

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  1. I wish I could wiggle my nose and have things happen. If so, your bedroom and incredible sofa would be in my hone :)

  2. Love the pillows you are so pretty

  3. Love the video very much:-)
    You'll be surprised but what I loved the most was your English...I could listen to you talking all night long not only for 2 minutes:-)

  4. I loved the video Courtney! So fun to hear your voice and see you in real motion....I think you are a natural!

    1. Haha! I don't know but I am working on it! ;) Thanks for the encouragement and for watching Amy!

  5. Love the big red and white checks on the sofa, Perfect !
    I have a chair I was to do in same material and I have yet to find it in Missouri
    can you tell me where you purchased the materiel ?


  6. Loved It!! Love your style. :)