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How to get French Cottage charm with a beautiful chandelier

I am a big believer in having something in a room that has

French Cottage crystal chandelier in bedroom

I am talking about pieces in a room that add 'ooomph'.
Not something that uses electricity. 
Pieces that bring character or charm or something unexpected to a space
and that make it feel that much more important or interesting.

Some of my favorite pieces that have power are ones with patina.
That old chippy peeling paint on the bench in the living room

living room with vintage bench

or the delicious hand rubbed wood on the buffet deux corps
that brings a huge amount of antique charm.

living room with antique buffet deux corps and flowers

It can also be something like a chandelier.
I know you might be shocked to see me talking about chandeliers 
I mean, I am not obsessed with a huge amount of bling in my home at all.

Like the two above the table in the dining room...

dining room table with basket of peonies and dishes

And the two in the kitchen...

kitchen with chandelier and white cupboards

and that crystal covered one in the bathroom...

marble bathroom with gold touches and crystal chandelier

Well... let's just say I believe in the power of 

And today-
the first in a small series about 'The Power of' 
which is about harnessing the power of something to make your room feel different-
 it is all about how to bring that 
delightful old world style French Cottage charm to a room
with a
And this particular chandelier? 
This chandelier is a game changer.

A chandelier is one of those things you can add to a room
and it adds oodles of elegance and charm instantly.
And while some chandeliers have crystals...

This chandelier is absolutely completely dripping with crystals.
And when I say dripping...
 I mean it only took me about 5+ hours to put this one together
and place each crystal strand, drop and rope on it.

I kid you not.

But not all chandeliers are heavy on the crystal and size- and they don't have to be.
You can add a small chandelier to a room and completely change the feeling of it.

One of my motto's?

I believe that any room can benefit from a chandelier

When we moved into the house- we started with the kitchen.
And that ceiling fan with the lovely lights you can see in the corner there
it that did nothing to make the room feel like anything  but an old 1940's run down kitchen.

 I wanted charm and elegance.
And honestly, I wasn't sure how was I going to get that feeling in an old 1940's cottage
but then I brought in the bling.

I know it sounds simple- but it made a difference.
The day that ceiling fan came out and the chandelier
went up- even with the same 1940's cupboards
everything felt different in the kitchen. 

And so, for me, I know that lighting is one of those things that changes the feeling
and ambiance of a space instantly.
And it is one of my favorite ways to make a room feel elegant and charming.

And in the bedroom makeover- lighting was definitely on the list.
I was looking for more crystals
 and more light
 but I didn't want something that felt heavy.
So I looked at light bright airy and big on bling chandeliers.

Even though this chandelier is HUGE- it doesn't overwhelm the room.
Because it is almost completely made of glass- 
the arms, the body, the crystals.

So while it adds a TON of light and charm- it doesn't overwhelm the space
and it somewhat kind of feels like it has always been there.
it is pretty much my french inspired crystal loving chandelier
kind of perfection.

If you are in the market for adding a little bit (or a lot ) of bling-
you are going to love this chandelier
 (and the seriously amazing price) 
16 lights and so much charm and elegance  and you can find it here at Wayfair:

(affiliate link) 

The rest of the bedroom changes are SO close to being shared-
and I cannot wait to show you just what  has changed
and what has stayed the same- so stay tuned.

Up next in the Power Of series...
What I love about it and how to add patina to your home to get 
that lived in, collected charming look you love.

Hope your Monday is off to a great start.

This bedroom refresh is in partnership with Wayfair
but the design and the crazy and admittedly borderline obsessive love of crystal covered chandeliers -
well, that is all my own.

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  1. Bonjour chère amie,

    Je suis fascinée par les lustres à pampilles. J'en ai chez moi aussi... Je trouve qu'ils apportent quelque chose de magique.
    Merci pour l'ensemble de vos merveilleuses photos, elles mettent bien en valeur vos lustres.

    Gros bisous ♡

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words!! I am slightly obsessed with the magic that a chandelier brings to a room! :)

  2. WHOA. You put the crystals on that chandelier? I have thought about doing that, but I wasn't confident it would turn out. I would LOVE to see a DIY. I need this. I have some extremely large rooms to decorate (+350 square feet. For a bedroom. Not kidding), and they need some va-va-voom. The chandeliers we have are nice and have 8 branches, but they lack enough pampilles, if you ask me. (Don't you just love the word "pampilles"? French for the little crystal decorations.) Actually, your sponsor link's chandelier is well-priced for 16 branches and so many pampilles, at least if they're crystal and not plastic. But I'm in France, with many many many chandeliers available for a song, just not swanky enough.
    Also, I love your mirror.

    1. Yes, put alllllllthecrystals on this chandelier. The chandelier does come unassembled- and unadorned- but not for long! ;) This is all glass- the arms, everything- so yes, much better than plastic. I would definitely see about ordering some extra bling for your authentic French chandeliers- I can imagine how incredible they must be! I have seen replacement crystals on Ebay if that helps? Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Other than regular dusting, what do you do if the crystals get "oily" from being in a kitchen area, or just an area where the dust eventually just clings to the crystals and doesn't come off with a good old duster? Do you have to get glass cleaner and go up and wipe each crystal? I absolutely love the chandeliers! I just got curious about the cleaning part and thought maybe I could learn something about how you clean your chandys.

    1. Hello Kathy,
      I thought I might share with you how I clean mine (twice a year) ~ with either taking them all down and soaking in the sink, or standing on a ladder or sturdy chair and wiping with a rag. I use water and good old white vinegar to wash/wipe the chains and scrub the crystals. Works beautifully! Hope this helps!

      French Ethereal 💝

  4. Loving your new all those crystals are gorgeous....
    Looking forward to viewing all the changes in your room!

  5. wow it looks so much better in your pictures, than it does on the website. I would have scrolled right past on the site, but seeing it in your space. WOW!!! I can't believe it is the same chandy. :)

  6. So elegant, simply stunning...

  7. Love this kitchen. Where did you get the smaller chandeliers?

  8. A girl can never have enough chandy!!!!! LOVE IT!!!

  9. I love it! I can't wait to get my new place and French it out! Lol