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Summer entertaining and the perfect elegant white dishes

An abundance of natural beauty. 
The sounds of the birds in the trees and the soft flicker of the candles on the table. 

The smell of that fresh crisp summer air all around
and the way that the sunshine dances across the table while 
the sun sets through the trees in the distance.
I love it all and it is no secret that I am a huge fan of entertaining outdoors.

          And the best thing about outdoor  entertaining is that so much of the ambiance and charm comes from just being outside and incorporating all of that natural beauty into the setting.
Today I'm talking about a new favorite set of dishes and a few tips for outdoor entertaining. 

#1. The ideal dining spot

A favorite spot for entertaining outdoors?
The pea gravel patio next to the apple tree.
But any corner of your yard or even a grassy spot at a park is perfect for setting up for a gathering. 
Just think about sun/shade and comfort of guests when choosing. 

#2. Perfect everything? Not a chance

Our outdoor table is a farmhouse style reclaimed wood table that is covered in imperfections 
 but really, some of those imperfections add the most interest.
That table has a few old uneven boards and blemishes in the table top

and it also has a wonderful old silvery finish to the wood that speaks perfect patina.

The silver sugar container used as a vase
 that is dark with tarnish

and that adds a delicious old world antique charm.

And right down to those blooms that are just beginning to get a little smooshy
from the summer heat 
but that feel welcoming like an old friend.

#3. Just enjoy

Dining outdoors almost beckons you to abandon those 'perfect' ideas (and stress) 
and just immerse yourself 
in all the beauty of the everyday charm that in abundant out under the stars.

It is the fresh scent in the air
the dappled sunlight in the trees
the sound of the crickets 
and the beauty all around that sets the stage for an enchanted evening get together.
And they create a perfect backdrop for an inviting table 
set with gorgeous elegant white dishes
that are as fantastic for a Monday night dinner 
as they are for an elegant party.

It is no secret that I have a slight obsession with beautiful place settings
and these gorgeous settings from Arte Italica had me at hello.

Can you say 'details' ?
Sigh... Bella Bianca is covered in details. 
And something that I absolutely love about this collection is that 
each piece in the collection is different...and they sing different songs 
while playing together with all of  the others.

I am excited to be partnering with Arte Italica and sharing a few table setting ideas with their gorgeous table top elements and today it is all about Bella Bianca.

For this simple elegant summer table setting-
 I chose to incorporate pairs of different 
chargers, dinner plates and salad plates from the Arte Italica

Filigree Charger
Beaded Charger
Beaded Dinner
Rosette Dinner
Antique Lace Salad
Pique Salad
Flora Cup & Saucer

Ribbon shallow serving bowl
Scalloped Tray

And when they arrived- 
 I wasn't sure just what would go with what yet 
so I played with various options.

#4. Mix and match

I love the Filigree Charger stacked with
Rosette dinner plates and Pique dessert plates.
And topped with the delicate detailed cups and saucers.

So pretty and elegant.

And then it was the Beaded Charger with the Beaded Dinner plates and Rosette Salad plates
stacked with the Flora teacup and saucer.

And I was in love with that one too...
and with every combination in between. 
Really- anything goes. 

For a sprinkling of pastel color and gorgeous etched detailing to add an elegant finish to the table-
I incorporated these beautiful Burano wine stems
that are absolutely stunning in person.

I am so in love with this collection 
and I think the best thing to describe it that comes to mind with these dishes 

Simple Elegance.

Because they are gorgeous for every day dining
and also so beautiful on the table for those special occasions.
And of course.. you will be seeing them pop up quite often.

Because they are simply elegantly perfect.
And because I was filming footage for several projects- I thought I would 
have a little fun with this 
and made a quick table setting video to share each piece and how they stack  so perfectly.
Hope you like it!

Click here to watch

Happy Entertaining everyone!!

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  1. Very pretty! I like all-white china (partial to Limoges) because it really puts the food at the center of attention. Also you can use different sets without looking chaotic.

  2. Beautiful China! Nice picture of you. You are such a pretty girl!