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Top 3 favorite beautiful hammocks for lazy summer naps

Did I mention that we have been having quite the busy week of all night 
partying over here?

It starts with the sound of little feet making that clicking noise on the hardwood down the hall.
And that sound gets closer and closer
 until it stops right outside our bedroom door.

And then the sound of stomping of little dachshund feet.
Then a couple of barks.
And then... silence.

I know that the 'silence' means my grand dog Mr. Weenie
 is listening to hear if he has successfully woken all of us up. 

And being that this has been going on every night,
we know that if we are very quiet,
 he sometimes wanders off and goes back to bed.
And then we do a (very quiet)  happy dance and go back to sleep.

And sometimes, he just barks even louder.
And then growls.
And then runs off down the hall sounding like a herd of horses
and then he is quiet again...

And for a minute, you think all is good.
Except, he really is just looking for something to make noise.

Sometimes it is that jingle bell elf slipper that apparently needs to be chewed and tossed around.
At 3 AM.
Or maybe it is his food bowl that he knocks it over repeatedly because-
 hey, it is FUN to hear that noise echoing through the house
 in the middle of the night.

And after all the ruckus,
he comes back to the door way and waits again. 
And the whole party begins again.
The stomping. The bark. The elf slipper.
And when one of us sighs and gets up
he spins in circles, 
then bounces up and down with excitement while spinnning
and then zooms down the hall 
and out to his favorite little dog pillow in the living room
 falls asleep.

He goes back to bed.

So as I pour a cup of coffee
rub my eyes
and drag myself through my workout that morning...
Mr Weenie snores.
And I silently plot ways to wake that adorable little nocturnal grand dog up.

And I also start thinking about a nap in the hammock.

I am obsessed with pretty hammocks- 
especially after a night of Mr. Weenie's partying.

Hammocks and summer just go together.
They evoke thoughts of lazy summer days with the warm sun caressing you
and the breeze blowing oh so softly.
The birds singing in the background
while the smell of fresh blooming flowers and grasses is heavy in the air.

Hammocks are quintessential summer style and relaxation.
And while shopping for a new hammock recently,
I whittled it down to 3 favorites.

And I mentioned it on instagram the other day so many of you asked me about where to find a comfortable AND charming hammock
so I thought I would share those 3 favorites today.
{affiliate links} 

#1. Crocheted and fringed beauty

What I like about it:

The style- those long and detailed crocheted edges
and the simple neutral color.

#2. Simple  Charm

What I like about it: 

The simplicity. 
 It is all woven rope so a bit more classic in style
and I love the look of the tassels.


#3. The 'Big Kahuna'

What I like about it:

The size- it is a jumbo size hammock. And the style with the crocheted edging.
And love the spreader bars.

Whether you prefer a hammock with bars- which basically just creates more of a flat bed area
or a traditional style hammock that cradles you like a bebe-
these hammocks are my top picks in the neutral, charming area
And.. I just ordered a new one for that upcoming grad party next month.

Because hammocks and graduation parties go together, right?
You might remember the story
of my oldest sons graduation party- 
and the semi- famous musician who came to the party (who knew!)  
and who loved sitting in that little 1 person hammock with his girlfriend and another friend...
well, I will have to tell the tale again when I share the new hammock with you.

But back to the Mr. Weenie shenanigans:
Does anyone have tips or  ideas for getting my party animal grand dog to 
sleep through the night? 

sleep deprived in California

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  1. We have two hammocks similar to #2 - Simple Charm. After testing many hammocks we found that the tight weave, and ability to form to your body, makes this style the most comfortable. I can nap or read for hours in my hammock. I think I'll go visit it right now!
    Lori in Blue Ridge, GA

  2. Those hammocks are GORGEOUS! Maybe you will have to put lil weenie head up in the bed with you?? I have a little Shih-Tzu and I have to put him in the bed. I would NEVER get a good nites sleep if I didnt.

    1. Totally hear you!!! We have our other adopted dog Sweet Pea in the bed every night- and Mr. Weenie- he sleeps in my daughters room in her bed or in his little ' house' that we bought when he was adopted. He just seems to want to party all night- because he is definitely in the bed or in the room where he seems to be happy- he just wakes up and wants company. :)

  3. All three of the hammocks are beautiful. Wish I had a place in the backyard to set one up!
    Regarding your cute dogie, that fact that he falls asleep after you get up and are in the room with him makes me think he wants to sleep near you. Have you thought about putting his doggie bed in your bedroom? He just might sleep through the night! :-)

    1. He actually sleeps in my daughters bedroom- on her bed or in his 'house' in her room- so we have thought about him being lonely but it doesn't make sense. He is super attached to her. But he is a rescue- so he may have anxiety. Maybe he gets up and is confused but he seems happy- just want everyone up with him. I have no idea haha. We love him no matter what- we would just love to sleep all night long sometimes. ;)

  4. We have a pretty generic hammock because we don't have trees to tie it to. It is in a big ol' frame but man is it comfy! I think I'll pretty it up with some old linens and a pillow. Best place to nap in town! Mr. Weenie, hahahaha! One of my dogs is a senior citizen now (18 yr). He has started waking at the most inconvenient times. I was getting up and letting him out but he rarely had to go. Now I ignore him for a minute and he stops. It seems to be getting less and less so maybe that will be an answer for Mr. Weenie too. Good luck!

    1. We have noticed that if we ignore him sometimes- it does work. Maybe they get confused and think it is time to get up. I think we all think Mr. Weenie gets lonely and wants someone to be up with him. I just wish he would decide time to get up was more like 5 or 6 than 2 or 3 haha!

  5. How about doggie music? Something that makes noise (quietly so you don't hear) that makes him think all is well. I remember reading once about a ticking clock when you first bring home a puppy or kitten. Keep us informed on how it goes :-) Love the hammocks.

    1. You know- we have done the doggie music- and it does help!! My daughter put on a station that plays dog relaxation music and he seemed to like it- so will definitely try it again and see if it keeps him sleeping through the night like a baby. :) Thanks for reminding me of that Marisa!

  6. Never read a blog post that made me laugh out loud before! He sounds so adorable, of course he's not keeping me awake! Oh, and pretty hammocks!

  7. Sorry. , no thoughts on granddog sleeping isusses. The hammocks are all so pretty.