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5 reasons why I am obsessed with pretty bottles

The other day I walked into HomeGoods...
and walked out 
with a bin filled with bottles of hand soap.

I stood in the bathroom aisle and picked up each and every bottle
and as I found what I was looking for,
 I set them in my cart. 

Other shoppers were staring at me... 
and I was giving them the 'don't touch that bottle' look 
as I hoarded all the glass bottles with pretty labels.

And I will admit that I might have felt a little crazy while placing 7 
bottles of hand soap on the counter to check out. 
But the girl just grinned at me and gave me the look. 
You know- the one that says

 'I get you. I get your vision for the bottles of soap. Awesome score.'

Or maybe it was the one that says:

 'You are either a clean freak or a little crazy...and we will have more in stock next week so...
no need to worry.' 

And when I got to the car, my husband looked at me like I was insane as he picked up
 that bin full of pretty soap bottles.

'That is a lot of hand soap...
this must be a special amazing kind that we need a half a dozen bottles because they aren't making it any longer, right?  Or are we collecting bottles again?'

 I explained that those bottles of soap weren't just bottles of hand soap. 
They were bottles of soap with potential. 

They were like a 'Jack of all trades' in soap. 
They had an opportunity to be so much more than just.soap.
They had the right shape, size and the perfect label...
and when you find THOSE kind of bottles-
you bring them home.
All 7 of them at a time.

Because those charming bottles and those pretty labels...
well, together they were
 bottles of soap with super powers.

#1. They are perfection as vases for flowers for the side table 
and in the bathroom.

#2. They are the key ingredient in mantel stylings.

#3. Old books & bottles filled with flowers?
Of course. 

#4. And they fit on that old cedar board sitting across the bathtub
without taking up too much space.

#5. And not to mention -
they were definitely right at home mixed in with vintage bottles 

One for the road...
they are a smart purchase.
Because you can use the soap first and enjoy their pretty scent and look on the counter...
and then use the bottles in any number of ways after they were empty. 

So these bottles of soap were like 'Soap on steroids'. 
Double the value.
 Double the use.
Double the charm.

To call them simply 'bottles of hand soap' would be putting them into a small box
and limiting them and their endless potential.

And that is just not fair.

These were bottles first...
soap second.

Kind of like those gorgeous bottles of Sophia wine that really
are mostly bottles with beautiful labels... 

with wine in them. 
I like bottles like Sophia...
and those bottles are fabulous long after the wine is enjoyed.

My husband just shook his head and said that

'You are apparently a crazy bottle lady'

and handed me the coconut mocha that he got for me
while I was 'hoarding'  all the soap bottles in HomeGoods.

And I smiled and admitted that it *might* be true as I took a sip of my coffee
and admired all the pretty bottles in my possession.

Beautiful labels and presentation get me every time
and I have no shame...
I fully indulge the obsession.

Someone tell me they share the feeling...
should we start a pretty packaging support group? 
Or better yet... 
an enablers group where we share our latest scores
and can admire them together?

Count me and my stash of pretty bottles in.


Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  1. In other hands, they might be junk, but the way you deploy them turns them into works of art.

  2. Love the bottles and labels...and still kicking myself for throwing out my bottle of Sophia that was a hostess gift....but I love the wine, so off to get some more....two treats in one!...You are a great "it's got potential" person!

    1. Haha!! True... potential is a big thing for me. I love the possibilities of taking something forgotten or toss away and making it something else. :) Now, go buy the wine- and enjoy- and keep the bottle!! xo

  3. Oh my god I understand the need for these - those labels are so beautifully old-fashioned. I'm a big fan of upcycling things like this and basically now I just feel the need for those soaps in my life

    Steph -

    1. I hear you! And I think the enablers group is off to a great start! ;)

  4. I have been hoarding French bottled soaps for years! They are so pretty and smell wonderful. I haven't seen the ones you've photographed but I will be looking for them. This is a gorgeous post, Courtney!!

    1. Thank you Rhonda! I bet your French bottles soaps smell and look amazing!!! I am such a sucker for anything pretty like that- you know that every last one would be in my basket coming home with me. :)

  5. Courtney, your bottles are gorgeous; and you use them in your styling beautifully. I loved this post.

  6. Oh they all look so pretty with just a few flowers. Love them. I hoard bar soap for some reason. haha

    1. Is it bad to admit that I have a large glass container filled with chunky soap bars too? ;) Thanks for stopping by Marty!

  7. Courtney, I recently caught my hubby trying to add my "collection" of empty wine bottles to the recycling bin!! I have the same affliction as you do ~~ glass with pretty labels ~~ and I love every photo in your post today! Oh, and then there's the interesting corks. I see one in your overhead table setting photo! Linda

    1. Oh boy...those men. haha! Some bottles are just not made for recycling in that way ;) And yes, those corks are so pretty too. I have to confess, I haven't even opened that particular bottle because it looks so pretty just sitting there as it is. Thank you for stopping by!

  8. Oh how I get you! I was at a winery with BEAUTIFUL French bottles, like the Sofia ones and when I heard they just tossed them, I had to have some (plus the one with actual wine in it...)! Hubby too just shook his head as I walked out with a box of empty bottles... :)

    1. I bet they were absolutely beautiful!! I will have to check at the wineries out this way next time I am at one with pretty bottles. Thanks for sharing the tip! :)

  9. I really, really identify with your tale of buying up the pretty soap bottles. I am so happy not to be alone! ;)

  10. I'm in on the enablers group ... loved reading this and seeing the pretty bottles...I knew as soon as I started reading just what you were up to BECAUSE I, too have hoarded soap bottles at the dollar store...hahaha you go girl!

    1. Yes!! We have a great start to the group!! :) Love that you are hoarding bottles and totally get it- and I will definitely have to check the Dollar Store! ;) Thanks Linda!

  11. I'm in on the enablers group ... loved reading this and seeing the pretty bottles...I knew as soon as I started reading just what you were up to BECAUSE I, too have hoarded soap bottles at the dollar store...hahaha you go girl!

  12. I too love bottles like this-- regardless of what is inside. I have a couple of soap bottles also from Home goods that I just keep refilling with liquid soap because I LOVE them so much! Now I will be out scouting my three HG's stores looking for the more glass ones you found. Pretty is Pretty - Love your posts!

    1. Thank you so much Debra!! And I will admit, I have refilled too- so I totally get that. Good luck in your HG quest!

  13. Yet another reason to love HomeGoods. Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

  14. Awesome score Courtney, I completely understand the obsession 😉 and I may be heading to Homegoods tomorrow!

  15. Awesome score Courtney, I completely understand the obsession 😉 and I may be heading to Homegoods tomorrow!

  16. Ok. Maybe it is stupid to ask, but how do you get them clean while keeping the pretty labels intact???
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

    1. Not a stupid question!! After rinsing well to get all the soap residue out- I generally put a few drops of bleach inside the bottle with warm water and shake it and then soak for a bit. If it gets stubborn stuff- a toothbrush can do the trick (if it fits of course.) I don't immerse the whole bottle- because of those labels. Hope that helps!

  17. Courtney, I too have a bottle thing, I collect bottles containing anything that the bottle grabs my attention. I have cabinets filled with bottles, you never know when one may entertain a party and need lots of bud vases.

    Love your bottles, love the foto's.
    Oh so romantic here.



  18. love the simplicity....something I learned long ago from my mom and something I love about your posts

  19. I love the bottles! You aren't crazy, you're brilliant! Those bottles are a major find!

  20. Love your tale. I Love the bottles as much as you do. I use them for vases as well. love the photos and the tale. :)

  21. So true Courtney! I have and love all old and new bottles everywhere in my house. Beautiful post.

  22. It was a good reading for me while I was taking my afternoon coffee :) I can understand what you are writing about, bottle lady :) Hope to see more wonderful photos with bottles decorations!
    Jolana from

  23. Your bottles are like jewellery. Each has some charme. I am collecting them as well. Love the simplicity. Hugs. Monika

  24. Oh goodness, I always go for the bars of soap in the beautiful boxes and packaging. I have a drawer full. The smell is wonderful. However I never thought to look at the bottles so guess what I will be checking out soon. I also love that wine bottle I don't drink wine but I might go get a bottle so I have that bottle. I have a beautiful soft turquoise wine bottle that I got at a winery on Cape Cod when we were vacationing there I soaked it so the label is gone and I can't remember what it looked like but I know I can find one to put on it. I love the color of that bottle. Oh my a new obsession .

  25. I am so pleased that I am not alone in collecting hand soap bottles! And whilst I may not be a connoisseur of wine, I am of wine bottles with lovely labels ... and then there are the olive oil bottles with stoppers ... and the lovely shaped conserve jars saved to use as for citronella tea light holders on summer evenings... ! My husband also thinks I am barmy.

  26. We're tidying the basement and I just realized that I am a bottle hoarder. I have so many vintage blue ball jars and other pretty glass bottles, but now I think I need to run to Home Goods and hoard soap bottles. They look so pretty in your photographs. What a great idea. xx

  27. I too love pretty labels on pretty bottles and love that you first get to use the product and then reuse the pretty bottles....but sadly have a hard time finding them in our area. So recently I made some of my own labels (with French script and French words) for some "sorta pretty bottles" I already have :-) ...until I can find the pretty bottles with pretty labels. LOVE what you found. (There are, I suspect, many of us who are enamored by pretty bottles w/ pretty labels. Hee hee!)

  28. Reusing is so good for the planet!

  29. Courtney, do you know the name of the beautiful rose in the first photo?