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5 simple and easy ways to decorate with red, white and blue

Hello July!

I cannot.believe it is July 1st already.  
I am not sure where June went.
 Or May even. 
But here we are starting off the middle of summer month of July
this weekend is a big get together, BBQ's, travel, swimming at the lake,
 relaxing in the hammock and recharging kind of weekend.
Or it may just be a tackle the to-do list with an extra -day off work weekend too.  ;)

So since it is a red, white and blue sprinkled weekend- 
for Friday Favorites 
 I thought I would share 5 of my favorite red, white & blue decor ideas that are simple and inexpensive to put together. 

#1. Stars and Stripes in Decor

Last year with the drought in California and the huge risk of fire with fireworks- most celebrations were fairly quiet and sparkle free. 
 And in keeping with my usual decor for the 4th 
(as in, I haven't even decorated yet)
 I kept it simple. 

As in red and white striped pillows and flags in a soap bottle in the living room.
Simple and easy.

#2.  Grain sack Inspired Drop Cloth 

Red stripes like the ones on grain sacks bring a little bit of patriotic cheer.
And there was that time I wanted to create a huge grain sack striped tablecloth for Christmas.
And it came to mind as a perfect thing to use for a rug as well. 
Creating your own huge 'grain sack' table cloth or rug is inexpensive, versatile and so easy to do.
  Read more about the project and find the DIY instructions here.

#3. Grand Old Flag

I have a big love of flags and when I find one while thrifting that is tattered just a bit -
 I bring it home. 

Before anyone yells at me... 
I know flags should be removed from service when looking worse for the wear- 
but I can't help but see those tattered marks as a symbol of how much that flag means.
And kind of like our elders- they should be honored and cherished.
So, I honor those 'elder' flags and enjoy them- wear and all. 

#4. A Flag with Boots & Denim

Kind of a natural collaboration in my book-
 the American flag goes perfectly with old boots and denim for a simple look that says
For a quick 5 minute vignette, 
I used a rustic door as a backdrop, a flag, pair of old boots and a denim jacket.
  You can easily put this look on your front porch area or entry way with the last minute party prep
to welcome friends coming over for 4th of July festivities.

#5. Red, White & BLUE

Maybe one of my favorites- the red, white and blue with blue and white pottery. 
Can't help but love that patriotic twist on a favorite collection. 
This one doesn't get much easier.
Simply add flags to your collections.  

Those little fabric flags are everywhere right now-so pick up a few this weekend and start sprinkling them here and there.
A couple large ones in larger pottery and small ones in little pitchers.

4th of July decor really is easy to sprinkle around the house and add to your everyday look
so you don't have to go crazy.

It can be as simple as a couple of toss pillows on the sofa  
or as colorful as the driveway lined with little flags. 
 I am working on a few sprinklings over here for Monday's festivities
so there may be a few more simple ideas coming your way.

But for now...
I am off to photograph something to do with a holiday... 
that might involve twinkling lights and a green tree. 
Christmas in July over here. 

Happy Friday everyone.

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  1. I have red in my home all year long - so I love to add some touches of blue to make my home ready for the Fourth. Like you, I don't go too crazy with my decor for the Fourth of July, but I do like to celebrate. Those little flags make life easy and fun. Thanks for your tips!
    Best & Bisous,
    Michelle from Simply Santa Barbara

  2. I am with you on flags. It depends on the context. If it's respectful, then old is beautiful.
    As for fireworks, I far prefer a professional show to a nail-biting, don't-have-a-drink-because-you-might-have-to-call-911-or-drive-to-the-hospital amateur efforts.
    I should add that no other country flaunts its flag as much as the USA. People in other countries tell me it's because we Americans don't have as much (AS MUCH, which is not to say nothing, but still) to be ashamed of. That we keep it that way.
    We'll be flying the colors, on the 4th, and when the Tour de France goes by our house (!!!) the week after.

  3. Beautiful! I didn't do much here, but I did bring out my Uncle Sam collection.
    Happy 4th of July!

  4. I love your clever use of red, white and blue!