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The Secret That Makes This Beautiful Marble Mosaic Tile the Best

If I told you that I had fallen in love with a floor tile- you might think I was a little crazy.
But this marble mosaic? Well, it had me at hello.

Mosaic tiles are just absolutely gorgeous in my book.
Each piece fits just so into the other and then the next
and all together- an amazing detailed, pattern is formed.
And with so many color and style options- I can't get enough of them.
But I have a confession...

My love affair with mosaic tile has been one sided before.
They haven't always loved me back.
I will confess that I have struggled putting in those pretty mosaic patterns before.
It is very detailed work and aside from matching patterns - the grout lines can be a bear.
Let's just say 
I recently declared yet again that I am not a 'tile mason' after another round of frustration

Well, at least I didn't think I was...
and then this amazing marble mosaic showed up.

First, can we pause and talk about that gorgeous pattern?
I am in love with it.

With the latest bathroom renovation we have been working on
one of the things we were doing involved taking out an older tub
and replacing it with a claw foot.
And since there was no flooring underneath that old built in tub-
that meant new floors.
 I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to say out with the old- and in with the new.
And I started pinning and planning the look and while I dreamed and drooled over the pretty marble mosaics...
I paused as I remembered those mosaic tile issues from the past.

This tile. 
This marble mosaic beautiful basket weave tile
is like the superman of tile.
It is a game changer- because, it has a secret.

The secret isn't that it is not actually a mosaic-
it is a beautiful mosaic tile.

Each of those pieces right down to the skinny lines and chunky gray buttons 
are individual pieces of marble all working with the others to create that beautiful  basket weave pattern.

And you put it in the same way- by spreading mortar on the surface
and laying it down- and then you seal it.

But then you are done.

Yep, no grouting.

The lines on this mosaic are so tight and close together- that you do not need any grout at all.
And that means, no worries about spacing and no grout lines to clean. 

The tiles are on a mesh backing and when you pick them up- they do not bend like other mosaics
 I have worked with- and I think that is because they are  'built' so close together.
Here is a close up of a section of the tile before being installed.
See how small the lines in between each piece of marble are?

So when you lay them down- it is just like laying down a full tile. 
When I started  I could not believe how easy they went in
and how quickly the floor was wrapped up and finished.

Literally I pieced them together and wrapped a row of  them up in about 15 minutes from one end of the floor to the next. A few hours later- and I was standing back and admiring
that gorgeous new floor- 
and celebrating that there were NO grout lines.

We are talking a mosaic tile game changer.
I highly recommend it.
And a side note- if you do want to or need a little grout for any of the pieces-
 you can grout this tile 
but the best thing is that you don't have to.

This marble mosaic pattern came from Arizona Tile- and you might remember that
the  gorgeous marble slab for my kitchen counters came from Arizona Tile as well.
And when I was choosing the slab- I wanted polished. 
Shiny, pretty, glossy polished marble.
And Steve at Arizona Tile gave me all the ins and outs of polished marble
 and the reasons why I should choose a honed finish- 
and saved me from making a huge mistake.

You can find this marble mosaic HERE and many other styles and patterns at Arizona Tile
and if you have any questions or need any help choosing the right tile for you- they really are super helpful and are happy to help point you in the right direction.

You will see much more of this floor in the bathroom reveal soon
and back to the kitchen...
stay tuned because there is another change coming there too.

Hope your Wednesday is off to a great start.

I have worked with Arizona Tile but this is not a sponsored post-
 just sharing a big crush on a favorite tile from 
a favorite tile company.

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  1. Oh my!
    what a wonderful idea and product!
    wish you lived closer and you could help me with my guest bathroom....

  2. Wow. I was thinking, so, almost all mosaics and smaller tiles are on a mesh. So what? But that line you show is really awesome. So fine! Wow.

  3. It is gorgeous!! I can see why you fell in love so fast. Frankly I hate grout. Our bathroom floor has white tile and white grout - we did not do it. Where there isn't a carpet the grout is not white but an ugly grey. You have to get on hands and knees with a little brush and try to whiten it. Not my favorite job. Your tile is swoon worthy.

  4. Gorgeous! We are remodeling our bathroom, too. I think we need to check this tiling out :). Thanks for the info and your bathroom will look incredible - like the rest of your home. Love your style and your blog!

  5. Sometimes I just sort of gasp when I see something sovery pretty! I did when I saw this tile. Love it! Linda

  6. The tile is so beautiful. Unfortunately, I live in Georgia and the closest showroom is in Oklahoma or Texas. Any ideas?