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The best simple delicious fresh fruit & lemon drizzle dessert

Fresh fruit,
whipped topping 
and a delicious lemon drizzle...

I am pretty sure that this delicious dessert
could be considered a perfect breakfast.

Don't you think?

Fruit. Milk. Bread...
Okay, it might be a stretch... 
and it might be because I am currently on day 3 of 'shaking it up' 
for breakfast and lunch and this looks 

Okay, so as much as I am drooling just thinking about this for breakfast 
it is a dessert- but hey, they say 'Eat Dessert First' right?
So we can go with calling it a  'More Healthy' dessert option
and that is definitely fair.

You don't even have to have the cake if you don't want to- or 
you could definitely change that white cake to angel food cake, a sugar cookie crust
or even just use a thin pastry to make it a fruit tart if you were so inclined. 
And the cream cheese to a whipped topping.

But no matter how you make it-
 it is seriously one of the easiest and most delicious desserts
 to make and so appropriate for today
all  dressed in red, white and blue. 

( part of the recipe adapted from All Recipes)

And it is totally easy to customize and use your favorite fruits.

Fresh Fruit Topped Cake 


Vanilla Cake/ Angel Food Cake/ Pound Cake

(or your choice of fresh fruit)

1 container frozen whipped topping (or make your own)-  thawed

2 Lemons
Powdered sugar

Here's how to make it:
I am sharing a recipe using pre-made bits such as cake & whipped topping for ease of last minute treat making today- but you can of course use home made recipes for cake and topping for this
 and have it turn out  amazing.

You can use a pre-made cake from the bakery to make a quick berry cake- 
or can bake from scratch if you prefer- 
Angel Food, Vanilla, Pound Cake, etc. 
 This is a vanilla cake- and there are a few blueberries mixed right into the mix for a sprinkling of yum and pretty when serving. 


Top your cake of choice with dollops of frozen (now thawed) whipped topping.
I like to have it just on the top- but if you have a wild hair and want to frost the cake- go for it!
But just know that whipped topping can get a little gooey.

Then  it is time to arrange your fruit. 

Start with layers of strawberries along the outer edge.
 Working your way to the center- next come the kiwi slices. 
Then top with an abundance of  blueberries and dot with raspberries and blackberries. 


Make your lemon glaze by mixing the juice of 2 lemons with 4 oz of powdered sugar. 
Stir until smooth and drizzle over the top of your fruit. I like to use sparingly- but you can add as much as you would like.  
Serve immediately, or if you prefer, chill in the refrigerator (no more than 2 to 3 hours)
 until ready to eat.

And then- enjoy.

Simple, delicious and easy to make. 
And with fresh fruit in abundance- it is a dessert you can feel good about enjoying.
Even for breakfast. 

Happy 4th everyone. 

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  1. I try to avoid sugar before noon, otherwise, sugar begets more sugar and the longer I can put it off the less I consume in a day. But this would be the perfect "quatre heure" or "4 o'clock" as the French say. A little boost near the end of the work day, and more healthy than not.

  2. Beautiful! It's also a good reminder to make the food I serve pretty. It's a stuggle these summer days with busy teens on differnet schedules. Linda

  3. Thanks for the idea. I love the visual red, white and blue.

  4. Beautiful Courtney - I may try this on iur company tonight !Martha C