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Weekend View Las Vegas Market

Can we just talk about this gorgeous mirror for a moment?

Maybe just stare at it and appreciate all the amazing details.
The gilding. The carvings. That perfect pale blue... 

It is definitely on the 
'Wrap it up' list. 
This weeks Weekend View is all about
 Vegas, baby.
I will definitely be stopping by Ave Home to say hello to that beautiful mirror...
 I am off to Las Vegas Market for a fun couple of days of inspiration.
And when I say inspiration...
 I mean...


From sleek and modern to traditional to vintage, there is SO much to see at Vegas Market
and so much that inspires me.

Like furniture, charming accessories and vignettes that speak to me. 

I always leave market with a huge amount of fresh design inspiration fueling me.
There are my go-to always favorite stops and
 always new discoveries to be found.

At winter Las Vegas Market, I worked with the Market
on the #ViewOnVegas Instagram takeover
 which means I had these little cards with my photo on it
that I would leave in a showroom that had a vignette or piece of furniture that caught my eye and made my heart go pitter-patter.

Like this gorgeous chest...

And I am doing that again this market-
and am already getting a little sweaty palmed at the thought of all the pretty
to choose from.

You can follow me along on Instagram (FrenchCountryCottage) and Snapchat (frenchcntrycttg) to see the behind the scenes
and what is catching my eye at Market this week.

And if you are going to be there -drop me an email-
 I would love to connect and say hello!

Also coming your way this next week:
see what else I am up to after market.
 It has something to do with a whole lot of junking.

Happy weekend everyone.

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  1. I love a trumeau mirror! But my jaw also dropped for the chandelier in its reflection. Gorgeous, gorgeous all around.

  2. Oh have fun Courtney...and yes, I will take that mirror too!....Looking forward to your Instagram features of the market!