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5 times just one thing had the power to change the look

Can something as simple as a different stool at your kitchen island
make the whole kitchen feel like different?

Or what about adding one piece of artwork to a wall- 
or maybe taking just one piece away?

You probably already know that I am a big fan of using just one thing 
to change the look in a room.

Because sometimes just one little thing is all it takes for a whole new look.

Today for Friday Favorites, sharing 5 of your favorite posts again about
 one little change in the kitchen & out on the patio
that made them feel different.

(Click the title to see original post.)

One day, on a whim, 
I tried something that was completely different than my usual less is more look... 
and the change that 1 thing made was huge. 

Another in the kitchen-

Even outdoors,  
one simple thing can really make a difference. 

Whether it is added or taken away. 
This Get the Look post shows just what a rug can do for a space. 

And since we are talking rugs and outdoor patio areas... awhile back
 I shared the struggle I had with choosing the right rug for the patio (then with dark furniture)
 and I showed just how different it looked with the two rugs I decided to try.  

made all the difference

and one for the road...

another change in the kitchen that has to do with the island.

What about you? 
Do you have any rooms that felt completely different with just one change?

Happy Friday everyone

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  1. We enclosed our front porch, making a mini-sunroom. That meant we could move two chairs out there, to enjoy the yard when the weather was too rainy/windy/cold to actually be outside. We love it. And the two armchairs were replaced in the living room by two smaller cabriolet chairs, which we use when we put the extension leaf in the dining table. It made the living room seem much bigger (smaller chairs), opened up the space in the library where the chairs had been....well, it was one change that had many ripple effects.

  2. Love the photos, your right that sometimes all it takes is one change to make a difference in a room, Most times for me its flowers in the room.

  3. One change.....
    Well, It will be two actually.
    We are redoing the cement on our patio...starting in October....the old cracked cement is being replaced with pavers...and then a patio cover.
    Should be huge with one change...the pavers....
    Wish I could wave a magic wand and make it done...and not have to go through the demo and stress....