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Change is good & a simple and elegant vintage inspired French Canvas

The other day, I changed my outfit over and over again.
It was one of those days where nothing seemed to 'fit' 
my mood, my style, or anything right.

Too loose. Too tight. Too dark. Too colorful. Too bland. 
Too. much.
And so I grabbed my go to outfit.

My shopping at the grocery store and HomeGoods
going to an event, 
tasting wine in the wine country 
working on photography
working on a diy project
playing with flowers and loving it outfit.

A sheer black shirt with bootcut jeans and heels 
and I felt like a happy girl again.

And then I paused.
And I thought it was boring to wear the same outfit again.
The same one I wear it all the time when I can't find anything else I want to wear.
And I just really wanted to shake it up a bit.

So I grabbed a blush jacket to wear over that black shirt, kept my comfy jeans
and swapped my shoes for a bit higher and more sassy heel
that was perfect.

(okay in all honesty,  it was still my same go to colors
 but you know... baby steps people.)

The point is- change is good.

Sometimes you have to step outside of that go to usual everything comfort zone 
to see and enjoy things a different way.

On that note- I have a whooooole shebang of a deeper than your average post topic
blog post coming your way.
There have been a few things weighing on me lately in blog land and
they have had me thinking 
And reflecting. And noticing. 
And well, when I get it together in words on my computer- I will share.

But for now- let's talk about how simple wardrobe changes (in your house too) can be amazing.
And refreshing. 
Kind of like fresh made lemonade on a hot summer day.
Or maybe just a  bowl of lemons and oranges in the living room.

So I changed house outfits last week as you have already guessed - and it was in the dining room-
 And truth be told...
that change knocked my socks off.

Many of you know I work freelance as a photographer and stylist with various magazines
but did you know that I also work with companies on catalog and styled shoots for print and website? I do- and aside from being a ton of fun- it is great for changing things up. 
This amazing canvas artwork came home with me from Los Angeles recently 
and is from one of the companies I work with- The Bella Cottage.

I thought about several places that I could put these gorgeous panels
for the photography job
and none of them seemed just right.

The light was wrong. The wall was too big. The wall was too small.
They didn't fit the overall space. 
(are you seeing a similarity with choosing outfits?) 

And then one morning, 
I was sitting there having another cup of coffee
and it popped into my head.
The dining room would be PERFECT.
The wall was long enough. There was enough light from the french doors
AND a canvas would be perfect behind a dining table.

I abandoned my cup of inspiration and a few nails and double sided tape pieces 
and about 15 minutes later- 
a wall of amazing French vintage inspired canvas artwork was up.

After tacking and taping and adjusting... 

 I stepped back and fell like I had walked into a centuries old room
that was covered in amazing plastered walls 
with gorgeous detailed artwork.

These panels bring in such a huge amount of texture and charm
and visual interest to the space.
Seriously inspired some simple photography that was not on the shoot list
and a secret? 
Those canvas panels are up in the dining room even now. 

But for those of you who love the chalkboard and are feeling like we broke up - 
it is actually up on the wall behind the panels
 so no tears. 
That huge chalkboard hasn't gone anywhere. 

But I am enjoying a change of outfit for a bit.

You can find these HUGE and amazing
 French Scene Canvas Panels  HERE 

And nope- not a sponsored post
just sharing my new outfit and the goods

Happy Wednesday everyone

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  1. I love it.
    I was invited to a dinner at the home of some cousins of a friend. Kind of a back-door way into the château. And what a château it was! I couldn't stop looking at the decor. Nothing new--that would be tacky. Some things were modern, but not new. And some things were very, very old. Like a bunch of fill-the-wall tapestries that were completely, totally amazing.
    My goal is to acquire a tapestry. Same effect as the canvases. So far, out of my budget, but I am confident I'll find somebody who prefers ultra modern Ikea to old tapestries and I'll get one for a song.
    It's good to change. It's also good to stay true to yourself. It sounds like your outfit adjustment was the best of both worlds.

  2. I wanted to see your go to outfit.

  3. I looooove the panels so much! Your dining room looks amazing!!

  4. This is absolutely beautiful!

  5. The panels are delightful!

    I was hoping to see the to go outfit also!

  6. Those panels are stunning...and incredibly affordable. Does it get better than this? They look amazing in your dining room. Cheers, Ardith

  7. Those panels are beautiful..I love the black Board, but these look awesome in your dining room .Thanks for sharing

  8. I have always wanted my dining room to be painted like these canvas but knew I could never afford it. Love them!

  9. Gorgeous! I love them, and so affordable!!! My only thought is it's hard to see all the details on their website. I'm glad you are doing a shoot on them so I can see all the details much better. I would have scrolled right past on the sale site, but on your site I can see how stunning they are. I can't wait to figure out exactly where in my house they will go!

  10. Hi Courtney,
    Love the panels - go big and look great! We remodeled our house this spring and I actually have the same chandeliers in my dining room and I love them. They set the room for tons of potential.

    I've been looking for Swedish chairs similar to the ones in your pic. Would you mind sharing where you got yours?

    Best Wishes,
    Sheryl in Colorado

  11. You are such an old soul at's stunning my friend! xo

  12. Omg! Absolutely gorgeous.....those panels look great in your beautiful dining room....I love your dining the cane backs on them.....


  13. Love it and it looks perfect there....Christine

  14. Ummm IN LOVE! What a beautiful change and can we say they fit perfectly in your dining room and home?!