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An early morning story & pretty cottage garden blooms in the dining room

About last night...

I made a mistake.
 Once that cost me hours of sleep.
One that started a whole round of middle of the night shenanigans.
And included a certain grand dog. 
A blue rubber workout band. 
A burst of cardio.
And a stinker.

It always seems to happen that way.
When you are exhausted
and you need a few extra zzz's to get back on your
 'Feeling GOOOD' game
well, that is when the shenanigans start.

It all started with that certain pungent smell trickling in the window at about 3 am.
I ignored it for awhile
 tossing and turning a bit and hoping that it would fade away rather than build. 

But you know that smell built up.
And it smelled more like that skunk had climbed up and was literally standing in the flower
box outside my window 
peeking in at me and spraying directly inside 
as he mocked me.

After about 10 minutes of that lovely smell growing-
 I needed to get up and close the windows.
 that grand dog of mine was waiting.
I heard his little feet 'dancing' just outside my bedroom door.
And could feel him staring at me just waiting for any signs of stirring.
And I knew, if I got up now, he would start spinning
and getting excited and barrel down the hall and start barking until I joined him in the living room.
So I waited.
Wallowing in the stench that at this point 
was starting to look like a cloud heavy in the air as it surrounded me.
Then I heard those feet walk quietly down the hall towards the living room.
And a little dog 'sigh' as Mr. Weenie plopped on his pillow and settled in.
And I waited quietly-  (and held my breath.)
And then channeled my inner stealth like 'James Bond' and tiptoed over to the window.
The first one closed without a hitch- phew.
The second?
Well, about half way down-

 I heard the feet.

Though I was quick about jumping back into bed- the jig was up.
That grand dog  knew I was awake.
So I laid there quietly, not moving and pretended that I was really asleep 
and he was just a little looney tunes...
And it worked. 
He went back down the hall- 
and I thought I won.

Until he started chewing on something.
And as much as I hated having to get up...
as a responsible dog grandma, 
I needed to make sure it wasn't something he could choke on.
And that friends, 
was when the wild goose chase in the wee hours of the morning began.

You see, that little stinker knows that if he makes noise, knocks things over, gets into something, etc.
someone who is pretending to be asleep-
will get up to check on him.

I came out to the kitchen, flipped on the lights
and saw that little Mr. Weenie standing behind the island peeking out at me casually
with a blue rubber work out band piece
 dangling out of his mouth like a cigarette.

'Drop it Mister.'

I said while he danced back and forth on his chubby little paws as if to say

 'Come on grandma'

while he gathered up his energy and chose his direction.
And when I took the bait and started towards him -
 he bolted.

Through the living room,
around the sofa, over to the dining room and under the dining room table,
 back to the kitchen and around the island for 2 laps
then down the hall, through the laundry room, around the corner to the next hall 
and into my daughters room where he tucked quickly into his house.
And I smiled as I saw him and caught my breath
almost laughing out loud to myself thinking
 I FINALLY had him...
until he bolted past me and down the hall again.

Side note: 
Did you know that Weenie Dogs are FAST?
Seriously. Those little legs-you wouldn't think they could do it but... 
they MOVE.
And their bodies are slick when you try to grab them...
And thus,
 the early morning Weenie Dog Olympic games
 were happening in my house this morning.

Luckily he dropped the piece of rubber workout band that he had destroyed 
as he slipped out of my hands again...
but at this point, 
I was already wide awake.

So, I grabbed my robe, poured my coffee and sat on the sofa 
while Mr. Weenie casually walked out, plopped on his pillow 
and stared at me. 
With those big eyes, floppy ears and that innocent little face.

Yeah, look at that sweetness...
you would never believe what his alter ego nickname is.

But hey, after all that
 the skunk stench cleared out 
I got a burst of cardio on the books to start my day 
 I was up early enough to get ahead on some work
like editing these photos of a charming milk jug 
filled with gorgeous dahlias.

Always a blush and pale flower kind of girl, 
these Cafe Au Lait Dahlias shouted my name out loud
when I found them at the flower grower last week.

I am in LOVE with them. 
They are not the longest of bloomers- but I enjoy them while they are happy
and did I mention they are HUGE? 
Dinner plate sized dahlia blooms folks.

And you might remember that old jug that my dad brought me a couple months ago...

Well, those dahlias are pretty much perfection inside of it
on the dining room table.

It is such a simple centerpiece- filled with vintage charm
gorgeous blooms 
and that barely blushing color that is always perfection.

And even better- this isn't the only vintage goodness my dad brought up for me.
Here is a sneak peek of another one that has grabbed my vintage loving heart and ran away with it.

And another sneak peek of what is coming your way-
a French inspired autumn mantel styling- 
with more of those gorgeous pale blooms included.

 This mantel looks involved- 
but really was super easy to put together... 
and the best part?

No early morning Olympic workouts chasing a sweet faced, mischievous 
little dachshund required.


Happy Monday everyone

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  1. Love your blog and am always inspired. I am sure you have been asked this many many times...But where do you find your matching (kitchen) chandeliers? We gutted and redid our kitchen 18 mo. ago and having used glass cabinet pulls I am thinking I would like to do 2 chandeliers. Our island is 11 feet long so it should look nice. Thanks

    1. The chandeliers in the kitchen are both vintage - found at two different thrift stores several years apart. Crazy!! But in the dining room- they are from Lowes or HD. Hope that helps!

    2. I've found matching chandeliers on Craigslist. Good luck!

  2. Courtney, I'm cracking up at your story. OMG, that face of his. So innocent!

    1. Right?! So innocent!! He is such a stinker! But he's so cute he gets away with it! :)

  3. What lovely pictures. And how can you not adore that sweet little doggie face. And a nap right about now probably sounds good. :)

    1. Seriously- he is hilarious and always adorable. Just not quite as cute in the wee hours of the morning ;)

  4. Cute story. Was it a skunk? Is your bedroom on the first floor? I'm trying to picture a skunk getting into a flower box. I love your flowers. Have a great day!!

    1. Yes, it was a skunk and it just smelled like he was sitting right outside my window in the window box- I don't think he was in it. I am pretty sure he was either out in the yard or wandering by somewhere not too far off. :)

  5. I love a good dog tale, and this one had me smiling then laughing out loud, cause I can definitely relate. The photo of your grand dog is absolutely precious - you could almost see what shenanigans he's planning next for you - but ahh, who could resist those sweet brown eyes that just melt your heart.

    1. Thank you! And his sweet face gets him out of a lot trouble- those eyes definitely do melt you. :)

  6. Mr. Weenie thinks you are his playmate:). How about your new little fur doggie? Are they getting along? A sweet dad to know what you love and perfect for displaying flowers.
    Kathleen in Az

    1. They do get along pretty well- they are typical siblings. :) I will have to share some pictures again soon! xo

  7. Cute story Courtney.....yes, those little Weenie dogs are fast....there are two next door to us that my hubby will walk from time to time and I have seen them run like the dickens on the golf course....and I was hoping that the stench was not a skunk....glad it did not penetrate into the house!....I love your arrangements and the you use floral foam to keep the flowers fresh and in place? Have a great week Courtney!

  8. I have been through similar shenanigans in the middle of the night. They are waaaay too smart!!! Laughing out loud because the way you write it was so real, so believable. Really enjoyed the story AND the gorgeous photos.

  9. I have a schnauzer and a poodle and when those girls start their shenanigans, well you just have to laugh! I totally get the lost of sleep. :)

  10. Oh no! Sounds like an adventure to say the least! Glad he eventually dropped it and those jugs with gorgeous flowers in them? To die for!

    Lauren | Lovely Decor