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Going for the Gold at Las Vegas Market

You know how it goes... 
what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

Especially if you are going to the Las Vegas Market.
 I snapped so many photos of so many vignettes, furniture and inspiring things to share with you.
Things like the trends I saw in just about every.showroom. 
 And the new pieces I discovered 
and the ones I fell in love with all over again. 

One of the best things about going to the Market is feeling like you are walking
 into the pages of a magazine. 
And again. 

 Each showroom is another page and another opportunity to be immersed in inspiration- and sometimes you find you are drawn to pieces and styles that you would normally not even give a second thought to. 
The beauty of being surrounded by so many styles and designs.
It kind of wakes you up a bit to new ideas.
And sometimes you see things that are just plain interesting even if it isn't your style.

Since I have a TON of photos to share with you-
 I thought I would break up the Market shares into couple posts and today, 
starting with something that was spotted all over the place...
and since the Olympics are on...
we are talking


From the simplest of details at Bliss Studios
I was mildly obsessed with these gold fish- 
they were actually 3-d metal decals on a blush wall.

To pieces of furniture such as this crib- 
which was also available in a bed frame for big kids/adults.

Walls of mirrors with metal details
And can we talk about that worn herringbone wood floor? 
So much love.

Close up 

It seemed that sometimes subtle was key with just a few gold details
 and sometimes...
subtle was not so much in the vocabulary.

Gold. So many details. 
Sure, it was a little on the small side...
but you know.

You can see a smaller version over to the left- 
and the Currey & Co showroom was basically all around amazing.

Over at Accent Decor it was all about the details.

Gold, silvers, pewters, mercury glass
were in abundance from furniture to details to accents.

Warm copper mercury glass? Yes.Please.
And silver is good too...

and simply (but not simple at all!)

I was obsessed with patterns this Market-
 especially if they had a little bit of glam to them.
Again- not my style- but I appreciated the interest and details.

And of course- have to include the gorgeous gilding found on some of my favorite pieces
at Ave Home
Like this beauty

and this one...

and this one... 

Basically, metallics were in abundance at Market. 
From lighting, to mirrors and decor and even to upholstery and pillows.

And I definitely wasn't hating it.

Happy Wednesday

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  1. Gold is necessary for a certain standing, as they say here. But too much turns into bling. One of those light fixtures reminded me of a hotel in Dubai. Which is not a compliment. But the rest are fabulous!

    1. Right?! Some of those fixtures were HUGE and over the top- especially when they are gold. I bet Dubai was filled with interesting elements in design!! :)

  2. I see lots of pretties and what I want to know is did you play the slots at night? I know I would have.

    1. I did not play the slots actually! Maybe I should have! :) You would love Vegas Market too!

  3. All so beautiful and loving those pieces from Ave Home!....stunning!!!