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Random Weekend

Sometimes on the weekend 
you have to make a mess.

Like when you are cleaning out a closet. 
Your goal is 'clean, neat and tidy' but what always happens? 
You make a mess.

It happens that way with any type of renovation or remodeling project and yes, even photo shoots. 
Try and you may to keep clean and order- 
the mess always happens when the project list gets going.

So this weekend view involves several 'projects aka messes'
 being created while working over here.

#1. Digging up dirt

Over here, we are in the middle of a landscape project out by the cottage. 
As in, digging up and leveling a spot for a new patio to go in. 
Nothing super fancy schmancy- but when you have rolling property- to get something level, you have to dig a lot. A whole lot. 

Consequently, I am not digging.
 I can hardly push the mop on the floor yet with my shoulder injury- haha- but my son has been hard at work and I will share the 'before' and plans for the 'after' as we get a little further in the project.

#2.  Moving and shaking

Speaking of the cottage- a photo shoot is coming your way out in the cottage. 
I know. It has literally been since Christmas since I have gone out there and snapped some photos. 
With my son living in the top part of the cottage,
I am making messes in the other part- and sometimes simple is best.
And simple can be my middle name when it comes to design and style. 
AKA:  I am not a huge fan of frou frou. 
Too much in anything is just too much. 
And too much 'stuff' is too much 'stuff'
 that instead of making me want to cuddle up on the sofa, 
 makes me want to run for the hills. 

In the house and out in the cottage
I have been working on a couple of photography projects for catalog and print for a couple of brands- and with that comes making changes in a room. 
Furniture, backdrop, seating areas. 
And I have to say -
sometimes making a complete change for a photo inspires 
a complete change that stays. 
And that is part of the fun of playing.
Stay tuned for a fresh look in the cottage coming your way.

#3. Watercolor Floral Love

One of those photography projects? 

The most gorgeous linen pillows with soft subtle watercolor artwork. 
These will be available at the Bella Cottage very soon- and they are so incredibly gorgeous.
I am in love.

#4. Leave something to the imagination

I am excited to already be jotting down Save the Date's into 2017  on my planner.
And am putting in some late hours and early mornings working on 
some very exciting things coming up. 
While I would love to divulge all the details- mums the word for now... but 
I will share something I am excited about in a couple weeks.

Oh and for those who asked -
 this candle is by Kate Spade and aside from being pretty- it smells amazing.

#5. THE perfect lamp and how to choose one 

Is there a perfect lamp for a space? How do you know-
 and more importantly,  how do you choose it?
I am talking a little bit about perfect lamps and finding your style 
at Style Illuminated this week.

In other news,
September being right around the corner means back to school.
And you know what that means?
Back to school shopping.
But not really since I am not going back to school- so
we can just call it back to school shopping though, right?
While I always like to update a few things for fall in the house- I also like to update my wardrobe.
And I have to say that I am obsessed with so many gorgeous, stylish pieces.
Like this blush moto jacket -which would be perfect for boots and jeans, black pants and heels and even a denim pencil skirt.
And boots. 
I am obsessed with boots of all kinds but certain ones really do talk to me.
So, with all the sales coming up 
(& several requests for what I am loving and wearing other than those floral patched denim shorts ;) )
I am thinking about sharing a little bit about what I am buying for my wardrobe
 and where to find the pieces on occasion.

And also coming your way,
a simple charming fall wreath
that something I have been photographing in the dining room

and in response to everyone asking what type of enormous dinner plate dahlias these are-
I honestly don't know the name.
I want to say it was something to do with Pacific Island or Tropical but not sure.
I will ask at the grower next time I am there and let you know.

Have a great Sunday everyone.

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  1. Your dahlias are amazing. And yes, it seems we always have to make a mess before we see improvements. Looking forward to all of your exciting news. Have a fantastic day!