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Shopping the World's Longest Yard Sale with GMC

Nearly 700 miles of yard sales.

On small winding roads 
through beautiful lush countryside.
The World's Longest Yard Sale is pretty amazing.

It starts way up in Michigan
and meanders on down to Alabama following the 
#127 highway.

This trip started at the top in Detroit.

I left Las Vegas Market and boarded a plane to Detroit
 to join GMC and the team of bloggers who were shopping, designing, diy project tackling 
and decorating a Habitat for Humanity house as a surprise for a family.

I was along for the ride as a mentor this time- 
a last minute injury almost stopped me from being able to join the trip at all.  

But the thing about GMC? 

Well, one of the things... 
they rock.
GMC brought me along on this amazing trip 
in a role that didn't require me to try to do lot lifting and moving furniture (or drive) 
 where I could still join in helping out and be a part of this amazing trip with them 
and part of doing something incredible for this family.
Seriously. They are awesome.

We started with a sweet 2017 GMC Acadia Denali

loaded to the hilt with things like 
in car wi-fi- 
yes, you can blog from the car
outlets for cords 
not special cords but actual 3 prong cords-
I totally charged my computer.
Not to mention if you saw my Instagram story-
 you saw that when you park- you see the whole vehicle and everything around you from a birds eye view, a buzzing seat to let you know something is behind you and lane assist which actually moves you back INTO the lane if you start to veer out. 
(you might remember me talking about that when I first drove this car in Florida earlier this year)

They basically are watching out for you all around.

This years bloggers 
all chose partners and cars.

Allison (twothirtyfivedesigns) and I loaded up and hit the open road.
And along the way,
we found trinkets and treasures...

Like old bicycles

architectural salvage

charming vintage treasures 

We even found Elvis.

and a vintage GMC

And each night we would all meet up at our next destination in the next state
and talk about the day
sharing stories and our latest and greatest finds.

And in the morning... 
Allison and I would ask Siri where the nearest Starbucks was
and hope it wasn't TOO far away...

When Siri took us here- well we didn't believe her. 
But yes, there literally was a Starbuck on the other side of this- I kid you not.

After 3 days of junking and driving
designing and planning
we arrived in Atlanta and got to work with tinkering.

From early evening on

painting, sanding, re-upholstering, tightening, re-doing 

you name it 
went on
until it was time to call it a night
and get ready for the big install and surprise reveal the next day.

Here is a quick Facebook video I put up while shopping 

coming your way tomorrow -
a quick tour of the house (see it HERE
including a video of the surprise reveal.

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  1. Such a wonderful cause, Courtney. Kudos to GMC and your team. Hope you are getting better.

  2. That sounds like a you all had a awesome time!! All the photos look like their was a lot to
    chose from.

  3. I enjoyed so much reading your whole journey and its fantastic final!
    I've used those IKEA prints some time ago on a deeply scratched table. As being a crazy quilter I know how to hide ugly things:))
    Rengin, in Istanbul

  4. Courtney, I hope you're feeling better! I LOVE those acadias and all their features. Looks like you guys found some amazing things and had a great time doing it. xx

  5. OMG, I cryed when the owner got her first look! I remember how joyful I was when I bought my first place. And yes, it was a used mobile home, but it was mine and I bought it myself! Happy times!