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Simple Charm with a French Autumn Inspired Fresh Flower Wreath

You might have noticed... 
I am not what you might call a  'traditional' autumn decorating kind of girl.

I am a little on the softer side of things color wise. 
Give me all those pretty muted oranges, apricots, pale blushes and sage greens
mingling with natural textures like wicker, pinecones and wheat
and I am what you might call 
a happy all things natural autumn kind of girl.

So when I had a request to decorate for something 'French Autumn' inspired
that brought in softer colors
natural textures 
fruits and veggies mixed with lots of fresh flowers
and all with my  French Country Cottage style charm? 

Well, I was just a little bit giddy as I dreamed up a few designs.

And first on the list was a wreath.

To be honest, 
I wasn't sure just what my 'French Style Autumn' wreath would look like.
I thought about it. I imagined a wreath with muted colors and natural charm
and after a trip to the market
 I knew where I was starting.

Several bundles of those gorgeous coral peonies
(that matched my shorts) came home with me.

And these peonies are not long lasting ones color wise and were already starting to fade
 to a perfectly peachy colors of autumn just a bit.
And so,
 they inspired the French Autumn Style palette. 

The next stop was to order other natural bits.
I had an idea of what I wanted but as with any flowers any type of year-you have to work with what is seasonal as well.
 And when I called some of my favorite vendors at the SF Flower Market to order,
 I asked what they had in that was Autumn colors.

And they said
 'What... It is the second week of June. You need it now?'
And I said 
'Yep. Autumn.What do you have that is more warm fall type tones
rather than summer?'
And they said 
'But it is wedding season... Summer wedding season.'
and I said
 'Yep. I know. Let's go with Autumn wedding then maybe? 
Like Autumn wedding flowers...but in June. 
Because, I need it by next week.'

and... silence...

' I know. A tall order' 
I said.
'Welcome to my crazy fun and seasonally confused world.
I also have a Christmas tree up in my living room right now.' 

We laughed out loud together and 
they came through with some amazing flower ideas 
that were perfect. 
A box full of warm, muted, golden fall colors and textures arrived a few days later 
along with pretty sage greens.

I could hardly wait to play.

Bit by bit the wreath started to take shape.
 I tucked a dahlia here...

an artichoke there...

Roses that looked like ranunculus, coral colored blooms and cafe au lait creamylicious dahlias
and so on.
And I tucked and tucked until a natural French autumn inspired wreath
 was starting to take shape.

And before I knew it
my little autumn wreath was ready for the limelight for photography
and a feature in French Style Magazine.
(and you will see it somewhere else coming up as well)

It is definitely not traditional... but I am in love with how it turned out.
 I will share a closer step by step DIY sharing more details 
and how it all came together shortly.

So what do you think of it?
Are you a fan of soft and subtle natural autumn 
or are you more bold and beautiful fall type?

Hope your Monday is off to a great start!

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  1. i love the muted colors, the greens definitely make it feel festively autumn.

  2. Love the wreath - I also am not a traditional autumn decorator. Love the soft colors.

  3. I m so crushing on your wreath!!! It looks beautiful !!! Will be looking for those shades for some of fall decor. Thank you so much for inspiration .!!! ����

  4. The wreath is gorgeous and so are the muted tones! Pam @ Everyday Living

  5. Well... I am a LOT on the softer side of things color wise so never use the traditional autumn colors (or bright red and green at Christmas for that matter)LOL!!! So I always love and look forward to all your decorative talents coming to life right in front of my eyes! I especially love how you used artichokes and those dahlias are to die for. Autumn beauty at its best!

  6. Love this softer side of Fall. Your wreath, along with the chippy door is pure perfection.

  7. Absolutely LOVE it!!! Beautiful and spot on with the soft colors. Thanks for inspiring!

  8. I prefer to enjoy the softer side of fall as well, but gosh, this is gorgeous!

  9. Love the wreath colors! Coral peonies are so beautiful!!
    Vesna - Home Chic Club

  10. So glad that I stopped by today, because this is just stunning Courtney! xo

  11. Your fresh flower wreath is gorgeous ♥

  12. Love the wreath! Very pretty! I"m a soft pink and pastel color gal.

  13. What a beautiful wreath!

    I like wreaths, so mutch.

    I also create a lot.

    Love Thea♥

    Crea by Thea

  14. That is just beautiful, Courtney. I love the soft colors too but, ALSO bright and cheery Autumn colors. Do you start with a faux foundation and then add real blooms?..I bet it is just as pretty when the flowers dry..Have a wonderful week..Judy

  15. Oh my goodness!....I just picked up this magazine and placed it on my coffee table this afternoon to read next week when I am recuperating from my hand surgery that I have put off for far to long...I ran to the table opened up the magazine and there you are!... Pages of sheer beauty!...Those flowers just make you smile!...Gorgeous wreath...gorgeous mantel...gorgeous everything!!!

  16. In love!! That wreath is beautiful and I am getting so ready for boots season :)

  17. Can a wreath leave you speechless it is so pretty?? ummm yesssss!

  18. Do you realize that your faint colored pale font is very difficult to read for old eyes? :)