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4 times a simple bucket filled with flowers was perfect

I have a small obsession with flowers. 
I know you are surprised to hear me say that... ;) 

Flowers bring a charming romantic feeling to your home.
They bring a sweet touch and burst of energy to a room. 
And they don't need to be expensive florists bouquets to be amazing...
simple is best.

 While I love a styled bouquet in a pretty glass vase with fresh herbs
 tucked in on the kitchen counter 
I love a galvanized bucket grabbed to soak fresh clippings placed on the coffee table 
in the living room just as much.

I am really not fussy when it comes to containers 
and ways to enjoy flowers around the house.

I have been known to simply plop short clippings
 in a water goblet and call it good

And then there was that time I used a toothbrush holder 
in the bathroom.

And today, I am running around like a wild woman to wrap up 2 home tours
 coming your way... so am sharing a few times a bucket filled with flowers was exactly perfect.
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No, this isn't technically a bucket... but it kind of qualifies.
This started out as one thing and became another in my mind instantly. 
 Because, I don't usually see anything just as it is... I see potential.

This one was an idea for a gift. And though it was for spring- you can think of fall flowers and holiday flowers as gifts coming up as well. It is also a bit about my grandfather who definitely played a part in my love of plants.

Because, why not?
I shared this chunky olive bucket filled with hydrangeas on Friday... 
and in this post,  it is feeling a little more blooming. 
But actually, this bucket is holding something else currently 
and that will be coming up soon. 

This might be one my favorites.
It was a bucket of flowers in water waiting patiently while I styled the hammock for a photo shoot- and looking oh so photogenic on that old bench... 
which has since made it's way back into my living room.

And can you guess one of the things I am working on today? 
Yes, a bucket of blooms for autumn.

See you tomorrow for a delicious baked brie recipe-
 and a peek at some of the autumn appearing in the kitchen.
And on Wednesday for a home tour (and giveaway!) with HomeGoods.
You won't want to miss it.

Happy Monday everyone.

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  1. 1. It all depends on the bucket. You have a plethora of cute buckets! A 99 cent plastic job is not going to be cute, no matter what kind of flowers you put in it. It's going to look like you shoplifted it from a florist stand.
    2. Did you paint that cold cream container white? It's very pretty.
    4. I recall you have a thing for soap bottles. None here?

    1. Hahah!! You are so funny!! I am laughing over here! Seriously- who DOES use that much cold cream?! haha. That one was a garbage can found at HomeGoods- and it came that way- all pretty and painted white. And yes, I hear you on the plastic bucket... though I have been known to snap a photo or two of them with flowers...and considered grabbing them and running away with them at the flower market. They are so.tempting. ;) Oh yes, soap bottles are one of my BFF's when it comes to displaying flowers... you will see some in this weeks autumn decorating posts. Thanks so much for stopping by (and making me laugh out loud!) :) Have a great week!

  2. Happy Monday! Thank you for all of your inspiration! I look forward to your post's. I just recently filled a vintage bucket with some of my hydrangea's. They look beautiful. My IG is VintagethruThyme and would love for you to take a peak! Thank you, Lori

  3. Hello Courtney! I love your much inspiration! I love flowers too! From my garden or every visit at the grocery store I will find a bouquet I can't leave without. I found an old blue wooden bucket last year and filled it with some hydrangea's. I posted it on my Instagram...vintagethruthyme...have a great week! Lori

  4. Simply said, I love your blog! You have a way with flowers because you love them. One word for you,(Delightful)!