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A simple elegant fresh flower mantel for autumn

Last week was a week filled with flowers and pumpkins.
and all things autumn.

flowers and greens for autumn mantel

Like pretty cafe au lait dahlias, roses, seeded eucalyptus 
and deep colors of amaranth flowers
mingling with the chunkiest and palest of pretty pumpkins. 
Yes, please.

Romantic inspired decorating is always a favorite look
any time of the year.
And autumn is no exception.
My preferred autumn palette looks like blush and gold
copper and aubergine
and lots of sage colored greens.

flowers and greens and artichokes for mantel decor

Those pumpkins?
Sure I do bring home a few orange ones- and this year- I found some absolute charmers
that came home with me. But mostly, those pumpkins are going to walk on the pale side.
Whites, grays, muted neutrals.
And I love to bring in vegetables and fruit as well- 
just for a little bit of an unexpected look.

Today I am sharing a closer look at the mantel styling I shared in my home tour recently. 
And yes, this mantel styling was much beyond what I normally would do
but since it was a special request for a print project- I definitely had a bit of fun with it.

Did I mention I am one of those day dreaming types?
That sinking my toes in the sand at the beach can instantly get my mind galloping around and dreaming up romantic scenarios, new ideas and a flower kissed imaginary scene?
It is true. 
Day dreaming can steal your attention from work that you should be doing... ahem... but it also 
adds so much fairytale to an everyday.
And with this mantel styling,  I imagined what dreamy romantic autumn in France might look like.
Warm soft colors that speak in rays of autumn sunshine instead of bold summer 
on a bed of muted greens.
A bicycle basket filled with fresh from produce and just picked sun kissed flowers.
And that little bell dinging along as I bring all that delicious pretty home with me.
My passport is getting ready...
and if you are looking for me- you know where to find me.

This was a project in  for French Style Magazine- it was definitely a favorite to style
and a secret? It was SO.EASY. to put together.

Simply lay the fresh eucalyptus on the mantel
and start adding the flowers.

fresh flowers for an autumn mantel

I used:
cafe au lait dahlia
coral peonies (that already faded to peach)
orange roses that look like ranunculus
dusty miller
seeded eucalyptus

fresh flowers and greens with a gold mirror

They will last for several days if you have given them a good soak ahead of time
otherwise you can either use floral foam to stick the flowers stems into to keep fresh
or you can use the small vials of water for the stems - ask your florist for them.

I also added artichokes- which I know are not a fall item for many of you
but here in California- we are enjoying big chunky ones yet
and so for me- they definitely are speaking to me to use in stylings.

fresh flowers and eucalyptus on a mantel with a vintage mirror and lamp

Since this mantel was styled back in June- 
it has been awhile since it has been decorated like this.

fresh flowers on the mantel with chairs and birch logs for autumn

But it definitely is a favorite elegant autumn look for the bedroom.

Coming your way, a new look for romantic autumn in the bedroom
that all started with a thrift store haul 
and those pretty flowers I picked up at the market last week.

And this week- I am feeling 'moody'.
Watch out, right?
No, not that kind of moody- but I will be sharing several mood filled stylings.
Delving into colors and stylings that are a little more bold and drama filled....
like at an autumn table inspired by amethyst and gold.

candle with wax and fresh eucalyptus and grapes on autumn table

Happy Monday everyone

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  1. Love your mantel! It's beautiful and I tend to go for the more muted shades of Autumn too. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Very pretty and very French. And that last shot is so different and yet also so pretty and so French!

  3. Very purdy Courtney- have always loved the silver dollar eucalyptus. xoxo, Martha

  4. Love every floral arrangement you softly design. The coral peonies and roses are very soft and pretty. The French mirror and the pair of wall sconce's add ambience. It's hard to wait for the next post!

  5. Not sure why ricks face showed up there- sorry.🙊