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Delicious blackberry & pecan brie en croute for autumn

Have I mentioned that I get a little weak in the knees for things like white marble countertops,
clippings of thistle and rosemary mingling in a farmhouse bucket
and blackberry topped baked.brie?

I do.

And today, I am sharing a glimpse at the kitchen...
and a delicious blackberry & pecan brie en croute 
that is amazing.

I take no responsibility for extra days at the gym- and do apologize
if baked brie is your fav and you won't be able to stop eating it.
First up- the kitchen dressed for autumn.
Truth be told, I don't do a ton in the kitchen for autumn.
Mostly just seasonal flowers, maybe a few pumpkins (when they are available)
 and some herbs and clippings from the walk.

This year, I have just gotten started with adding seasonal touches-
and so far, it is simple and sweet like fresh fruit and a bucket of thistle and rosemary and fresh blackberry clippings from our property.

I am a huge fan of using fresh herbs and fruits in flower arrangements- and I have planted quite a few rosemary out in the yard to clip and enjoy when cooking and for a fragrant bouquet.

But pumpkins? Nope.
Didn't plant any of those. 
Would you believe that I have not found any baby boo and Cinderella pumpkins available yet?

I did bump into a farmers market over the weekend and they let me wander through and pick a few pumpkins- but I am on the hunt for more of my favorites to decorate
the kitchen hutch and mantels yet.

(Tomorrow, I will be sharing more about the hutch in my early autumn home tour)

So... onto the recipe...
fFrst up- blackberries. Pecans. Brie cheese...seriously-
I didn't even taste it and I was already in love.
I am a huge fan of blackberries.
My grandmother used to make delicious blackberry preserves and so I think I grew up loving them.
So blackberry topped brie wrapped in bread and then topped with more blackberries
and nuts and drizzled in honey?
Yes. Please.

Here you go:

Blackberry and pecan brie en croute 

Prep time:  5 mins
Cook time:  15 mins

Serves 6-8 servings
 Adapted from original at Amanda's plate


1 round of brie
1/2 cup chopped pecans
1/4 cup blackberry preserves
1/2 cup fresh blackberries
1 egg or egg white for brushing on pastry
2-3 sheet phyllo dough
crackers for serving if desired
honey to drizzle if desired

Preheat your oven to 350
Line a baking sheet and use non-stick spray or oil to keep from sticking and place you pastry dough on the sheet.
Slice the brie in half

 Lay one slice of brie on the pastry dough ( I used 2 sheets- you can use more if you would like) sliced side up- and top with blackberry preserves.
Then place the other slice of brie on top- slice side down.

Wrap your brie with the pastry dough until covered.
Brush lightly with egg or egg white 

Bake for 15 minutes or until pastry dough is golden brown.

Let cool (as long as you can ;) )
and top with a spoonful of blackberry preserves
fresh whole blackberries
and pecans

Then drizzle with honey to sweeten as desired
garnish with rosemary if you are so inclined.
Or just go for it and enjoy.

A warning- it gets messy once sliced with all that blackberry jam and warm brie
 but hey, it won't last long
anyway since it will be gone before you know it.
Seriously simple.
Seriously delicious.
And a perfect way to use those September blackberries.

For more September kitchen and recipe inspiration~ 
please click on over to see the amazing and inspiring  friends I am joining today 

And don't forget to come back tomorrow for an early fall home tour.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. Gorgeous!
    If one is feeling lazy, take a brie that comes in one of those little round wooden boxes. Unwrap the cheese from the plastic inside and put it back in the box. Then, after you've grilled your dinner, set the box on the edge of the warm grill. Be careful that it isn't too hot or it will melt directly into the fire (spoken from sad experience). By the time you finish your main course, the brie has melted and is ready serve on good baguettes. Best to use a spoon or a spreader--a knife will be too small. It's heavenly and really no work. Not as beautiful as your recipe, though.

  2. You had me at Brie!!! That is a weakness for me. Everything looks beautiful!!

  3. That baked bre looks absolutely decadent and the thistle and rosemary arrangement makes my heart skip a beat! I love it all Courtney!

  4. This must be yummy! Looks really good ♥

  5. Dear Courtney,

    It looks very delicious! You are so inspiring!


  6. Beautiful!! I simply love your kitchen. I'm trying to figure out the color of your island -- does it have grey, sage, blue? It looks white-washed and with the white marble -- *sigh* I've got a HUGE crush. Your recipe looks wonderful and I'm copying it down for future reference. Happy Wednesday!

  7. The baked brie is unreal. Wow. My mouth was watering just looking at these pics Courtney! Love how instead of being tied down to a specific color palette, the feeling of fall is evident. Beautiful!