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How to make a simple & charming fresh flower wreath for autumn

Peonies, dahlias, roses
and a simple charming wreath for fall- yes, please.

A few months ago
I played with a eucalyptus wreath
and lots of pretty autumn inspired flowers.

It was for a special project- that appeared in French Style Magazine 
and also for something else behind the scenes.
And I had so many questions on how to make it-
 I thought I would share a simple and quick diy with you today.


I used fresh flowers for this wreath
and that means it will not last super long- but 
this would be easy to create using faux flowers or dried flowers as well 
if you wanted to be able to enjoy it for longer than a couple of days.

You can also use a simple floral foam wreath form that you have soaked in water
and that the flowers can draw water from. 
That will help keep it looking fresh longer.
But I have to be honest, I am a big fan of dried floral wreaths-
so I wasn't really thinking about it drying up and not being pretty. 
Really- whatever you prefer works.

Here is what I used:

24" Eucalyptus wreath
coral peonies
dusty miller

I started with a eucalyptus wreath that was already dried
and with placing the larger bits like the artichokes.

With the artichokes, you can simply wire them right to the wreath.
Take the wire and wrap it around the artichoke tucking into the leaves and then tie the ends together  (to keep it tight) and then wrap 
the wire around the wreath and twist to secure
Repeat until you have all the artichokes placed - I used 3 for this wreath.

Up next,  I started to place the flowers around the artichokes.
With most of the flowers, I did not wire them, 
 I simply tucked the stems into the branches of the wreath 
(or into the floral foam) 
Another option is to wire them if you prefer and it definitely will hold them tighter to the wreath.

I used just a few pieces of dusty miller- mainly where there was area that needed filling in a bit or tucking a small piece in between the flowers. 
Then bring in the larger flowers like the dahlias & peonies and tuck them into the wreath-
working around the artichokes.

The stems on the peonies and dahlias are not always the best for tucking without securing
so they are a good one to go ahead and use wire on if you need to. 
Just loop a single wire across the flower and adjust the petals to hide the wire 
and tie around the wreath.

Up next, tuck the smaller flowers like the roses here and there to fill in.
I used two different roses- spray garden roses and those little yellow orange roses
 that like that look ranunculus. 

Basically, there are no rules for flower placement-
 just go with what is pleasing to your eye. 

Continue placing the flowers all the way around the wreath
 until they meet.

And then stand back and see if there are any spots you feel need a bit more
or a bit less and adjust.

And you are done.
It is such a simple charming wreath to create with any of your favorite flowers-
just remember that not all flowers will dry well- so keep that in mind
when choosing what you will work with.

You can spritz the wreath once a day with water to help keep the flowers hydrated longer
or simply enjoy them and how they change as they dry.

Coming your way tomorrow- a look at a simple spot to sit on the patio
that might involve pumpkins.
Happy Wednesday everyone!

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  1. Gorgeous! I would buy this in a heartbeat!

  2. Always wanted to try creating a wreath like have inspired me to do so!...Gorgeous Courtney!!

  3. I love your simple natural creative touch with flower arranging. I too, am inspired by your talent and love of fresh, dried flowers. Thank you so much Courtney!

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  5. Oh what a beautiful wreath. I must try and make one too. Its so amazing.
    I wish You a lovely day.


  6. Courtney, this is absolutely gorgeous! Like heartbreakingly beautiful!

  7. Courtney, this is so gorgeous! I'm in love! I've never made a real flower wreath but now I want to!

  8. Oh l love the idea of using fresh flowers and letting them dry in place, and using eucalyptus as the base is beautiful

  9. Courtney this may be my favorite wreath of all time! I can't wait to make on of my own. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    THANKS for the inspiration!!!