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Simple Autumn with French Cottage Style in the Living Room

The other day, I felt the thrift stores calling me.
Have you ever had that happen?
When you have no intention of stopping by the thrift store
or going junking and then... there it is...

and you rationalize that you don't need anything
and so you don't need to stop
and then you remember that tour coming up next week
and the table you are setting the following week 
and that there were just a couple things that you could use 
if you found them.

And next thing you know, you come out 
with a box full of treasures.
Please tell me I am not the only one who has done that?
It is kind of like going to the dollar store
and knowing that is never the '$ store'
it is the $20 store.

But hey, I found a box full of pretty brass pieces and candlesticks 
that I have been on the hunt for as well as those decanters I needed.
So it was all good.

Last week, I shared a peek at my living room
decorated for autumn
and this year, it has been rich aubergine and natural touches that has been talking to me.

It all started with those velvet pillows 
and that blush throw
well, and the grapevine pumpkins and gold sprinkled candelabras.

On the mantel- dried florals mingle with grapevine pumpkins and vintage books.
I am in love with simple and sweet- and when I bring garden roses home, 
I keep them and dry them to re-use again in fall.

In the firebox, more grapevine pumpkins and squash 
and an olive bucket filled with dried greens.

And across the room,
the simple sprinkling of autumn continues

Over in the buffet deux corps is where that brassy thrift store goodness ended up.

I could hardly believe my luck when I found not only several brass candlesticks 
that had been on my list for awhile
but also a brass coffee set.

So of course, they came home with me.

You might remember the brass/gold serving pieces obsession that started with this dome

And as you can tell, it has continued.

In the buffet, along with the brass
I added a little bit of fall to the white dishes.

A bowl full of pumpkins and sprigs of wheat
and pomegranates on branches were perfect.

Across the room,
a peek at something coming your way next week...

Like these amazing copper martini glasses
and a bar cart full of gorgeous aubergine and purple tones.

Don't forget to visit all the amazing homes on the tour today!

And today's featured guest - A burst of Beautiful

Happy Tuesday everyone!!

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  1. Wow, Courtney...this is absolutely stunning! So thrilled to be joining you all today!

  2. ahhhhh everything is so romantic! Courtney those plum-aubergine hues are so perfect with that blush! So unique and feminine. Jealous of all your brass finds! Dang! You scored!

    1. Thanks so much sweet friend! And yes, obsessed with the brass. I couldn't leave it behind. ;) xo

  3. Very pretty! Buying things at the thrift store is like giving stuff another life. It already lived, but it wasn't through giving, and now you are letting it give some more. Whereas new junk from the dollar store or any other mass-market retailer selling plastic stuff made in China, well, all that is just .... junk. We would be better off without it.
    I have a friend who would go gaga over your amethyst glasses.

    1. I totally agree about that $ store and vintage- and love your way of looking at it! You will be seeing more of those glasses next week in case your friend wants to stop by the blog. :)

  4. I really enjoyed reading this post! Your pictures are really beautiful!

  5. Absolutely beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing and I totally answer the calls to shop/thrift/pick/dig/etc when I get them to!!!

    1. I am glad I am not alone there! :) Thank you for stopping by!

  6. Gorgeous as always. You always find the good stuff!!!

  7. Bonjour chère amie,

    De la douceur et du romantisme dans votre décoration qui me séduit beaucoup.
    J'aime vos potirons... Un cousin aubergine qui vient souligner sa présence... Vos verres à martini sont absolument magnifiques. L'adorable petit bouquet de roses... Le tout est une belle invitation au repos...
    Très joli billet.

    Gros bisous 🌼

  8. Bella! Love the Brass coffee pot and the elegant purple amethyst goblets, lucky you what a find! The small antique table is something I have been looking for to add to a side chair in my L/R. Your blog is always French Elegant.

  9. One person's junk is another person's treasure. I am all for giving things a second life and repurposing things. Many of the old items found in thrift stores are of far superior quality and made far better than anything in a cheap $ store. Right now I am on the hunt for old chairs to reupholster, half of the fun is in the searching!

  10. Courtney, this is such a dream!! I love those colors together and that brass- oh my... so pretty!

  11. Now you have me wanting to run out and see what kind of brassy goodness I could find!! Honestly I would never have thought to mix the brass with the ironstone, but they complimented each other so well. It's amazing what people give away, for if they could only see it repurposed they might reconsider. This is just beautiful!!