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Simple elegant autumn on the front porch with Balsam Hill

Have you noticed that I tend to lean towards the softer side of autumn?
Those chalky muted orange and blue /gray pumpkins speak to me.

And so does simple softer color greenery. 
And on the porch- 
it is no different that the look that you will find just inside the door.

This year on the porch- it is all about simplicity
and I am excited to be sharing a fall look and kicking off a 2 day hop with Balsam Hill.

And this years simple elegant autumn look
 started with a magnolia wreath and magnolia garland.

Can I let you in on a secret?
I have a huge crush on magnolia clippings.

Those two toned leaves just make my heart flutter a bit
I have used these garlands on the table as a centerpiece...

and when thinking non-traditional color on the porch for autumn
magnolia is perfect as well.

I draped a couple of garlands around the door to frame it a bit
and then placed a wreath in the center.
The best thing about magnolia for autumn?
Well, there are several- but one of the best might be that 
it is perfect for Thanksgiving and for Christmas as well.

So with just a few changes- such as changing the pumpkins to potted tree's 
you can get a new look with very little work or expense.

I love that the muted tones of the pumpkins pick up on the
 brown sides of the leaves in the garland.

A simple porch decorating tip:
Fill existing pots and planters with greens and pumpkins for a charming look.

These cast iron planters were already flanking the front door
I just layered them with eucalyptus and placed a chunky pumpkin on top.

On the landing and on the layers of steps we have 
several of my favorite lanterns mingle with potted cabbage.

These cast iron Candela lanterns always speak to me. 
On the table, on the rock steps in the back yard, and on the porch.
They are heavy cast metal and absolutely beautiful- so as always-
 you will see them popping up often over here.

And for safety and ease- I like to use the outdoor  Miracle Flame LED candles inside of them.
They flicker like a real candle and add ambiance- but without any worry about leaving them unattended.

And a little bit of a colorful surprise... 
I did a quick 5 minute swap on the porch to show a different look
with changing just 2 things.

That will be coming your way tomorrow.
And today- 
 I am joining several friends in sharing a sprinkling of autumn 
with Balsam Hill.
Up next- 
Click on over to see Kim's porch- which is looking so gorgeous!

and then pop on over to Danielle's house to see what she used to dress her charming 
east coast front porch
(and more of her adorable dog.)

And don't forget to come back by my blog tomorrow to see that quick change look
and the rest of the bloggers
 participating in this tour.

Happy first day of autumn everyone!!

 I work with Balsam Hill as their ambassador but all opinions, styling and crazy big love of those metal lanterns, magnolia leaves and all things Christmas~ are my own. 

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  1. Dreamy and beautiful! My kind of style. Have a wonderful dreamy day!

  2. This porch is exactly what the title says, simple, elegant autumn. Magnolias are my favorite. When I moved to North Florida years ago from South Florida, the one thing I wanted in my yard was a Magnolia tree...the whole tree is gorgeous from the shiny velvet leaves to the blooms. Love your porch styled with Fall perfection. So wonderful to be joining you with Balsam Hill.

  3. Courtney,

    I just adore this! I too gravitate to more "neutral" fall with white pumpkins and greens, and occasionally a muted Cinderella pumpkin. And I love the wreath - gorgeous! I especially love that your porch is understated and not over the top. Beautiful in it's simplicity.


  4. I love your porch...lanterns, pumpkins. Soft fall. So relaxing. sheila

  5. I love everything about this. That wreath is perfect. And I'd love to find those pumpkins around here somewhere. All I've seen are the bright orange ones.

  6. Courtney, this is heavenly! I'm dreaming about magnolia leaves for Christmas BUT love them for fall too. The soft muted pumpkins, the lovely leaves, flickering candles and all those lanterns with candles. So lovely! Happy Autumn! xx

  7. The magnolia wreath and garland are gorgeous! We have southern magnolia trees everywhere but unfortunately if I want any leaves, I'll have to cut a neighbor's tree! Yay for Balsam Hill! Your porch is twilight dreamy! I'll be right over to sit on the steps with you and sip a glass of wine while the fireflies start to appear. ;)

  8. So soft and beautiful....


  9. Happy Autumn to you too! A beautiful front porch, very romantic and has a quiet way of welcoming Fall.
    Kathleen in Az

  10. Your porch is so YOU! Absolutely beautiful!

  11. Courtney your outdoor entry area is just simply stunning! You always add such magic in everything you do. Thank you for asking me to be a part of this wonderful group of ladies. Hope you have a great weekend my friend!

  12. Your entry is beautiful! I love those lanterns too! They're the perfect addition to pretty much every season both indoors and out! The added bonus is that your decor will last until Thanksgiving and with just a few simple changes, it would be perfect for Christmas too! Gorgeous as always! xo