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12 of the easiest ideas for creating a simple autumn vignette

The other day I ran around like a crazy woman.

Moving pumpkins and pinecones and gold candlesticks off the mantel 
to make way for a little sprinkling of Halloween for a special project.
And this week, 
I am moving bits of Halloween to make way for all things Merry. 
The seasons seem to change so quickly this time of year 
and so does seasonal decor.

On top of that- it is a busy time of year and so simple decor is key.
I always keep it simple honestly. 
Just pumpkins and natural touches for autumn 
and I am a huge fan of vignettes.

Vignettes are like little 'moments' in a room. 
They are not everything all together like the whole enchilada...
 they are just a slice of deliciousness.

And they have a way of adding that perfect touch of seasonal charm 
without being overwhelming.

In the cupboard for example-
 the whole cupboard doesn't need to be filled with pumpkins to say 'autumn'
Just one thing says it perfectly-
 so you can feel good about keeping it simple. 

Every year about this time, 
I share a round up of ideas for quick and easy decor- and today-
 it is
 12 one stop keep it simple ideas that you can do to sprinkle a bit of autumn
in your home right now. 
In your entry, in the kitchen, in the living room, in the cupboard, in the bedroom, on the porch- 
you name it.

#1. Bowl of pumpkins

#2. Bucket of hydrangeas

#3. A couple of pumpkins in the cupboard

#4. Wheat sheaf on the banister 
(click to see more)

#5. Dough bowl centerpiece

#6. A small seasonal wreath 

(click to see more)

(click to see more)

#9.  Apple Tree branches bouquet 

#10. Bucket of thistle

#11. A wee pumpkin on a stack

and probably one of your favorites...

That is a lot of little autumn moments.

And... I am off to photograph a couple more of them today - 
and this mirror leaning against the wall? Can hardly wait to share more with you next week.

and will be sharing them soon.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  1. Everything in your home is always exquisitely displayed Courtney, you just inspire us all, Fall and beyond.

  2. You really know how to make simple ideas look so elegant. I love the crate full of pumpkins and the way you styled the shelves. So inspiring!

  3. So much beautiful autumn inspiration here today....and I gasped when i saw that mirror!....Can't wait to see it in your decor!

  4. Perfectly executed as usual Courtney. You never cease to amaze me. And I'm with Shirley about that GORGEOUS MIRROR. We can't wait for that!

  5. What where you looking for?

    You have great taste when it comes to designing,.

  6. I love your blog. I actually love looking at your page as much as I like the ideas. The white background is so refreshing after seeing pages with blaring colors, things blinking at me, pop ups, and too much busy-ness.

  7. I think all of them are beautiful! :D After reading this post I want to make a pear salad....

  8. So much beautiful fall goodness! And I can't wait to hear about that gorgeous mirror:)

  9. All so simple and beautiful Courtney! Love them!

  10. Simply Pretty...just a touch, please!

  11. They're all wonderful Courtney! I love those little white pumpkins. :) Thanks for the great ideas!