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French Country Cottage Christmas Home Tour

A sprinkling of magic, glitter and faux frosting
and a whole lot of Christmas cheer.

I am so excited to share the first look at our home decorated for Christmas today

Romantic Outdoor Christmas Table Setting

Twinkly lights, Christmas carols and the smell of fresh cut pine...

with a bit of romance and blooms.
When it comes to holiday table settings, I am big on gathering up all the ambiance
 that comes with the season- 
and sprinkling a little bit of romantic magic on it.

7 Gift Ideas under $30 & a peek

I have been running around like crazy decking the halls
and sprinkling bits of Christmas magic all around the house.

And in between the twinkly lights, the Christmas trees, fresh greens on the mantel and little glass baubles- there are packages tied up with strings...and shopping lists (and to do lists) a mile long.

Random weekend

Happy Sunday after Thanksgiving!

This weekend I am covered in fresh greens and flocking and working away during the day
and taking advantage of the sales and shopping in the evening. And trying to be good and not keep nibbling on the leftovers...
And this morning it is all about randomness. 

15 must haves for a sprinkle of blush & mixed metallics for home

It is the day after Thanksgiving
 and the day after all those calories that don't count.

Which basically means...
 it is the day when you are figuring out just how much extra jogging
it is going to take to make up for that one day of over indulgence. 
And the day after Thanksgiving...
well, it is also the official kick off for the holiday and gifting season...
though some of us start decorating much earlier...

Happy Thanksgiving~ Feathered Nest Friday

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

3 last minute table centerpiece ideas for Thanksgiving

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving...
which means family and friends giving thanks
and indulging just a bit.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas- Elegant French Country Tree

Frosted branches and sprinkles of Christmas have been appearing
around the house.
Gold mirror reflecting Christmas Tree

And with Christmas carols playing
and all things Merry & Bright...
it is definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas over here.

A romantic holiday party table setting

I am all about romantic details over here.
They might be as simple as a bouquet on a small table in a room
or flower petals collecting on a table top.

And sometimes romance is the flicker of candles lighting the evening
or the way that the sun setting sends shimmering
 light through the trees.

Random Saturday

Happy weekend before Thanksgiving everyone.

Are you running around like wild getting everything ready for the big day?
I am definitely running around and feeling like my to-do list just.keeps.growing.
But... before all that Thanksgiving stuff gets going- I have a busy weekend to conquer
 and a week in review to share.

Lamps Plus Gift Guide

Do you remember that barely blushing beauty of a lamp in my bedroom?
The one that has gilded details and a classic gorgeous shape?
It came from Lamps Plus.

But did you know that they have a whole lot more than just lamps and lighting? 
Yes, they do. 
And I might have a couple of pieces of furniture and a rug in my cart right now.

Feathered Nest Friday

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!

Another busy week over here - with a lot of sprinkles of flocking, cedar clippings and beautiful blush bits for Christmas.
And, I am so.excited. to be sharing several reveals in the next week- and then a holiday tour after Thanksgiving. And today
 I am over in SF at a Balsam Hill event- and 
traveling a bit for a television show with them this weekend.
Can I say...  I'm really hoping that live t.v. and I get along well... 

French Blue Cottage Christmas Tree & giveaway

The other day, I played with a chunky Christmas tree out in the cottage.

It started with those pretty little French blue ornaments
and a sprinkling of snowy white, bleached pinecones 
and a charming wicker basket.

Easy & Delicious Oreo Cheesecake

The other day I made a delicious decadent cheesecake.

I chopped, mixed, blended, and folded.
And then placed that cheesecake inside a 
pressure cooker and went about my day.

Yes. Not the oven. 
I placed it in a pressure cooker.

Christmas Bicycle, Me & Something Exciting

I have decided that I am THAT girl.
You know the one. 

The one who lives in that romantic fantasy world with fluttering butterflies
 and pretty flowers all around.
The one who twirls around the living room with a mop imagining she is a ballerina dancing on stage
rather than doing a chore.
The one who stops at the flower market on the way to the beach... 
because there is a French market tote in the back of the car that is 
begging to be photographed in the sand.
And that girl who also brings a certain beach bicycle with her to the ocean, the wine country,
southern California and the mountains...
not just to ride but to also be able to spend a few minutes capturing a couple of  inspired photos.

Nature inspired autumn table

I played with a pile of colorful autumn leaves the other day.

No, I didn't jump into a freshly raked mound of them.
And I didn't kick them into the air or dance at the sound of them crunching underfoot...
But I did gather them up and sprinkle them here and there.
and style a table full of rich autumn colors and charm.

Random weekend

Happy weekend.

I hope your weekend has been going well.
I am knee deep in tree flocking, cedar clippings and with a whole lot of Merry sprinkles  Of course,  I am not done decorating yet. 
And I have a confession...

Friday Favorites- 9 Table setting essentials

Happy Friday.

It is hard to believe we are just a couple weeks away from Thanksgiving
and while I am busy decking the halls for Christmas - I am also setting several tables for
 Thanksgiving inspiration this weekend.

Feathered Nest Friday

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday!

A busy day with a to-do list a mile long over here.
So keeping it short and getting this party started.

Puppy love

A quick break in the decking the halls and all things merry and bright
to talk about early morning shenanigans & this guy.

It started just like it always does...
with the little click of grand dog toes as he quietly walked down the hall.
 And then the pause outside our bedroom door as he listens to see if anyone is awake.

Holiday Entertaining with HomeGoods & $100 giveaway

It all started with silver & gold.

And yes, I fell head over heels for something.
And yes, they came home with me because...entertaining season is here.
From impromptu evenings with friends to a house full for Thanksgiving
to an simple yet elegant Christmas dinner.

French Country blush mercury glass Christmas ornaments

It is no secret...
I am a huge fan of the softer side of things.
Flowers, fabrics, colors, details.
Barely blushing and creamy whites mingling with elegant gold
and a bit of bling? 

Well that is perfection.
And when it comes to Christmas decorations
the softer side and I get along just perfectly.

Weekend View

Can you believe we already have the first week of November almost wrapped up?
It is crazy how quickly the season is flying by this year.

And this weekend, after enjoying that extra hour of sleeping in,  I am decking the halls for Christmas and working on several Thanksgiving posts,
 I am taking a look back at the week and the month in review.

High Point Market Trends

Silver & gold, lucite, marble, velvet,
a whole lot of neutral
 and a whole lot of color. 

There was so much to inspire as always at High Point Market- 
and yes, I snapped probably 300 photos while I was there
and redecorated my house in my mind every time I turned around.

Feathered Nest Friday

Welcome to Feathered Nest Friday

I hope that your November is off to a great start!
Here is what I shared this week:

7 simple charming autumn table settings

It is that time of year when all things merry and bright start appearing.
 And in between Jack o'-lanterns and Christmas trees there is 

Thanksgiving is full of family and friends and memories.
I have such great memories of spending Thanksgiving at my grandparents house each year-
and my grandmothers potato casserole will always be the best ever.
Along with food,  thoughts of entertaining, decorating & table settings
for the Thanksgiving holiday also comes to mind.

So this month, I will be sharing several table setting ideas for inspired 
Thanksgiving and Christmas tables.
Starting with a look back at a few favorites,  a couple of oldies 
and one that might be just a little wild and crazy. 

Simple early Christmas touches

 Just a sprinkle of Christmas 
and cheer appearing early in the season.

Like a sugar frosted tree wearing nothing but twinkling lights.
a fresh French country toile on the bed
pinecones and subtle touches of gilded elegance.