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French Country blush mercury glass Christmas ornaments

It is no secret...
I am a huge fan of the softer side of things.
Flowers, fabrics, colors, details.
Barely blushing and creamy whites mingling with elegant gold
and a bit of bling? 

Well that is perfection.
And when it comes to Christmas decorations
the softer side and I get along just perfectly.

Today I am sharing a collection of ornaments that speak my name...
and actually they also share a bit of my name.

And yes, they are my most favorites.
( I have quite a few favorites if the truth was known. )

I am talking about these sweet mercury glass baubles.

It was love at first sight.
And yes, you have been seeing them here and there for a couple of months
but today, I am sharing all the details.

The soft crackled silvers.

Frosty white details.

And blush mercury glass.
Not to mention they are heavy amazing bits of deliciousness.
And the jumbo ornaments...

are seriously JUMBO.

They are all so pretty. 
and all so me.

I added a few more details to the tree this year as well.
Like little bits of sugar sprinkled jute that adds the perfect rustic luxe feeling.

And a few yards of the prettiest glittery cutout ribbon tucked in

I decorated our frosted fraser tree in the bedroom
with those soft colors this year. 

And it definitely is bringing a burst of Merry & Bright to our room.

You will be seeing much more of this tree twinkling away
and the mantel decor

 along with more about my Christmas bedroom 
in the coming weeks.
Because... nope, it isn't done just yet.
And it might involve more than one of something.

And today I am joining the 
Tastemakers 10 blog hop
with Balsam Hill celebrating
10 years of amazing Christmas.
And all this week you will find bloggers sharing a favorite set of Balsam Hill ornaments 
and how they have decorated their tree with them. 

Today- I am joining Domestically Speaking in sharing.

Of course this is just the beginning for all that Christmas coming your way
but these were my first choice of beauty and the softer side of Christmas 
to share with you.

You can shop the look here:

What do you think of the softer side of Christmas?

Happy Monday everyone.

I work with Balsam Hill and am their ambassador
but all thoughts, and ooey -gooey love for these ornaments and Christmas
is my own.

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  1. We ordered a wreath and a tree this year for our new home from Balsam hill, we already got the wreath and it is gorgeous, can't wait to see the tree. We needed a 9 footer since we have 10ft ceilings now. Love your blush mercury ornaments on the frosted tree, it is so arterial looking.

  2. I love the beautiful, softer looking Christmas decor. It's just gorgeous!

  3. Can't wait to see the rest of your decorating when you're done, beautiful.

  4. These soft sparkly ornaments are just so beautiful, and you are right, they are so you!

  5. Oh my gosh, that's so nice:) I've a tradition since years me and my mom are buying each year 2-3 new ornaments for the christmas tree. Mostly they are vintage or vintage style in different colours. So our tree is never really 2-3 shades it's more a vintage toy colourful tree (if you know what I mean:)) but this one looks pretty amazing. Maybe I'll try such one in my flat,


  6. So gorgeous Courtney... your snowy tree just makes them sparkle even more!

  7. Gorgeous!!!! By far, my favorite of all the tours this week. I keep coming back to look at your photos. So sophisticated, beautiful, peaceful, calming and exactly how I will be decorating for Christmas this year. Thank you for all the inspiration.

  8. So beautiful! I love mercury glass too and have some old ornaments that have been passed down from my great grandmother. They have a special place on our tree each year!

  9. Courtney, your blog was the first one I ever read and now that I've been looking at lots of blogs for a few years now I have come to the conclusion that yours is The Best! Maybe it's because we share the same taste in all things softly muted and often pretty pink. Maybe it's because your writing speaks to my heart and sets my imagination into overdrive. Maybe it's because we're both brunettes! Regardless of the reason, I just love visiting your blog and want to thank you for sharing yourself.

  10. Absolutely breathtaking! I love the blush/rose ornaments. I'm not a traditional red & green Christmas decorator. I guess I had so much of that growing up, (what other colors were available) and though my Mother has fabulous taste and just happens to be an interior designer; I never thought Christmas red & green looked that great! This late in the season, I've decided I just HAVE to have a new color scheme this year. (My poor husband love red and green) Your creativity has given me a great idea. Thank you!

  11. je dois avouer que je l'adore ce sapin et ces boules sont justes superbes magnifiques, j'adoreeeeeeeeeee