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Romantic Outdoor Christmas Table Setting

Twinkly lights, Christmas carols and the smell of fresh cut pine...

with a bit of romance and blooms.
When it comes to holiday table settings, I am big on gathering up all the ambiance
 that comes with the season- 
and sprinkling a little bit of romantic magic on it.

And the other day... I played outdoors doing just that and
I gathered up some of my favorite elements for a romantic inspired Christmas table.

Like fresh juniper and cedar clippings
some of my favorite dishes

and pretty blue stemware.

I started by layering cedar and eucalyptus down the center.
I have a major love affair with that look that cedar has draping down
but truth be told- I am allergic.

I didn't realize that was the culprit of my itching and non stop sneezing and coughing
until a couple of years ago when I draped my headboard in cedar for Christmas.
Good times... but hey, it looked good.

I bring out the cedar even so and use it anywhere and everywhere I can (other than the bedroom)
and it is a perfect green for a table centerpiece.
Even better- you can pick up a simple pre-made fresh garland and call it good.

Up next, 
 I added 3 small vases of peonies and ranunculus for a pop of pretty color.

These candles are some of my favorites- I love the way the glass looks like a vintage hobnail or pincushion glass.

And speaking of favorites,
these dishes are some of my absolute favorites.

They are covered in details, details, details...

The pea gravel patio is pretty much my all time favorite spot to set a table.
There is so much natural beauty all around out in this area.

And those twinkling lights in the background are where the fire pit is set up in the orchard.

You will be seeing more of the fire pit area and much more
 in my Holiday Housewalk post tomorrow.

And today I am joining several blog friends who are also sharing holiday table inspiration.

Up next is Amy from Maison Decor- and I know you will love her table setting-
and stop by each of the other bloggers sharing their tables as well. 

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Shop the look here:

Glass votives (similar)

See you tomorrow for the first of several holiday home posts this season.

Happy Tuesday everyone!

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  1. My favorite place to come for decorating inspiration, I love everything you put together on your table. Loved the blue stemware!

  2. Courtney, you have set an elegant and romantic table, for sure. I love the blue stemware and your use of cedar. Happy Tuesday!

  3. Beautiful and magical. I'm going to look for some juniper on my run....

  4. How wonderful to be able to set a Christmas table outdoors! And oh how romantic it is. Your florals and greenery are stunning! The whole setting is just beautiful!!

  5. Courtney, such an elegant look. I love the blue stemware with the Arte Italica dinnerware. The pink flowers look stunning with the pop of blue and the cedar. You have such a lovely outdoor living area....I am always so inspired by it!

  6. Beautiful as always! Love the blue set against the pink in the peonies. Happy Holidays, Courtney!

  7. Courtney this is incredible! So rich and elegant and I LOVE your photography!! This table is pure magic!! I'm seriously in love...

  8. Everything you do is gorgeous, and I love reading your blog! I'd love to see you post a suggested table design/setting for us traditional North Easterners... :)

  9. Everything you do is beautiful! I very much enjoy your blog! I'd love to see you post a suggested table design/setting for your readers (me!) who are traditional North Easterners...

  10. Enchanting Courtney! Merry Christmas to you & yours.

  11. So beautiful! Love the choice of flowers on display.

  12. So beautiful as always. I love these moody photos of yours.
    Hugs, Jamie