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A closer look... Christmas Living Room

All things Merry & Bright... 

and simple elegance.

You might have noticed that I am a huge fan of simple elegance.
Simple elegance like fresh flowers, pretty ribbons and lots of twinkling lights. 
And also of simple charm like a worn and weathered rustic bench.
And when it comes to Christmas decorating- I am definitely one who  loves simple elegance and charm together and who decorates with less is more in mind.

Well, except for trees. 
 I do have quite a few trees and Christmas is sprinkled throughout the house.. can't get enough there
but I like to keep that simple elegance and charm going when dressing them.

In the living room right now... 
a frosted tree with pale blush ornaments

and a mantel wearing a simple thin strand of eucalyptus garland 
dotted with delicate vintage ornaments and glitter covered bells.

Truth be told... this mantel is going to be changing. 
A secret... that garland was a last minute garland for the Holiday Housewalk tour. 
  I made it by wiring branches of seeded eucalyptus that I bought for a table setting together and then tying it with ribbon on the ends.
 I love how it turned out but... 
the garland that I originally ordered for this spot is coming
 so stay tuned.

On top of the mantel- I didn't want to overwhelm it with much. 
So a couple of candelabras, bucket of ornaments and juniper was perfect.

The candelabras are French style vintage reproductions-
 and are completely covered in charming details like chippy paint, gilding and delicate little arms draped in crystals.

That huge antique mirror that so many of you have asked about kind of started the whole look.
Would you believe that this mirror was a craigslist find?

And there are some changes coming to this room in the way of furniture
that all started with that mirror and the way that the room style is evolving.

A favorite vintage bench that is as wonky as it is charming
came back inside after being outdoors for a bit.
I love the chipping paint and how it this bench is worn and weathered to perfection- and how among all the elegant touches- it brings that little sprinkle of rustic.

Under the tree- it is all about texture.
 A faux fur rug is perfect as a tree skirt
and those blush boxes tied up in pretty white and gold ribbon are perfect.

You will be seeing just a few changes in here  in the coming weeks
but for now- I am enjoying the simple charming feeling it has.

Across the room... 
the dining room and that wine country inspired tree details
 are coming your way.

So that is about it for a closer look at the living room inspired by that French mirror and 
 frosted tree that absolutely glows like a golden beauty.

See you tomorrow for a delicious recipe and look at the kitchen 
dressed for Christmas this year.


Happy Friday everyone!

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  1. Such a welcoming space Courtney! I love the blush color you are using this year. It's refreshing. Have a great weekend!


    1. Thanks so much! I am obsessed with blush. And Christmas. And Blush and Christmas together. ;)

  2. Your photos are so pretty. I just want to curl up inside of them with a big cup of coffee.
    I made the tour of all the shops and garden centers in hopes of finding a new tree stand. I learned that the French just don't worry about watering their Christmas trees. One garden center told me to spray it in the morning. (Husband: "I guess she sells garlands of lights, eh?") The tree we ended up with came with its own stand: a chunk of a trunk, split in two, with a hole in the top. No place for water. Go figure.

    1. Oh that sounds so neat!! I love the idea of using a piece of wood as a stand- it reminds me of the bottlebrush trees on wood circle stands. But yeah, a little hard to water for sure. I will have to pop over and check it out. Thanks for stopping by!!

  3. Love those candelabra's I need to follow you around shopping!

    1. Haha! We might do a bit of damage at some of the stores! ;)

  4. I searched Balsalm Hill for blush ornaments and can't find them I did purchase a set but they are not blush. Can you help me?

    1. Hi Chloianna- certainly! There are several in the collection- and the blush set is called the 'Ombre' - it is super confusing! You can find them here:

  5. Courtney, your simple elegance speaks to me. Our home has lots of color, just the way it is, and seeing this room makes me long for some changes. The mirror is exquisite. You CA girls find the best things. I'll be eager to see the changes. Right now, I'd savor the look you have created for Christmas.
    Do you know how many lights are on your tree? I love the look!

    1. Thank you Sarah! It was a definite score when I found it!! :)

  6. everything is absolutely gorgeous as always 😊

  7. Your Christmas home is so dreamy. That is one huge mirror, are you going move it somewhere else? And how do you anchor it to the wall? You know, in case of an earthquake.
    looking forward to more of your posts,
    Kathleen in Az

    1. It is huge and sooo heavy! It is leaning pretty far back against the wall right now- so it seems to be okay. But yes, I live in earthquake country so something to think about.

  8. Gorgeous...I had to go back and look at everything a second time!


  9. That mirror is fabulous! What a fantastic CL find! Alaska is much worse for earthquakes. We have thousands of them daily. Some we feel others we don't. The last one that woke us all out of bed was last January. It is was 7.1, just a bit stronger than the devasting 1989 SF quake.

    The first thing I did was run to the mirror over my fireplace. Unbelievable move. Then the house kept shaking. Then the antique grandfather clock began clanging. The house shook and shook. I ran to Sebastian and we high-tailed it downstairs. Another unbelievable move.

    I must have forgotten all those earthquake drills we did in California. I was running around like it was a tornado drill from living in Texas. What am I doing? Where do I go? Wait... I'm supposed to crawl under a desk or table, not run downstairs where the entire upstairs will smash on us. Geez... Just don't run to the mirror first. I know it will be tempting. Ha ha.

    String that puppy up and anchor it even if it is leaning.


  10. Omg your home looks GORGEOUS for Christmas!!! Only you could make a green tree look a gorgeous white with the perfect number of lights!!! Absolute perfection!! You have a true gift of making interiors look like the cover of a magazine ALL the time!!!