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2 simple & easy looks~ styling a cupboard for Christmas

Christmas is all through the house over here.

And that means that even the cupboard and buffet shelves are sprinkled
 with a little bit of Christmas magic.

Yesterday I stopped in at the flower mart while in the city 
and picked up oodles of fresh greens, pretty blooms and even another wreath.
You see, even though I have been decorating for Christmas for quite awhile already,
I love all those fresh greens in the house.
And one of the places that gets a few clippings and some fresh fruit
are the cupboards.

Today I am sharing a closer look at two of the cupboards
 that are dressed for Christmas already.

In the Kitchen

 I don't add a ton of Christmas in the kitchen. Usually just the shelf above the sink
and maybe the range hood.
But I also have that charming antique cupboard that is a perfect spot to add a bit more merry

This year, I went with a simple cottage Christmas look.
White dishes mixed with blue and white
and fresh greens were on the agenda.

One of my favorite Christmas greens is juniper
and I sprinkled it pretty much everywhere this year. 

In the cupboard, there are bits of it simply laying on the shelves
and also inside pitchers.

I also love fresh fruit as part of seasonal displays.
And these pears do double duty.

 They look gorgeous in the kitchen
and as they are enjoyed- I simply replenish the bowl with fresh ones
and the styling can last all season long.

Though admittedly less full on some days that I haven't been to the market to restock the bowls.

In the Living Room

A different styling in a cupboard- but one that uses much of the same elements.
Fresh greens and fresh fruit.

The antique buffet deux corps is filled with silver and gold and white
and instead of completely changing the look- I simply added in a few bits of Christmas.

Olive branches and cedar clippings are simple and sweet with vintage silver trophies
and elegant gold stemware.

I also filled a simple bowl with sweet treats wrapped in gold foil

and added another small footed bowl full of pears.

I love simple stylings like this one
that let something shine.

Christmas decor doesn't have to be over the top all over the house.
Just simple greens and a bowl of ornaments or fruit are perfect for warming up bare shelves
and making them merry.

Tomorrow I am working on a Christmas styling with CBS and Balsam Hill 
for a lucky home makeover giveaway winner. 
I am going to try to live stream some of the fun on FB but the winner is located a little far out where reception is not the best apparently so not sure it will work.
 Either way- I will share a recap here on my blog soon.
And with 2 of my big kids not feeling well this morning- including one who has been up all night long with a stomach issue- fingers crossed everyone is feeling good by tomorrow. 

Happy Wednesday everyone.

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  1. Gorgeous. I love the simple pears and greens.

  2. Now why do I have lemons and limes stuck in the fridge when they could be doing double duty, as you say. Pears, pomegranates are beautiful and nothing is wasted when they're consumed. I bet your house smells heavenly with the juniper. You're giving me lots of ideas!!!!! May I have a pear please?? :-)

  3. The kitchen cupboard is my favorite with a lot of inspiration in how to style my green kitchen hutch. The buffet is elegantly styled with the gold dishes. I agree, with fresh greens and fruit ( even faux ) can be the perfect touch. I hope your kids feel better.
    Kathleen in Az

  4. Well, really, Courtney.... ARE YOU FOR RENT???? :)

  5. Sooo beautiful & inspiring!..thanks for sharing ����..Lacy