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Simple Storage Ideas

It is the day after Christmas and after all the busy...
 and besides relaxing -
 extra cup or 2 of coffee is definitely on the agenda

After all the busy starts to wind down a bit,
I start to think about New Years Eve and the upcoming new year and
jotting down goals & dreams...
and I also think about organization and storage.

Kind of a random thing to think about when thinking
 about the New Year, right?

But, after Christmas it seems like the perfect time to tidy up some
 of those closets, open shelves  and storage areas and make them shine.
And having things tidy makes it easier to be creative and to focus on those goals
and work you have on the agenda.

So today, I am talking organization and storage
and am so excited to be joining my sweet friend Julie Blanner
along with several other bloggers  and sharing a few ideas for quick. easy
 ideas for keeping things neat and tidy- and pretty at the same time.

When it comes to storage-  I have two things to say.

We have very limited storage space in our house- and just 2 closets.
As in the linen, coat, catch-all, laundry room, hallway, bathroom, garage,
game closet...  well, they are all the same thing.
(we have bedroom closets but I'm talking community closets)

And #2.
One of those closets has a huge old pipe running from the basement to the roof inside of it.
So basically, it not a closet. 
It is about 1/3 of a closet which holds not much more than a broom and mop.

So that means closet and storage space is at a premium in our cottage.
And when you are short on closet space for tucking all those extra bits
and you don't have a garage to store things-
you get creative and  use open shelves and vintage armoires and cupboards 
and make storage look as pretty as it can.

In our kitchen, it is all about those open cupboards for plates and bowls
that we use all the time- and those baskets in place of drawers for things like onions
and potatoes, etc. 

And out in the little cottage where storage and kitchen space is basically almost non-existent-
it means glass jars filled with spices & sugars on the open shelves.

And it means baskets on shelves

and pretty bins to tuck things into to keep things tidy.

A favorite thing to do is to use a vintage piece for some of that vintage charm 
while storing- which does double duty- like this cupboard in the kitchen that holds everyday items
and can be decorated seasonally as well.

And you don't need a ton of space to store things in a pretty way.
we used a vintage table next to the sink to store towels.

And in another bathroom that a larger amount of space to work with-
 I brought in a small vintage chest for in between the sinks

and an antique armoire to store all the rest of the stuff.

I used baskets on the shelves for storage
as well as glass jars filled with things like chunky soap, cotton balls etc.
that look pretty while keeping them neat and tidy.

And one more that is coming your way...
a room that I haven't shared before.
One that was holding every day and random I might need it next Tuesday needs.
The epitome of a 'toss it in there and close the doors' 
project bits, paint, overflow and everything else space.

It got a pretty new look- on a tiny budget and is coming your way soon.
And I am so excited to be joining several friends today
for sharing storage/organization ideas:

What about you? I would love to know about your favorite way of storing things
when you don't have a ton of storage space.

This week is all about catching up on the stuff that has been on the back burner.
And coming your way shortly
 that 'room' reveal, 
a brand new look on a piece of furniture
 NYE party ideas & table setting
sharing a few reflections on 2016 and goals and dreams for the new year

Happy Monday everyone

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  1. Your bathroom storage is the essence of what I want our master to feel like. Your functional decorating style makes it feel like a Sonoma retreat! I love the pretty peek into the closet as well - I don't think I've ever seen it!

    1. Thank you Julie!! You need to get out this way to Sonoma again soon!! Thanks so much for asking me to join you on the tour today! xo

  2. sooooooooooooo gorgeous Merry Christmas time <3

  3. I live with my family in a small 2,000 sq. ft. 1950's California Ranch style home. No walk in closets or kitchen pantries here. Lack of storage space has always been a big challenge living in this home. I'm always editing what we have to make things fit. One good decision I made a long time ago was to live with only the pieces I loved but they had to be functional and fit the space too! Once I zeroed in on my style, I've been very careful to only buy furniture that provides storage, like an entry table that has doors, side tables with drawers, coffee table with drawers, china cabinets or armoires. It's been tricky but I've learned to use the space I have more efficiently, and to me, in a more purposeful and beautiful way.

  4. Here's what I have trouble storing: extra sheets, blankets and quilts and bathroom items like extra toothpaste and cotton balls, and dental floss and epson salts, etc., etc. My bathroom is small and has pretty good under-sink cabinet storage, but never enough room for towels. And my bathroom has no place for an armoire or even a small table. I have taken one whole shelf in my bedroom closet for extra sheets, but it's higher than I can reach so not terribly convenient. When I look at your lovely open shelves I think, "But she doesn't HAVE much!" Yikes! And my dishes would never look that pretty on open shelves in the kitchen unless I got rid of half of them, which I can't do because I use them all!

    Am I hopeless or what? Do I need to build on to the house? Anyway, do you think I'm just resistant to change? Or possibly a negative person?? Maybe just very disorganized! But that's because I don't have room to organize anything! Any suggestions besides "get rid of half that stuff, Mom!" (daughter)

  5. P. S. I would love to have a 2,000 sq. ft. house to get organized in! Mine is about 1100 sq. ft. Walk-in closets--are you kidding?? My bedrooms are the size of a somewhat spacious walk-in closet. You can imagine how big the actual closets are, right? End of rant. I'd probably have twice as much stuff if I lived in a 2000 sq.ft. house instead of an 1,100 sq. ft. one, right?

  6. So pretty! Everything looks so fresh and clean!

  7. Love your post today and the open shelves. I do the same type of storage, use a baby dresser for storage and and tv stand as buffet the bottom has glass doors and I store my table top items for the seasons in there.

  8. Thank you! Just what I needed to inspire me! Am a follower from Iceland but lousy at commenting :) Happy holidays!

  9. Courtney you find the prettiest pieces to add storage! And I can't wait to see your laundry area makeover! It looks so pretty!!

  10. It's all lovely! Thanks for sharing all your great ideas and I'm looking forward to the 'new' room reveal! Living in a very small rental for a little while and space is an issue. I had some of those wire baskets from the Container store. My sheets are in them, under the bed.

  11. Just mention storage and I get all happy! Love this post, your storage ideas have been noted.