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Mix & Mingle- How to add charm with vintage and new

You know that delicious charm that comes from something vintage?
The old chippy paint that speaks all about what it has seen through the years
 that adds so much character to a room.

Or maybe it is the silver service tea set or dome covers that bring an abundance of old world charm to a table setting.

Or an antique commode used as a nightstand that brings a whole lot of vintage charm
to a brand new room.

Mixing pieces with different ages in a room is something that a lot of people are afraid of.
There is that whole one stop shopping theory. 
You walk into a furniture store- and buy the entire staged room that goes with the sofa you love.

If that is the look you love- then it works. 
 I prefer  a more 'collected' look in a space.
  A look that tells a story.
 One that says that that gilded wheat sheaf table over in the corner
is special because it was your grandmothers favorite
and it goes perfectly with slightly sloppy slipcovers on the sofas
and for some reason- it really works with that chippy painted bench as well.

Pieces may be 100 years apart in age- but it doesn't mean that you can't put a favorite
antique into a modern style room and create interest and charm.
My number one rule always is that if it makes you happy- it is perfect.
So I always say to go with that first.

And second- if you love it-then use it.
Nobody wants a home filled with lack of personality or lack of warmth
fill it up with what makes you smile when you walk in.

Think Patina.

I am a huge fan of patina.
Chippy paint. Weathered wood. Old gilding on a table.
All of that patina bring a lot of character with it.
And character brings interest.
So patina is always something you can mix into a traditional room
and a modern room and any style in between- and have it add something-something.

Mix it up

In a table setting, often times I will mix and match various sets of silver or gold flatware.
In the china cupboard- old ironstone mingles with brand new white dishes.
In the bathroom- an antique armoire holds towels and baskets
while a new reproduction chest is filled with everyday needs.
And a lucite chair at a french desk is amazing.

Blend the styles and elements that you love - like that lucite office chair
with the simple almost invisible impact in a space
with a french desk that is heavy on curves and gilded details.

I do love a dash of modern in a room- but just a sprinkle.
A little unexpected element is a good thing- and the two different styles together
creates a storm of interest.

The best advice for mixing and mingling?
If you love it-  it is perfect.

I am in beautiful NYC with my HomeGoods family right now
and over at the 
I am talking all about mixing and mingling.
Click on over for a few more tips on getting that collected look.

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Happy Friday everyone


  1. Hi Courtney, I am all about using vintage in my home. I love the patina and charm of a vintage piece. Thanks for sharing your ideas! Milena

  2. I second Milena. Vintage, antiques, all have more charm and personality than knock-offs from China.
    I love coming here for the moment when reality is suspended and everything is zen and beautiful. Thank you!!!

    1. I love how the antiques bring that extra added touch of personality to a home- and while I do enjoy a good reproduction- both are key to getting 'the look'. Thank you for your compliments- so kind of you!

  3. Vintage is my favorite. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Hi. I love the warmth and comfort vintage pieces can bring to any room. Love your photos and your writing style!