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Under $500 Laundry Room Renovation REVEAL

Can a laundry room be beautiful?
 How about just a laundry closet?
Can a space that is just utilitarian exude charm and fit in perfectly with the 
rest of a cottage style home?

Subway tile and laundry room renovation for under $500

And can you get that charm with less than $500?

Yes, you can.

Today it is all about that ugly ducking turning into a beautiful elegant swan.
Not that my laundry room is elegant. 
I would need a crystal chandelier that is much larger in the closet  for that.

But seriously.
 Yesterday, I shared the laundry room 'before- before' and the 'in between before' which really wasn't any better. But today it is all about the 'after'.

Subway tile and butcher block for budget laundry closet renovation

When Angie's List reached out to me and asked if I wanted to makeover my laundry room on a big time budget... I was hesitant. 
Number one- I just didn't think that $500 would make a razzle dazzle difference. 
But, since the state the laundry room was in at the time was oh so lovely- 
I decided I really could do almost anything and improve it.

I browsed Pinterest for inspirations. 
Noted what I wanted, what I didn't
and just what it would take to get this space refreshed.

And then I went to Lowe's and we got busy.

Inexpensive laundry room updates with butcher block and subway tile

My son Cullan and I worked on this makeover together
and he did the majority of the demo and even the tiling.

old wood walls and beadboard BEFORE laundry room
Shelves no more

He is a handy guy I tell you. 
And we did this makeover in about 2 days start to finish 
and came in under budget.

I will delve into all the details like the design plan
the cubbies, 
how we tiled those uneven boards
put the cupboards up
and adding that pretty little clothes rack bar
in a separate post.

 But let's just wave the Fairy Godmother wand today
and take a peek at the Before

and the new look

Vintage laundry room renovation inexpensive for under $500

Here is what we changed:

Bi-fold Doors

Remember those bi-fold doors that didn't work?

Well it is bi-fold doors no more.

Vintage style laundry room renovation with french doors, butcher block

A pair of vintage french doors will be perfect for closing off that laundry room when needed.
But I have to tell you- we pretty much enjoy looking at it with the doors open all the time now.

New Cupboards

Out with the old shelves- and in with the new cupboards.
We picked up two RTF cupboards at Lowe's and also added a center section to put in between them to be able to add a hanging rack and more shelving/storage.

Tiled walls and butcher block counter in laundry closet

The center cubbies are open - which is perfect for my favorite brown bottles of soap and conditioner waiting to be used- as well as rolled up towels.
And behind the cupboard doors- liquid detergent, cleaning supplies
and tools that aren't as pretty but that we seem to need on a weekly basis. 


Simple subway tile was perfect- and it fit our cottage era and style.

Subway tile backsplash in laundry closet

We had wood plank walls in the closet before- and they are there- but they were not the best cuts and were uneven with a few gaps. Probably because it was a closet at one point- so they didn't care as much about putting full length boards inside.
 So, we knew we wanted to cover them with something crisp and clean.

White subway tile and gold clothes rod in laundry room

Wood Countertop

Bye bye old weird laminate with sound insulation underneath- 
and hello butcher block goodness.

Laundry room clothes drying area with subway tile

We used a recycled piece of wood butcher block for the counter and it was perfect for warming up the space while doing double duty for folding clothes.

A place for everything

Between the cupboards for tucking toilet paper, bleach, tools, etc. inside of,
to the open cupboards for storage of towels and bottles,
to the gold closet rod for hanging clothes to dry-
there is a place for everything.

Which. makes this space so.much.more. organized.

Subway tile laundry room

As well as the top of the cupboards where there is a long shelf to place baskets for extra bits
and things that we don't need all the time-  but do need on a more than once a week occasion
for various projects.

Laundry room renovation ideas with open storage areas

So here you have the cluttered, catch all, close the doors and hide it

and the I feel Pretty... oh so pretty....

Laundry room closet renovation on a budget

All for under $500.

I have to admit that I am in love with how it turned out-
 and cannot believe I waited so long to tackle this easy, inexpensive 2 day project.

White subway tile, butcher block countertop, laundry room closet renovation reveal

So... there you have a little budget renovation laundry closet Cinderella story.
 What do you think of it?


  1. What a beautiful space! Nicely done!!

  2. I voted! It's truly a lovely, well thought out space. Great job!

  3. Pretty laundry room! I voted for you!

  4. Now that's what I call a laundry room. =)


  5. Done! It's beautiful. It *almost* makes me want to do laundry!

    1. Thanks Julie!! It was a super simple update but made such a difference!

  6. Just voted! Looks fantastic!

  7. The clapping you hear is from me, Courtney. Your laundry room is just like you and the rest of your home, beautiful. Cheers, Ardith

  8. Oh, yes, I did vote for you, too. Cheers, Ardith

  9. I have laundry room envy. That is really pretty! If you put stretch panels on the inside of the french doors, it would soften it a bit as well as give you an extra sound baffle for the washing machine and dryer. Beautiful!

    1. Yes, you definitely could line the doors for a bit of privacy. We actually thought about building doors to just cover the machines- but decided on french doors for that vintage closet feeling.

  10. It was easy voting for your was the best!

  11. You are winning by a landslide, as you should be. Your laundry makeover is adorable.

    1. Thank you Joanie! The contest goes for another week... fingers crossed.

  12. Wonderful job! I voted too. It was an easy choice... :-)

  13. My what a difference two days and $500 makes! I love the new look. You and your son did a wonderful job. I voted because yours is the best too!

    1. Thank you Lin! My son is a super handy guy- trying to talk him into going into business for himself- he is super good at building.

  14. Another beautiful room in your beautiful home and again, made to look effortless! And yes, I voted too!x

  15. It looks so beautiful! And so "you".

  16. Nice job Courtney and Cullen! It turned out great!!! I voted for yours as well because it was the best on Angie's List too! Now I am inspired to do something with mine which will be a greater overhaul.

    1. Thank you so much- we appreciate it!! I thought this would be a super big job- and it was simple to update. Good luck with yours!

  17. Courtney! You're a genius! You have my vote!!! Beautifully done, and, duuuuude, I'm thoroughly inspired. xox

    1. Aww thank you Michele!! On a side note- I saw a pillow at Target recently that said Hello Lovely and thought of you! Hope all is well!!

  18. Lovely... what a huge difference! We are just now doing our laundry room as well,yours is inspiring me to get our finished up!!

    1. Thank you Sandra! It will feel so good when yours is wrapped up!!

  19. Courtney, you did a beautiful job on you laundry room. You have inspired me! I voted too!

  20. Very pretty! I'm in the process of making our laundry room look pretty!Love the wood countertop in your space!

    1. Thanks Pam!! It was a happy coincidence that we found this piece and it fit - and was perfect for the space.

  21. Looks amazing!!!...what a fabulous transformation!!...Off to vote!!

  22. Courtney, I LOVE your renovated laundry room. The difference is amazing. We have a laundry closet that almost looks identical to the before pictures. Is there a post where you go over the details of installing and sources? Thank you!!

    1. Thank you!! :)
      I shared a bit more detail here:

  23. What an amazing transformation. I absolutely love the subway tiles.