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3 tips for buying flowers and a beautiful spring bouquet under $15

You know what is on my everyday, every week shopping list?

white kitchen with hyacinth flowers

It is something that is right there next to the avocados, fresh fruit, almond milk and coffee.
we are talking a staple here.

Did you guess fresh flowers?
Not sure why anyone would think I have an insane love affair with all things flowers...
 but yes, I do. 
Flowers are one of those things that make a room. 
They bring warmth and light and so much beauty anywhere you place them.
And sure, I am a big one who thinks flowers are staples - right up there with my coffee and avocado and seed bread- but I am also not one to spend an outrageous amount on them on the everyday average.

close up flowers

Sure, if there is a photo shoot or a secret project I am working on- loading up.
But my everyday flowers are generally under $30 for elements for a bouquet.
Partly- you have to know how and where to shop... and you have to know what is going to give you the most bang for you buck.
Unless it is peony season.
Then all bets are off- that flower budget goes up.
So today, I am going to let you in on a couple secrets.

Know your flowers and their season

Not all flowers are created equal in the price category- and some of them
are pretty expensive.
Specialty flowers definitely find their way into my cart- but not every week.
And Roses during Valentine's week? No way.
It just isn't worth it to pay oodles extra for that same bouquet you could have bought for 1/3 the price yesterday.
So the first tip is to know what to buy when.
Spring flowers that are super affordable?
Think daffodils- usually just a couple dollars for a bunch.
Peonies? Not quite. They can run you around $30 for 5 stems this time of year.
So wait for them for now unless you
(which I completely understand.)


Shop the $5 bunches

You can put together a charming little bouquet for under $20
that makes a huge impact in your room.
I see lilies, carnations, stock and even things like gardenias on occasion
that are in the $5 bunches.
Instead of shopping the pre-made arrangements-
grab one or two of those and a pack of greens and create your own bouquet.

glass vessel with blue hyacinths

Keep it simple 

Sure over the top arrangements are gorgeous... but for everyday flowers- keep it simple.
One or two or even 3 bunches of flowers can create a stunning simply beautiful bouquet.
Like this one.
This bouquet has just 2 ingredients.

10 stems of hyacinth
1 bunch Dusty Miller

I found cut hyacinth at Whole Foods Market this past week- but you can
likely find it at Trader Joe's and your local market.
I believe it was around $8 for a bunch.

If you can't find cut hyacinth- you can buy a potted plant this time of year
and clip your own blooms right from it.

The dusty miller- with that soft subtle sage gray color-
 can usually be found with the greens- either mixed in or all by itself
and is normally under $5.

blue spring flowers close up

For this simple arrangement 
just place each of your hyacinths in a vase and arrange them to your liking.
Hyacinths are not tall flowers so look for a vase that is on the squaty side.
I used a glass vase and cut the flowers stems to keep the blooms just out of the water.
You don't want to the flowers to be soaking- just the stems.

When you get them arranged the way you like-
  tuck in bits of dusty miller to fill in the bottom areas and make it feel a bit more full.

bouquet on marble island

It is a very simple, cottage style bouquet  that is around $15
And that looks incredible-
And that smells even better.

Hyacinths will last about a week or 2 before starting to lose just a bit of their bold color
but even as that color fades- they are gorgeous.   
For a table- think a trio of simple bouquets to charm your guests
 and for a mantel several glass jars marching away is perfect.

blue hyacinth flowers and garden roses in kitchen with marble

And since hyacinths are spring flowers- they are here a short time each year- 
so they are perfect choice to indulge in.

Coming your way -
more in the kitchen.

I am sharing 5 easy updates you can do with Lowe's that  give you beautiful style but 
that won't break the bank.
I am also going to talk a bit about a spring refresh and what is catching my eye (and a peek at what I am ordering) 
And that peachy deliciousness bouquet right there? 
It is love.
More about that and all the details on you can recreate it for under $30 coming. 

Happy Monday everyone.


  1. I've never cut hyacinth, but I do like to pick up a pot with a bulb or two. They last a long time and smell great.
    I made your triple-chocolate cheesecake this weekend. It was a hit. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. That is awesome- glad you liked it!! :) I haven't cut hyacinth myself either- I have a potted plant but saw these cut in the store and they were so perfect. I don't think you can go wrong with either one ( or both!) ;) Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Lovely...another super fragrant flower that I have by my desk right now is mountain laurel blooms. Sunday, I met my sister and niece at a chinese restaurant and a the parking lot had several of these blooming shrubs there. I simply broke off three of the lavender color trailing blooms and put them in a glass when I got home. They remind me of wisteria and bloom a few weeks in spring only. I'm in Texas and we will still have more cold weather through end of March but we've had some sunny and 75 degree weather off and on a few weeks == I'm sure it has faked out the mountain laurels and redbuds -- hope we don't get a freeze soon. In Texas it can be cold one day and next warm and sunny. If you don't like the weather one day, hang on and it will change in a few hours! I had these blooms by my bed last night--so delicious smelling. Today I moved them to my study so I can enjoy the fragrance.....Cynthia

  3. It's all your fault. You got me started on flowers and even hubby doesn't argue when I insist on flowers from Trader Joes. I can get flowers to last anywhere from three to four weeks. I pick up extra packets of bouquet food and keep the water clean and the stems trimmed. I simply love your flowers. They are so feminine and sweet. Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  4. Hi Courtney! I just stumbled across your blog and you have definitely gained a new fan/follower. I wish we had a trader joes closer to us! The closest one is about 45-50 minutes. I LOVE your flower arrangements. They are giving me inspiration for spring! I am new to blogging and would love it if you have a moment to swing by mine. :)

    Have a great day!

    Chasity (

  5. Love shopping Trader Joe's and Whole Foods for excited that my hyacinths are blooming in my yard!...I took a chance and planted the bulbs after the flowers were spent and happy to see that they are blooming...they look so wonderful in the vase Courtney!

  6. Thanks for this idea.I simply love your flowers. They are so feminine and sweet. For decor the my home mostly I buy the flowers online it's also looking beautiful and fresh.