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Friday Favorites Vintage French Enamel Canisters

I have a little bit of a thing for vintage linens, old wicker, delicate glass jars & chunky zinc tubs

Roses and flowers in french enamel canister in a mantel styling

and pretty little vintage enamel canisters...

It started innocently enough. 

Evening light from candles on fireplace mantel and flowers

I wandered all through Las Vegas Market gathering up inspiration in the showrooms
and jotting down trends and making note of those pieces that grabbed my heart and ran away with it.
Like a gorgeous carved French style settee that I most definitely need in my house.

And among all those treasures... were a few vintage shops. And you know I had to stop in and take a peek at what they had because -did I mention they were cash and carry? 

You know I was in trouble.

I intended to only find things that could fit into my carry on bag. Small things and foldable things like linens.  Of course I fell in love with things that I had to ship back- and I thought how expensive could they be going from Vegas to California? Let's just leave it at the bargain prices quickly became top dollar.

But something that did fit into my suitcase were several gorgeous french pickling jars and these enamel canisters.
They were one of those finds that I literally bumped into and couldn't resist.
 And the minute I saw them- I knew I was in trouble.

Simple and sweet- these little canisters stacked right inside each other and jumped into my market bag and came home with me.

I have been playing with these little canisters on the mantel a bit this week in between other projects- and for now, they seem to be pretty happy holding a few of softly wilting garden roses and mingling with old books and that vintage gilded mirror.

My favorite looks are those that have that delicious mix of rustic and refined. Patina and texture. Elegance and simplicity. And this simple mantel styling incorporates some of those things. 
I am often asked about how the process of styling something starts- and Next week, I am going to share a couple of tips for styling a mantel and what my go to elements are.

And... I am working on something behind the scenes that is all about simple stylings-
which are my favorites.
Stay tuned for more on that soon. 
And this romantic inspired setting coming your way next week

Happy Friday everyone.


  1. Hello Courtney. I just love your romantic style of decorating! I'm glad to see that I am not the only one who appreciates the romantic and cozy mood that is created by dripping candles. I have always encouraged mine to drip to their hearts' content (carefully monitoring for safety and protecting furniture). Your blog is like eye candy for me! Thank you for your inspiration.

  2. Looks pretty Courtney! I love french vintage/antique things too. I've noticed a couple times now on your mantle what looks to be Aiden Gray candlesticks? The reason I ask is because I've been wanting to purchase their lamps, one of which is in the same style as your candlesticks. Do you know of any local dealers/stores in the SF Bay Area that sell Aiden Gray so I can take a look in person? Most dealers open to the public only seem to be in Texas or online. Thanks Courtney!

  3. Courtney, your mantel is gorgeous. I'm going to rethink how I can soften the look of my mantel for Valentine's Day. Glad you found the treasures at the cash and carry. Each time I shop in Paris, I end up buying an extra suitcase to bring back purchases rather than shipping. Have you thought about doing that? '-)

  4. Courtney, You have such panache in styling, photography and writing. I enjoy all that you do. Thank you for beautiful inspiration.

  5. Beautiful mantel, Courtney! I can't wait to see your post on your styling process and what you are working on behind the scenes.

  6. Hi Courtney, I always love your posts. Thank you for allays having such beautiful posts.