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Fresh, faux and fabulous flowers

Can we talk about one of the things
 that I feel needs to be in a room for it truly to be finished?

It isn't anything like an expensive piece of furniture,
 a beautiful rug or even the most amazing artwork on the wall.
Though all of those things play a part in the look and feel of a space-
 there is one thing that I definitely feel every room needs to be fully finished.

It is flowers of course.
I know that might surprise you..
 because, I am definitely not that obsessed with
flowers in the house. 
On the patio. 
In the kitchen sink... 

or anything like that.

For me...
flowers bring warmth and life to a room.
They bring a sense of enchantment and warmth and rosy thoughts of wandering through a garden 
on a warm summer day smelling the flowers and clipping fresh blooms.

Blooms like garden roses, peonies, hydrangeas, poppies and ranunculus.

And when you have a photo shoot, or company coming or are just over the dreary gray days of winter
and need a bouquet of your favorite blooms to warm up your home
you are probably like me
 scouring each and every market for those elusive peonies or ranunculus...

But some of those favorite blooms are not available all year long.
Sure you can find something else 
 but it just may not be THE ONE that you really were looking for...
so what is a flower loving girl to do?

Go fabulous faux.
 I am not talking about those faux florals of back in the day that were 
brightly colored, looked like fabric and likely in an old basket that was filled with
 dust bunnies in all the crevices.
I am talking realistic faux florals.
Ones that when you bring them into the house... 
no one realizes are fake.

Remember that couple of days in Sonoma filming with my Balsam Hill family?
It was all about these beauties.
Their brand new faux floral collection.

This white Viola arrangement right here?

My sons girlfriend walked in and fell in love with it-
and thought I put together this charming arrangement after picking up market flowers.

And these?

have the pretties little paper thin petals that look amazing.

Seriously might be one of my favorites.

For something simple (and inexpensive) 
I am loving these pretty little white tulips and ranunculus 

From peonies to garden roses to individual stems, 
potted trees and wreaths.

Some of my favorites are the pastel 
  roses and anemones- like this Jane arrangement.

I am loving it in the bedroom- it mingles pretty perfectly with my french style.

So even though fresh flowers is definitely a huge part of my decorating style -and they always will be.
Because- c'est moi. I love everything about fresh flowers and indulge in them often.
And so many of you have asked me how to get that romantic beautiful look 
of flowers in a room without spending the money each week.

And as you can see- faux can be fabulous too when they are realistic.
And they will last and last without worrying about adding water or re-trimming stems.
And you can enjoy them all year long.

Since these are all brand new and Balsam Hill is super excited about them-
they are offering a discount code for any floral item of your choosing
Use code


to take 15% off 
any floral purchase through March 31st 

I am joining my blogger friends in sharing different florals for Balsam Hill's Spring Prelude
over the next 2 weeks.

And keep an eye on my instagram stories today
and also tune into Facebook for a quick video
showing a closer look at a couple of my favorites.

(yes, those are faux in the basket too) 

And coming your way- so much more. 
 All the behind the scenes photos from the photo shoot I just worked on 
with Balsam Hill in Sonoma- and yes, a couple of videos as well. 

So do tell... 
which of the new florals is your favorite?

I am Balsam Hill's Ambassador but all opinions,  my crazy love of Balsam Hill
and flowers and yes, these faux flowers is my own.


  1. I think the Jane, ranunculus, tulips and lavender are all my favorites:) I'm considering the lavender garland for my back porch. I left some white lights up from christmas and I think this garland mingling with the lights would be pretty for spring. I have a couple large antique french urns that I like to decorate with and I'm thinking of purchasing topiaries from Balsam Hill for those. I used long gold tree picks from Balsam Hill to fill the urns during the holidays and they were beautiful. Balsam Hill is great!

  2. You know, they are beautiful. And I dont mean to be critical, but, for me, it doesnt matter how "real" they look. They just are missing something. And Im not saying you couldnt fool me with a picture of fake flowers and make me think they are real. But in my house, only real will do. There is something about knowing that the vase of lilacs I picked on an early morning walk are temporary, and wont be there every day, that makes me enjoy them even more. Just knowing my time with them is limited makes them more precious. If I had a boquet of fake lilacs I wouldnt feel that lovely impulse to savor them to the fullest because, well, they will always be there. Not to mention they dont have that incredible scent! I would rather have one little vase of fresh quince blossoms or a little bunch of tulips from Trader Joe's than any fake flowers, no matter their quality. Just my humble opinion. :)

  3. I am delighted by what I'm finding in faux flowers - they are marvelously realistic. These arrangements are fantastic. I love Vita Sackville-West's quote, 'a flowerless room is a soulless room, to my way of thinking, but even a solitary vase of a living flower may redeem it'. I'm wondering if she too would find these faux flowers exquisite. Have a great day! Kathy

  4. They are beautiful. But I know I would miss the scent of a boquet of lilacs if I had fake ones. And I also think that the a large part of the beauty of a boquet of real flowers is that they are least for me...and that makes me cherish them even more!

  5. They are all so beautiful! Amazing at how realistic the arrangements are! ❤️💕❤️💕

  6. Gorgeous! I'm still not convinced they faux flowers.

  7. These are just gorgeous and some of the bouquets so romantic and old fashioned! What a sweet way to start the day!

  8. They are all beautiful that picking one is difficult, but if I had too it would be - Jane.

  9. Fresh flowers are lovely but they're costly and don't last long. I use faux flowers in my house all the time, changing and re-combining them with the seasons.

  10. It's good to see faux florals are finding a way back into the market. You know that living up here in Alaska fresh flowers isn't something affordable for me to purchase on a weekly basis, not when one peonies runs $12 a stem or 1 dozen grocery stores roses is $35.99.

    We have all of three months of fresh flowers blooming in the yard and I treasure each one as they open. I hoard them as they dry and reuse them throughout the year.

    That still leaves 9 months of bleak, gray, wintery days and lots of missed opportunities if I "only" using fresh florals. There are so many realistically floral candles now that they more than make up for the lack of scent with faux. For now, I will continue to enjoy both fresh and faux and support everyone who doesn't have the ability to always use fresh blooms.

    These Balsam Hill blooms are beautiful! Everything they do is divine and high quality.

  11. Living in a Northern climate I can appreciate good looking faux flowers and these do look pretty real to me.

  12. Those bouquets are gorgeous. I think the Jane is my favorite. I love lilacs, but can't handle their strong fragrance (which I love in small doses) indoors. And I'm thinking of all the beautiful vignettes I could photograph, without having to juggle a sunny day with "will the fresh flowers last that long?"