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How to create a beautiful spring floral bouquet for under $30

Recently, I played with flowers.
A lot of flowers.

It was pretty much a dream.
And as I clipped and arranged and adjusted 
and played... I had an idea for a series
all about amazing everyday bouquets that don't break the bank.
And today, it is all about that peachy goodness
 you saw in the kitchen a couple of weeks ago.

First up... we have to talk about these roses. 
I promised you a closer look and more information... and yes, 
these roses are amazing.

As in amazing. amazing.
But they are not your everyday grocery store variety, unfortunately.
And being very specific roses-called Juliet roses- they are on the expensive side.
These were for that special project that I worked on a few weeks ago
and when it was wrapped-
 I repurposed them in this bouquet.
So in interest of keeping the price under $30- look for peach roses
or something similar at the market because these exact variety are expensive.

Here is what I used:
Fresh greens - $5
Peach ranunculus-  $5.99 a bunch
Peach roses-1 dozen  $9.99
Larkspur 1 bunch $5
Anemone- 3 white - part of a wildflower bunch $5

Start with your greens.
Just a couple sprigs is all you need.
Think seeded eucalyptus, vinca, ivy or jasmine
Usually the fresh green filler bouquets will have a variety of seasonal 
greens clippings to choose from.

Up next- add your larkspur. 
I am a huge fan of larkspur- it is a simple cottage flower that is absolutely 
charming and stands tall and stately in a bouquet- and it is usually very inexpensive.

Up next- place your roses.
White, blush, peach, yellow- whatever you find and fall in love with- works perfectly.
I used just 8 roses in this arrangement since it is a fairly slim vase-
 but you could use more if you would like.

To wrap up the arrangement- tuck in a few of the anemone's 
and a couple more of the greens.

All in all- you can recreate a bouquet like this for around 
depending on how much of each
element you need for your vase and your local floral pricing.
But even if it is a little more - it definitely creates a wonderful impact in a room.
Most everything will last a week and into the next and this time of year- 
may even last longer with it being chilly.

And since we are talking about budget savvy ideas- 
I will be sharing several ideas for getting the 'french cottage look' in a room for less.
I am at the Design Bloggers Conference this week- and yesterday gave a presentation
 on photo styling for working with companies and with magazines
and I will be sharing all the details and tips with you as well.
In case you have ever dreamed of having a photo or room appear in print
or are just looking for a few photo styling tips for your blog- or even to enjoy with friends and family.

See you soon.

Happy Monday


  1. Stunning and your pictures are amazing.


    And your pic taking is some of the best I have ever seen. Lovely eye cndy, thanks so much!

  3. Those Juliet roses are amazing and are new to me. I'm going to ask my florist about getting these. Your arrangement is absolutely yummy!

  4. My favorite rose is a Sonja rose. It would be so pretty in this arrangement. I would love to see the Juliet in person. Do you think I can find in Minnesota? I will have to call one of our larger nuseries.

  5. Gorgeous, as usual. I love the peach color.

  6. Courtney, this floral arrangement is lovely and your photos are wonderful! The contrast of shape, color and texture of the various flowers and greens is beautiful. This offers a very happy respite from all the rain we have been getting in the Bay Area and Northern California...

  7. Beautiful and modestly elegant and most unusual. Thank you for sharing your talent and works of art

  8. Bonjour chère amie,

    Merci pour ce pas à pas vers une bouquet somptueux et rempli de fraîcheur. Vos photos sont magnifiques.
    En ce moment Demoiselle Printemps arrive sur la pointe des pieds. Hier encore je suis allée promener Icarus mon dalmatien dans la forêt et les premières jonquilles sauvages tapissaient le sol. C'est un merveilleux spectacle !

    Gros bisous 🌸