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Spring Color- Cabbage Flower Arrangement

When I think of bold and beautiful colors 
they might not be as bold as you might think.

And they might lean more 'romantic' style
and softly bold and beautiful.

Which softly bold is kind of not bold... I know. But I am talking
rich amethyst, plums and ...ahem (blush) and maybe a few pops of green.

And today I am joining some of my favorite friends to share bold and 
beautiful inspirations for spring.

And when trying to decide what to work on for this post... of course, 
I went down that flower path again
and brought some of those more rich tones into play.
(I know that surprises you... haha) 

With tulips, roses and stock...

and cabbage.

You might remember that last year I played with pretty purple cabbages 
and create a charming centerpiece marching down the table for Easter.
(that one might be my favorite!) 

So easy. And so fun.
Honestly, if you haven't carved a cabbage into a vase for a armful of pretty blooms
it should be on your to-do list.
I had both green and purple cabbage 
and decided to tackle the green first.
It is St. Patricks Day after all.

1st tip: 
Choose a cabbage that has a nice flat bottom
It is much better than having to cut off pieces to try to get it level.

2nd tip:
Decide how many flowers you plan to use
and carve your cabbage accordingly.

I used several bunches of flowers for these cabbage arrangements so I went ahead 
and created decent size holes.

Just remember to keep in mind the height of your cup or container for the water.
You want to make sure the container is short enough- or the cabbage is tall enough- or both-
to hide the cup.

Then start filling your containers until you are happy with the fullness and shape.

And then it is time to play a bit. 

I brought 2 of these cabbages outdoors for a few photos- though between you and me,
I wasn't even planning on doing an entire table setting.
But the sunshine in the trees spoke so loudly to me- I had to capture it.

I paired these green cabbage arrangements with simple white plates,
amethyst wine stems and those gorgeous purple recycled glasses.

I found both sets of glasses at HomeGoods on a recent stop- along with ruffled napkins,
blush dishes and so.much.more. 
But you can pair those cabbages with any color for spring and they will be gorgeous.
And I am loving the green for spring and Easter table settings- 
what do you think of it?

I am thrilled to be joining these great friends this beautiful Friday
stop on by to see their color inspirations as well.

Julie BlannerFrench Country Cottage | My Sweet Savannah | Thistlewood Farms | Craftbberry Bush

 Happy Friday everyone!


  1. I am really enjoying following your blog. Funny thing is I posted my own cabbage arrangement yesterday on Instagram too! I promise I wasn't copying you :). Thank you for all your inspiration!

  2. A bit of St. Paddys, festive! I love lilacs, especially the beautiful rich color of purple. A breath of fresh air with your Spring table, gorgeous flowers and dishes!
    Kathleen in Az

  3. Your cabbage vase looks just simply beautiful..... WoW!! great looking photo's and I ordered my napkins looking forward to getting them. Thank you so much for the inspiration.

  4. You always have stellar table settings and your pictures always take me away. Beautiful as always.


  5. Just beautiful, Courtney! I love this idea!

  6. THE BAG where did you get it? love the green cabbage I did the purple last year!

  7. I love everything about this post, and its simply beautiful. Love those purple glasses, quite a nice everyday kind of drinking glass.

  8. Beautiful table scape! I received my blush tablecloth :)