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The simple secret to a French market basket bouquet

You know how sometimes the simplest of things are just perfect?

Today for Friday Favorites
 it is all about one of those favorite things that is so simple and charming to create
and is definitely a favorite thing.

A French market basket filled with flowers.

I know. Simple, right?
It is simple. 
And simply beautiful. 
And simply so easy to plop into a room
for a burst of warm sunshine.

I have used market baskets in various places for pretty stylings while doing double duty.
Like out in the cottage on a coat hook.

Out on the patio 

And even at the beach for an inspired photo shoot.

And probably my most favorite way of displaying those market baskets 
is by placing flowers and greens inside of them.

Which creates a vignette that feels as if you just got home from the market
and plopped your treasures down as you walked in.

In your home, vignettes are 'moments' that bring warmth and charm to a room.
Like a petite dog statue on the nightstand that adds a little something to an otherwise ordinary spot.

Or stacks of books and old bottles used on a mantel to create 'interest'

A market basket bouquet is much the same.
It is a little sprinkle of pretty in a room. 
 A 'moment' if you will.

And the simple secret is -
there is no big secret with creating one.
 You can use faux or fresh flowers and create the look by simply placing a bouquet inside.

Earlier this week, I shared this vignette of a market basket

I simply placed the vase full of faux flowers inside the basket and arranged them
and called it good.

But what about fresh flowers? 
Maybe you have a gorgeous arrangement of tulips or fresh clipped wild flowers that you would love to show inside the basket.

I like to use a large fairly heavy vase or chunky bucket for the flowers-
you want something that won't fall over easily- so that you don't have water damage on your basket or your floor.
And also - something larger with hold  plenty of fresh water 
so that your flowers will last longer and you won't have to tinker with them.

Once you find the perfect container that fits completely inside the tote - fill it with flowers 
and enjoy.
It is that easy. And when your friends stop by for a cup of tea and are enamored with your
'fresh from the market' basket full of flowers- you can tell them all about the secret to getting the look

I am running around in circles today and tomorrow wrapping up photos for a bedroom refresh
and a table setting- and hoping to keep a spring cold that seems to want to settle in at bay.
And I am also off to the Design Bloggers Conference 
where I am teaching a class all about room and photo styling 
with my friend Jickie who is the editor of Cottages and Bungalows.
I will share all the tips and a recap after the conference with you.

Coming your way next week- the next installment of those florals under $30
and fresh and pretty linens for spring

Happy Flower Friday Favorites everyone


  1. The photos and the ideas are so beautiful and inspiring. I love the striped bag and the market baskets. At what beach are the beach photos taken?

    1. This round of beach photos was taken in Carmel, California.

  2. You make me want pull out all my shopping bags and head to the Greenhouse!

  3. Oh WOW! Those flowers are gorgeous. I love my Christmas tree from Balsam Hill and I always wished they had artificial flowers. I can't wait to order. I already have them in mind. We are still not home but we will be there for Easter and I'm ordering flowers ahead of time so I'll have them for Easter Dinner. Can't wait to see your photo tips. Have a safe trip.

  4. Charming and delightful inspiring post.
    Courtney, You have a way with words, design and great photos.
    Wish you could rearrange my house!