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Weekend View ~ High Point Market Inspirations

Happy weekend everyone.

This weekend view is all about a bit of this and that from traveling  and first inspirations from High Point Market.

Something old

I have a confession.
I have been shopping on craigslist again.

And I have been searching for French antiques, garden elements and much more. You might remember that find of all finds on craigslist? That French Buffet Deux Corps for that amazing price.

And... I might have found the most amazing little treasure for an upcoming project. And I agreed to buy it without even seeing it in person because... it spoke to me. I will share more when I can... but might be French, be from the 1800's and have ticking stripes and chippy paint. Oh.My.

High Point Treasure Hunting

You know I have to do a little treasure hunting while in High Point- and shopping at Blue Ocean Traders is always on the agenda. I am in search of copper pots and vintage bits like these enamel canisters that will fit in my luggage- or in a large box.

But nothing oversized this time... I haven't gotten over the yikes amount it cost me to ship that wicker laundry basket back from Vegas market.

Colonial Williamsburg

On the way to High Point Market, I stopped over in Virginia for a visit with my cousin and her family. And we wandered through all the old spots in Colonial Williamsburg that evening- 

which was a ton of fun and super charming.

In the bathroom

I walked in to wash my hands in one of the bathrooms in High Point... and found myself staring right at Moi on a poster. haha. And today is the day for the Instagram takeover- so don't forget to join in and see what I spotted.

First Inspirations from Market

So much good stuff to inspire as always at High Point Market. Here are a few of the things that have caught my eye already...

Coming your way:
A recap of our wine tasting tour getaway in Calistoga
Inspired by lilacs table setting
Style for print #6
AND... what I bought at High Point far.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Love the first photo ,my favorite vase with branches......Can not wait to see what you purchased and the little pretty's you were talking about...

  2. As always you never cease to inspire me.
    I have a question re camera selection for photography for my upcoming blog.
    I am looking at the Rebel R6 vs Rebel R6I with the T6i having 2xs the ISO that the T6
    and a few extra features that I am wondering if they are worth spending the extra 400.00 Canadian? I would love your feedback Courtney as I hope to eventually be able to do your type of dreamy photos. Thank you so much for taking the time to help me make this decision and I always look forward to seeing what you are up to. Leah

  3. Hmmm. Ticking and chippy paint...a chair?
    You would like the buffet à deux corps in the salon of our vacation rental apartment. Helmeted soldiers in profile on the doors.