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A softer side at High Point Market

 I am one of those girls who leans a bit to the softer side 
when it comes to decorating and furniture.

Whites, pastels, linens and pale muted shades of favorite colors in abundance
bring a soft romantic look to a room that feels warm and welcoming. 

So naturally, while at High Point Market
I navigated towards those beautiful softer shades and feminine style furniture 
 in the showrooms.
And there were some showrooms that were definitely speaking my language loudly
and today I am sharing a few inspirations from some of them.

This was a showroom that literally knocked my socks off around every corner. 
I fell in love with so much... so I have a few shares-it was incredibly charming.

Soft pale blush and lavenders
nubby linens and decadent velvets
And this 'room' with that pale blue velvet ottoman 
gilded details and dressing area?

Literally could have just moved in.
I loved how these colors mingles so perfectly.

Something else that I love about Century Furniture
is the mix of the classic with the slightly more modern twist.

The furniture legs are often leaning modern and simple in design
while the piece is elegant and classic in style.

This sofa... can we talk about those pleats and buttons?

And this slipcovered chair was another favorite. 
Relaxed and a bit wrinkled- which makes it feel like it is beckoning you to settle in and flip through a book or magazine for a bit.

Blush velvet? 
Why not.

One of my absolute favorites at Century?
These slipcovered chairs.

I am with that pattern and those colors and the style.
SO good.

Of course while I found inspiration after inspiration in Century Furniture-
there were pieces in other showrooms that inspired me as well. 

Like Miles Talbot and the Dana Gibson collection.

I loved the mix of floral patterns and classic stylings
and not to mention they are upholstered in Crypton Fabric which is an amazing thing.

Stains and spills are not a problem with this fabric- which means you can literally sit down and relax
knowing that is someone spills something- your beautiful pieces will stay looking just as beautiful as ever.

And the details details details on this sofa at 
Universal Furniture?

Serious love.
As is the banded detail on the bottom of this chair.
Which was something I noticed in several showrooms as a fresh and classic trend.

I also loved the vintage vibe of their pieces- so charming.

I also fell for the softer side in linens at Eastern Accents.

They mixed bold yellows and corals with softer shades 
and the results were stunning.

And can we talk about monograms for a second?
Basically, give me everything monogrammed.
Flatware, linens, pillows... it just feels so decadent.

I love the soft color and the ribbon details- so pretty.

And a fun post coming your way sharing more about these linens.
We are going to take a little  peek inside this amazing B&B in High Point
that was decorated as a show house for Market

and every.single. room was incredible.

That is coming your way next week.
And for another showroom that definitely speaks the softer, vintage side-
check out my post about Shabby Chic- a huge favorite of mine.

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I was compensated to participate in the Design Bloggers Tour and share my favorites at High Point Market with you- but all ooey gooey love of the softer side of furnishings and patterns is my own.


  1. That pleated sofa....swoon. Such a simple twist, yet so unique.

  2. So much beautiful furniture. I'm really loving some of Century's luxe pieces. Reminds me of the old Hollywood glam days. Gorgeousness!

  3. I too love that slip covered chair and those beautiful monogrammed linens. I am so looking forward to seeing that B&B!!

  4. Pretty!!! Love all the velvet, the pleats and buttons! Could definitely take a few of those pieces home.