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Classic Beauty at High Point Market

Can we talk about classic and beautiful style for a bit?

 A style filled with pieces that speak elegance, charm and refined beauty.
And designs that are always in fashion because they never go out of style.

One of the things I love about going to High Point Market and touring so many different showrooms
is that there is quite literally something for everyone style wise.
 I  love to see what inspires me each market and one showroom that is a must see 
and is always full of pieces that I love is

Bernhardt Furniture is quite simply - 

Elegant and refined and classic pieces

mixed with bold and beautiful more modern twists

and sprinkled with a dash of heart pounding must-have.

There are some edgy more modern pieces- like that disc shaped table against the wall.

And also well loved horse country classics like leather chairs.

A few of my favorites this market?

Can you see that gorgeous woven detail on the headboard and footboard?
Simply amazing.

Well... and this one too.
Love the simplicity and the details. 

Here is that detail again on a table top.

So pretty.

The pieces at Bernhardt remind me of classic old Hollywood style.
Regal and refined.

Elegant and welcoming.

And with just the right amount of something unexpected added in for interest.

Like these chairs. Simply AMAZING.
That is embossed metal wrapped around the back of the chair. 

And this vintage style wheat sheaf table is a definite love. 
I have a small one in gold that was my grandmothers- and so this larger size caught my eye.

And I also loved the acrylic and glass pieces that seem to float fit in seamlessly
 with any style and design.

Simple beauty. and so much classic and amazing goodness in one showroom
it is hard to choose a favorite.

You can find more about Bernhardt Furniture 

I am off to get a little work done after a day of laying low
and have so much on the agenda to share with you.
Including more about that garden area we have been revamping and 
how much the deer have been loving my pretty white roses. Oh boy.
But- if you have a similar issue- 
stay tuned for a tip to help with that. 

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I partnered with Bernhardt to share what inspired me in their High Point Market showroom, but all opinions and crushing on everything is my own. 


  1. Although these pieces aren't MCM at all, there is something very tidy and neat about them that reminds me of the '60s. In a good way.

  2. I love the Art Deco feel of some of the rooms and pieces. There is great inspiration for many designer styles here. Thank you for introducing me to Bernhardt Furniture.

  3. Oh the deer! They love roses and just about everything that's supposedly "deer resistant". We've tried just about everything, but when the deer are hungry, they'll eat just about anything. The deer don't seem to care for lavender though, so that's a plus. After 4 years of trial and error, we've basically stuck to native plants for the front yard and plant rose bushes and other pretties in the back yard which has an 8 foot fence all the way around. The fence works the best.

    1. DeAnna: I don't know how much property you are talking about - but I do know what will keep the deer away. It it: Milk. Yes, put it in a spray bottle and go to it. You have to be religious about this for a few weeks, especially after a rain. But they will not touch your plants and they will eventually leave. The milk can be: whole milk, skim milk, spoiled milk, butter milk - it doesn't matter what kind it is. It will work! Best of luck!

  4. Bonjour chère amie,

    Un raffinement affirmé retrouvé sur chacune de vos superbes photos.

    Gros bisous 🌸