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Mothers Day Mantel with Balsam Hill

Happy May 1st everyone!

May brings blooms and blossoms and gardens coming to life

and it also brings a day to celebrate the moms and mom figures in our lives.
Today I am joining Balsam Hill for a special blog hop celebrating the moms and mom figures 
in our lives.

I was fortunate growing up 
to have 2 very special mom figures in my life-
my mom and my grandmother.

When I became a mother,
 I instantly felt closer to my own mom and grandmother.
I grew up with both of them being very strong loving women as examples in my life
and as most of you already know, I had a very special bond with my grandmother 
since the time I was very young.

 I started my family young 
and while friends chased degrees and then careers...
 I chased my chubby little babies as they learned to walk.
And those babies and being their mom was my everything it was exactly what I dreamed of doing when I grew up.

And as I got older, and my kids got older 
and each new milestone came with a sprinkle of bittersweet knowing that things were  shifting a bit
and even though I didn't have a big career to go back to- I knew that 
I was so fortunate to have the most important job in the world-
Being a Mom.

And that was something that both my mom and grandmother were incredible examples of.
They were both stay at home Mom's and really had such an impact on each of their kids and grandchildren by being so present every day.

And so this mantel doesn't have to do with Mother's day... but it celebrates beauty. 
And nurturing flowers to grow and bloom is a beautiful thing and is 
much like being a mom and nurturing your babies to grow.

I shared this styling a few years ago and one of the most asked questions about it was how to keep those flowers fresh when laying them on the mantel like they are. 
My best tip?
You can use little vials of water on the stems and add more each day.
It works and you can lay those flowers on the mantel and enjoy them.
you can recreate the look with
realistic faux flowers.

Yes, these are faux peonies.
As in fake. Not real. Never grew in the ground and bloomed on a tree.
They are faux in the best kind of way.

They are incredibly realistic.

Peonies last such a short time- and they are only available a couple of times a year
so when they are... I might go a little crazy buying them.
But with these faux blooms- I can enjoy the look all year long.
And they definitely make that mantel styling much easier as well.

For this look:
A few vintage books
2 old bottles

Simply clip the stems short and lay them on the mantel
to cover it
and then add one or two more to the bottles to round out the look.

It is super simple- and you can leave it up for months without worrying about those blooms dropping petals and fading.

Another favorite look- that market basket full of hydrangeas.

Obsessed with how pretty these faux hydrangea blooms are.

You might remember those other  faux arrangements I shared recently

and they are all on sale right now over at Balsam Hill
and even better- with this code- 

you can save an additional 10% off the already on sale prices 
of any floral items.

Coming your way- tomorrow my sweet friend Shirley from Housepitality Designs
will be sharing a floral styling and the blog hop continues all week long

I am off to get a little exercise in- and tackle a to-do list a mile long.

Happy Monday and May 1st everyone!

I am Balsam Hill's blogger ambassador but all of my love for Balsam Hill
and their faux floral collections is my own.


  1. Oh my, the peonies and hydrangeas truly do look as if you just cut them from the garden! A mantel of true beauty and grace, just like your mother and grandmother. I had to chuckle when you stated that while your friends were chasing degrees and careers, you were chasing your babies....I too was in the same situation...but I loved being a full-time mom when my son was young. I will never regret that. As you stated, the best job in the world! Happy May Day and most of all Happy Mother's Day!!!

  2. Hi Courtney, I didn't have my first baby until I was 30 then second at 36. Once I held my first baby, I knew I wasn't going back to work. I've loved raising my girls and didn't want to miss a thing. I wanted to be there when they got out of school and to have those fun chats with them while walking home. My girls are my world. My youngest is just finishing up middle school, so still need to be around. She'd say less:) I'm now finding myself wondering what to do with my extra free time. I've been doing a little more antiquing and house remodeling so that's been fun…well, sometimes not:/ Happy Mother's Day!

    1. Becoming a mother definitely changes everything!! So glad you have been able to stay home with your girls!

  3. I agree that being a Mom is the best job in the world! I have never regretted quitting my job and becoming a stay at home mom. Now that my boys are 10 and 13, I am so thankful that I have been home with them. The time just flew by and I am glad I have been around for everything. Now as far as your mantel goes - just stunning! I cannot get over that those are not real flowers - wow! Just gorgeous!

  4. The faux peonies and colorful hydrangeas are absolutely gorgeous! I was home with my daughter until she stared school and then I worked for the district until she graduated. Now she is a new mom and fortunately she can stay home for awhile. Truth be told, not everyone can afford quality daycare, which is very sad, because some moms have to work, the breadwinners. I'm sure your daughter can see the love of motherhood in her family and will be a loving and nurturing mom herself one day:).
    Have a wonderful evening,
    Kathleen in Az

    1. Thank you Kathleen!! It is so true... I feel so fortunate to have been able to stay home with my kids.

  5. I love the mantel it was so so pretty.. I so agree with you about being able to stay home and raise your children.I did not get to stay home as much with my youngest I had to work as I was head of house.. For the mom in me it was just hard to leave him at daycare.

  6. Courtney, this is such a beautiful vignette. I'm with you 100%...I absolutely love peonies and I so wish they were in season all year round ;) I am so happy to be joining in on this inspiring blog hop with you and Balsam Hill, it was so much fun creating our tablescape. Happy Mother's Day! xo