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Weekend View

Welcome to the weekend view.

A bit of this. A bit of that. 
And everything in between... 
like faux flowers,  live television
 and Phantom of the Opera.

Happy Sunday.
I hope your weekend has been going well!

This week has been full of all kinds of things.
But it started off with a crink in my neck and shoulder that put a bit of a damper on projects getting done. 
Thankfully - a couple days of resting it and it loosened up
and I was back on my feet in time for an early morning road trip and t.v. spot.

#1. Good morning GoodDay

I made the trek to the California capitol city of Sacramento 
early early with coffee in hand for a segment on the live television show 
GoodDay with my Balsam Hill family.

I was talking all about their faux florals and showing how realistic they are.
And then showing different ways to arrange florals -other than in a vase.

#2. Sight Seeing & Phantom of The Opera

We spent part of the day in Sacramento doing a bit of touring around
and surprised my daughter with tickets to see Phantom of the Opera.

She has been wanting to see it on stage since she watched the movie years ago.
And when it was on the tour list for Sacramento- on the day we were going to be in the area-
 we grabbed a few last minute tickets.

Funny thing about last minute tickets though... no tickets available together.
So... we enjoyed the show from different parts.
But it was an incredible performance  and we all enjoyed it.
(she is almost 19- how is that even possible?!) 

#3. Bathroom progress

Finally making some strides in the bathroom renovation.
You might remember we had a leak in the roof
which meant a bit of a gut and redo... again.
I am telling you- old houses are always a work in progress.
But we have the vanity installed. Kind of. 
We are waiting on a fabricator to wrap it fully- but it is looking so good!

#4. Chippy Goodness

Yes, a bit of chippy, painted, delicious goodness is in the house.
I am loving those muted colors so much.

That is it for the weekend view this week
but stay tuned for a busy week coming up including some fun stuff behind the scenes.
Tune in to my instagram to see what I am up to.

And here on the blog
I will be sharing a few inspiration posts along with another junking find.

Happy weekend everyone.


  1. Love your piece of furniture and can't wait to see your bathroom. Happy Sunday to you too!

  2. So anxious to see your finished bathroom. The piece of furniture is stunning.

    Have a wonderful week!

  3. So glad you enjoyed yourselves on many fronts in Sacramento. Loved the pic of you two lovely ladies. Yes, where has the time gone? Looking forward to your bathroom renovation!