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8 favorite style inspirations at High Point Market

When we talk about favorites at High Point Market... 
it is almost like talking about your favorite dessert. 
Or your favorite place to vacation.

There are so. many. it is hard to narrow it down and choose just one... 
but today, I am doing just that. 
Picking favorites.

I went to High Point Market as part of the Design Bloggers Tour and so there are quite a few favorites that made me swoon just on the tour alone. But the thing about High Point Market... it is full of showrooms and designs all wrapped up into one big place for inspiration.
So I am including my all around favorites from the tour and my own favorites.

Like Joe Ruggiero. Eloquence. Shabby Chic. And Ave Home.

#1. Shabby Chic

You know how much Rachel Ashwell and Shabby Chic style speaks to me... and the Shabby Chic showroom is filled with things to inspire. My favorite piece this market? Well... there were 2 really. This linen situation talked to me big time... 

Linens and Shabby Chic just go hand in hand - and I absolutely love pretty much everything in this photo.  Furniture wise- I love the new linen sofa that Rachel introduced. We all sat on it while she talked to us and it was seriously comfy- I wanted to curl up for a bit.

#2. Eloquence

I know I always talk about Eloquence at market- it is because they always inspire. 
Their showroom in one that I can get lost in for hours and be right at home. I have literally offered to move into it and take care of it in the off seasons. :)

My favorite this market? This amazing bed. 

With those simple Gustavian lines- I am loving this on trend and classic at the same time piece.

#3. French Heritage

Another favorite is the always fabulous French Heritage.
Aside from going there to see Nelson... I also go there for the most amazing French inspired designs.
Favorite this market?

Love the color on this chest. It is a bit more modern in style than I normally like but that soft pale aqua with gold- so chic.  And can we talk about the wall mural? Love.

#4.  Bernhardt Furniture

There is always something to love at Bernhardt- and this market I found myself drawn to so many traditional yet edgy on trend designs.  Favorite this market? This incredible wheat sheaf dining table.

It reminds me of the table my grandmother gave me and I love it in that oversized form - so good.

 #5. Universal Furniture

Another company with endless inspiration- but this market ribbon and button details on the upholstery were talking to me.

#6. Gypsy Market

I always love to shop the vintage and new selections at Gypsy Market- and yes, I  might have shipped a few things home to myself this market as well. They never fail to inspire- and favorites this market? Copper pans and marble. So good.

#7. Ave Home

Ave Home has been a favorite for me since I first met them at Las Vegas Market. Their French modern and vintage designs are stunning- and their new line of RAW furniture is incredible. My favorite this market? 

This Gustavian style console in RAW- which is exactly how I would leave it. Unfinished and beautiful.

#8. Century Furniture

Century had so much good this market- and it is hard to choose just one thing that spoke to me. But I have to say... this faded muted gorgeous linen print knocked my socks off. 

So there you have 8 of my favorite inspirations from spring market. And there were so many more I could add in- but keeping it short and sweet this morning. You can find more of my posts about s2017 spring market here:

And I wanted to say thank you so much for all your kind words and love on the vanity in our bathroom. You have me blushing just a bit. 
I am off for a day of inspiring work in the city today.
Tune into my Instagram stories to see more of what I am up to.

Happy Wednesday everyone


  1. wonderful post you have. I was just wondering if you did the post on when you got your seltzer bottles on ideas as to where to get them and how you decorated with them. Thank you

  2. After reading the post I agree with you on all your picks, favorite beside the bedding and slip covered Couch were the last 3 photos, those really spoke to my heart. :)

  3. I can see why they are certainly your favs!....When I am going to Furnitureland South, French Heritage is the first showroom I visit...and that piece from Ave Home is truly amazing...then there is Eloquence...oh be still my heart! Hope you had lots of fun in the City!

  4. Omy, so much PRETTY! Shabby and chic has such a nice style, reminds me a bit of Anthropology and its one of my favorites.