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A tour of a fabulous designer B&B at High Point Market

Can we talk about this amazing house for a minute?

I am a huge fan of vintage houses with tons of charm and character
and this one... completely fits the bill.

This is Pandora's Manor in High Point, North Carolina and oh what a beauty it is.
It is a B&B and it was one of the stops on the Design Bloggers Tour at Market for an amazing evening of design inspiration.

The house decor was a collaborative effort of some amazing designers
and Eastern Accents who came together 
and tackled the designs in each of the rooms to give them their own unique style stamp.
I snapped a few iphone photos while wandering around and taking it all in.

Some of the spaces were more modern than my usual taste- but I always appreciate good design
and interesting details even so and I am sharing a few that caught my eye for various reasons today.

This bathroom was black and white and bold and yet vintage at the same time.

Loved the wallpaper and that.shower with the dark fixtures was stunning.

The lesson here: 
Don't be afraid to go bold and different.

And while we are talking bold...
Another bright and bold room with black and white and sunny yellow.

This was Tobi Fairley designed and it was stunning.

The lesson:
Bold is beautiful and when you mix in a bit of animal print and a pop of color- 
black and white take on a whole new meaning.

Of course, my design language mostly consists of traditional and simple style
that speaks a bit more quietly.

I adore this tufted chair. 
It was tiny and mighty with that pretty traditional print.

In this room, the fabric was on repeat.
On the headboard and mixing and mingling with beautiful patterns and colors.
This room was designed by Celerie Kemble and was a definite favorite for me.

Loved the soft colors and patterns mingling.

And not sure if it was nap time... but this bathroom was stunning.
I fell in love with the door that opened up onto a small deck on the second floor.

Onto classic blue and white... 

and what a stunning room this one was.

This room was designed by Barclay Butera.

So fresh and modern coastal in vibe.

From the prints to the patterns to the classic lines - it really was gorgeous in person.
Design Lesson:
Blue and white is always a good idea.

Another favorite was this room designed by Mad Cap Cottage.

I am always a sucker for traditional elegant style- love the bed and canopy details
and of course- the play of fabrics together that create a cozy room.

The bathroom was pretty amazing too.
Yes enough so that a selfie had to happen-
those sconces and that oversized wallpaper were incredible.

Probably one of my favorite spots as well- the porch.
I know, I know- all those amazing designed rooms and I love the porch and the front of the house?

Well, I love architecture and simple classic elegant design-
 this house design and grand classic feeling definitely spoke to me.

I was excited to tour this amazing B&B as part of the Design Bloggers Tour at Market
and you can find more about Pandora's Manor 

Happy Wednesday everyone.

I was compensated to attend High Point Market with the Design Bloggers Tour
and share my favorites with you but all opinions are my own.


  1. I love how each room is different, from pinks to blues to greens. Yet they all have the same traditional vibe and work nicely together. Like the notes of a chord in music--each note is different but they are all harmonious together.

  2. Wow!!!The house looks great, love the shower with the dark fixtures.

  3. Wow!!!The house looks great, love the shower with the dark fixtures.

  4. Loved the tour!
    Sandra @ Dinner at Eight

  5. Thanks so much for sharing the designer showhouse at market in Highpoint. It's always fun to see the cutting edge of design but I agree with you that the more traditional rooms are more in keeping with both the style of the home (and my personal taste as well.)

  6. Oh wow that has some amazing rooms! That porch I do have to admit was the first thing that caught me eye and is my favorite. But what beautiful design work!