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Elegant French cottage bathroom renovation peek & why I am in love already

The bathroom... yes, it is under construction.
No, it is not fully ready for a big reveal and all the details....

sinks and faucets with marble in french cottage bathroom

but yes...
 it is already knocking my socks off with all the pretty 
that is starting to appear.

You might remember when the ceiling leaked with all.that.incredible amount of rain we have had...
which meant we needed to find the leak,
 repair the leak area 
and replace what was damaged (which was fun fun fun.) 
That left us with a ceiling and wall in the bathroom looking... 
shall we say... not so pretty.

And my favorite toile wallpaper?
Aye aye aye...
I don't want to talk about it...

french cottage bathroom details

This bathroom project has been a big jumbled mess and a definite comedy of errors.
I honestly had to laugh several times because I was pretty much going to cry otherwise.
From the wrong items showing up 
to the old 1940's pipes not working with the 'new' vintage style fixtures
 to waiting on the new sconces that went out of stock
to shipping delays and issues and much more.

custom vanity in french bathroom renovation

And even though these photos look pretty and put together...
we aren't ready for a full bathroom reveal yet. 
We are only ready for a sneak peek.

Because we are actually waiting on one more thing to happen with this vanity as we speak.
And it involves a fabricator and a chunky marble slab I have waiting to be cut.
Oh yes indeed...
 there will be creamy white marble going in on the vanity counter top, baby.

But I know you have been waiting... and keep asking questions....
and we are taking waaay too long to get this wrapped up over here.
So, I thought I would share a little sneak with you 
and the reasons why
 I am quite literally obsessed with how this is turning out.

close up sinks in bathroom

Brass faucets. Vessel sinks. Reclaimed wood.

custom vanity in french cottage bathroom

And peonies of course.
Obsessed I tell you.

wood vanity details

And something fun... 
this charming piece is a piece that was not originally a vanity.
When I first saw this reclaimed vintage inspired piece  of amazingness at Eloquence
 I knew it was THE ONE for the project.
Those fluted legs, the curvy carved corbels and all that delicious reclaimed wood detailing?
This was the piece that I would turn into a console sink in the bathroom and
that I envisioned the entire finished project in about 5 seconds.
I sketched the design, ordered the console and other parts and waited
for it to arrive.

white towels in basket in bathroom

And when it did- we took that gorgeous console and created a gorgeous double vanity.
And then topped it with that vintage style hardware
and a charming mirror
 and lots of pretty details.

marble and brass with reclaimed wood in bathroom

I wanted vessel sinks rather than sinks that were set into the console - 
mainly because I didn't really want to see the sink showing up underneath
and vessel sinks are super easy to install as well which is a bonus.

And another funny story- these are NOT the correct sinks. 
Nope...wrong ones. 
But they showed up... and we had a looming deadline to get this installed- 
which meant no time to wait for them to re-ship 
and so we went with it.
But... though it wasn't love at first sight...
they have been growing on me. 

I told you ... 
it has been one of THOSE kind of jobs...

 I am So. in. love. with how it is turning out.
I cannot wait to get the marble in place on the countertop.
Oh... and get everything hooked up and working.
haha. Seriously.
A few plumbing issues that popped up after installing those faucets
 (surprise surprise)
 which meant leaks and having to turn the water back off 
and ordering a couple retrofit parts.

marble and vessel sinks

Did I mention it was that kind of project?

And while we wait for that fabricator and plumbing retrofit  pieces to arrive
we decided it was a good idea to get started on another major renovation project  
Good news...
we are just now wrapping up 2 weeks of construction chaos there.
Masks and gloves and goggles and hammers and saws
and a room full of furniture that has been living outdoors on the patio-
almost all done.

And while the sawdust has been flying around...
 I have been enjoying the at least it looks finished 
view in the bathroom for now.

Custom designed vanity french bathroom

What do you think of the bathroom renovation
 and my custom vanity so far?

Finished vanity details, DIY instructions and
 full bathroom reveal coming your way soon.

Happy Monday everyone


  1. I absolutely love your vanity. Brilliant idea. One of a kind. Very, very French!

  2. Courtney this is amazing! It's so beautiful, love every single thing.

  3. It's so very pretty, it's so very you!

  4. "Gasp" It's gorgeous! I'm in the planning stages for a redo on one of our tiny farmhouse bathrooms and am seriously looking at a vessel sink. After seeing yours, I'm convinced that's what I want-Thank You for the inspiration!

    1. Thank you Carol!! I wasn't sure about them at first either- but I really like them. Though these were not the correct ones when ordered- they are really beautiful in person. Good luck with your renovation!!

  5. Its awesome- every last wrong detail! I love it!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks Amy!! I hope your sweet new fur baby is doing well! :)

  7. I love this! The sconces, love them . If you don't mind , where did you find them?

    1. I just love the mirror and sconces! Is the mirror one of a kind or would you mind giving the source? Beautiful outcome!

  8. All I can say is, WOW! Look forward to the reveal.

  9. You had me at Eloquence! ... that piece that you turned into a vanity is magnificent! Why do projects never go smoothly...maybe it is because after all is said and done, we appreciate it more? What a beauty of a bathroom it is going to be!

    1. Thanks so much Shirley! And I think it is just the way projects are... they have to add some kind of crazy for some reason. :) xo

  10. Beautiful, beautiful, BEAUTIFUL! I can hardly wait for all the details.

  11. Oh my, I have no words! Except gorgeous! It even looks great without the marble top. WOW.

    1. I know, we said the same thing about the wood top. But definitely thinking the marble will be even more gorgeous. :)

  12. As always, your choices are amazingly beautiful, Courtney! Thank you for sharing with us! Can't wait to see the full reveal, and the source list!

    1. Thank you Pam- it has been an exciting project to see come together.

  13. I think you might be the owner of the bathroom of MY dreams. Gorgeous. Seriously.


  14. It's gorgeous, as is everything you do Courtney. I know the marble will be exquisite, but I love it as is also. Great worj!

  15. It is beyond words, just absolutely gorgeous! Can't wait to see final reveal. Love everything, where may I ask did that beautiful mirror come from?
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Certainly! I will do a post on sources since I have had so many questions about the mirror and sconces as well- it is from RH.

  16. Oh my that vanity table!!! That would be my dream bathroom I just know!!

  17. A room of beauty to love ...xx💙

  18. Are you able to share the source for the mirror? It is perfect just resting on top on the vanity.

  19. Your new bathroom refresh is lovely. I often use pics of your home when helping others work with older kitchens - often show the guest house kitchen for those working on a tight budget:)
    I have found that many find vessel sinks impractical for master bathrooms - difficult to shave, brush teeth, clean off counters. Yours look good and large - but let us know down the road how they work out practicality wise.

    1. Thanks so much!! I will indeed keep you posted! These are large and fairly deep- so far they are good but will see down the road.

  20. Well it is simply gorgeous! I love it all - wrong sinks or not! We are building a house and there are so many things that go wrong *every* day - I just can't even talk about it some days. Can't wait to see your finished product! I also love the Eloquence console piece... I can't get enough of Eloquence products!!

    1. Me too- absolutely love Eloquence!! And I hear you on the building issues! Good look with your house- sounds exciting!!

  21. Very Beautiful! I'm dying to know what your original pick for sinks was!?! Looking forward to the complete reveal. Best wishes!

    1. The original sinks I was ordering were vessel sinks-but were semi-recessed vessel sinks. So partly in the cabinet and partly above console if that makes sense. These are completely on top instead.

  22. That console is beautiful! Everything is so pretty. What did your original pick for the sinks look like? Looking forward to the complete reveal. Best wishes!

    1. The original sinks in here were pedestal sinks. I will share a before and after when I do the details post :)

  23. Once again you've outdone yourself Courtney...this is stunning and so YOU! Is this the bathroom that had the red toile wallpaper? Funny side note, I was thinking about those same sconces that I recently noticed on Lamps Plus for a future powder room update. Are you loving them?

    1. Hey Janet! The sconces are great- actually not first choice but really do love them in here now. They are fairly large so I would just take that into consideration when planning your space.

  24. I love the contrast of the more contemporary vessel sink against the antiquated look of the vanity. White porcelain, always timeless.
    Mimi - The Rustic Chateau

    1. Thanks Mimi! I think it is a fun and somewhat unexpected look :)

  25. I loved it before you mentioned the marble counter top! I can't wait to see it with that! The sinks are great. They are unexpected but so simple that they really look perfect with the beautiful romantic mirror and vintage fixtures. It is already beautiful but when it is finished, I am sure it will be stunning!

  26. Oh my goodness! What a beautiful space already! LOVE those brass details, faucets and those sinks are actually working so well in the space. Can't wait to see the reveal!!

  27. Oh, Courtney, I can't wait to see AFTER with the marble. It already looks so beautiful and this piece is perfect. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

  28. So elegant! Absolutely Fantabulous!!!

  29. I am in absolute love with this! These Amazing details in this batbroom! I wish it was in my house now! Thank you for sharing ��

  30. Your bathroom is so inviting, cosy and elegant all in one and I love the tiles..are you able to tell me the type of tiles they are? I am in Australia so I am hoping I am able to find something identical for an ensuite bathroom I am going to fit out. Can't wait to see the finished project...Jenny

  31. Gorgeous bathroom! It is very heartening that you share the trying times of a renovation, as well as the successes. It helps me persist through a project that runs amuck, now and then. Also, I like the lesson learned, that sometimes, the wrong sink is the right sink. (One can substitute any word for sink.( Thanks for sharing.