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Eloquence at High Point Market

There are always so many inspiring showrooms to visit at High Point Market.
From vintage to modern to fresh 
and then there are the favorites. 
The ones that are on the list and are must sees because you just KNOW
that you will be mesmerized by every.single.thing inside.

Eloquence is one of those showrooms.

I first visited Eloquence at High Point Market the first time that I went to High Point.
And I recognized pieces from magazines and homes I had long admired.
And I was instantly smitten with everything.

And they recently moved the showroom to a big and beautiful building...
full of beautiful pieces, vignettes and inspirations.

Like curvy sofas covered in linen

Gorgeous beds with details galore

and a little bit of bling.

Basically... obsessed is not a strong enough word for Eloquence and their designs.

They mix vintage with brand new pieces that will knock your socks off.

And yes, I have a wish list a mile long...

You can find more about ordering pieces from the Eloquence collection

And I will be sharing something incredible 
I ordered from them very soon.

You can also see more in this video from FB

Happy inspiration everyone!!


  1. Beautiful pieces. You got the cogs turning.

  2. Everything is so pretty, I could see how a wish list could be a mile long.��. Love the mirror on the palette. Ok I have wish list going also. Love the first wing back, the chandy and Demi johns. I totally agree with yoour favorite chair is very sweet I could see something like for my bedroom

  3. I too am smitten with Eloquence.....I am so excited, the turning cartwheels across the floor, excited, that my hubby is giving me an anniversary gift from this line.....have to wait a while for the delivery, but well worth the wait...

  4. Wow! Stunning displays and furniture! I know you were swooning becasue everyone of these speaks your language. Wish I had the type of home to have pieces like these. I could probably pull off the wing back chair.

  5. Oooh! Just my kind of beautiful, ethereal pieces ~ especially the chandeliers!!! Thank you for sharing, Courtney! <3