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Why you need a truck when shopping at HomeGoods

I walked in to one of my favorite stores recently
and shopped away picking up favorite things... with no idea that
something amazing was waiting for me on aisle number 7. 

pitcher with flowers in living room

Well, okay, I don't know what the aisle number was but as I shopped,
I stopped in the dishes aisle - which is a favorite- and placed a couple pretty wine stems in my cart. 
Then it was the bedding aisle- another favorite-
where I found this gorgeous ruffled gray matelasse throw.

gray ruffled throw on sofa

And as I was getting ready to go pick up a few more bottles of hand soap in the bath aisle-
 (Yes, I am obsessed- find out why here
I took a right turn through aisle number 7 which was the Art aisle
mostly to avoid another shopper with another loaded cart and the back and forth game- 
 and that was when it happened.
I saw the first glimpse of something off to the side that stopped me in my tracks.
It was covered in chippy white paint and raw wood, 
with fluted details and chunky construction.
And it was HUGE.

An outrageously large mirror that was so big- it was laying on it's side rather than standing tall.
And so I bent my head to the side and took a closer look
 and fell in love with all those pretty little details... 
and rationalized that I did not NEED an outrageously large mirror... or did I?
 I could not leave it behind and basically parked myself next to it until 
a HomeGoods employee walked by and tagged it for me.
Because you know, if I walked away
someone might have just picked that it weighs 500lbs treasure up and put it in their cart. 
haha. ;) 

This mirror is actually so large- it would not fit into my everything fits into it SUV
So my husband had to pick it up with the truck. 
 It is 9' tall and about 4' wide- and reminds me quite a bit of one I have seen at RH before - 
for about 4x the cost.

For now, it is in the living room... though, it isn't staying here. 
Partly because the living room is going to be looking a little bit crazy the next couple weeks with a major project going on
that requires that everything comes out of the living room for a bit. 
Oy. Fun fun over here.

You can see a closer look and more of this amazing Homegoods treasure 
along with 3 tips for styling a living room for summer 

 Happy Friday everyone.

I work with HomeGoods but this post isn't sponsored- just sharing the love.


  1. OMG! That is a beauty. Would have had to come home with me as well.

  2. Wow! it is fab! I know you have to grab it when you see it. I lost out on a garden arch yesterday because I said to myself, "I'll get it on the way out". was gone. Love you mirror.

  3. Wow that is gorgeous! I'm getting ready to purchase a large mirror for my living room and I have been waiting on "pulling the trigger" but now I have seen at least two blog posts about large mirrors... I think it's a sign! Well at least that's how I'm going to take it:) Thanks for sharing! It's so beautiful:)

  4. Wow
    There is a new HOme GOods store within about 35 miles from me so must make a trip down to check it out. I can't imagine they would have that fabulous mirror
    When I go into St Louis I always shop Home Goods for dishes and lemon flavored olive oils

  5. So fabulous! And perfect in your living room!

  6. Huge chippy french country cottage mirror, perfect for your home. I believe the beautiful piece was waiting for you:). Kathleen in Az

  7. What the cuss?! I never find anything that fabulous at my HG. Beautiful piece. I can totally see why you didn't leave it's side. You're one lucky girl!

  8. I am cracking up at your post title because it is the TRUTH! I can't seem to get out of that store without a cart load. Love the mirror you found...quite a statement. Lucky you!

  9. Wow! This mirror is AMAZING. So happy your hubby had a truck to bring it home. xx

  10. Your mirror find was a true score. I have a giant mirror in my living room that I love but since my kids are grown and I don't have to carpool anymore, I traded in my Navigator for an Audi coupe, so no more pieces like that for me unless the store delivers--bummer!

  11. Oh my heavens! I loooooove the mirror!!! I can see why you snatched it up! They sure don't have things like that at MY Home Goods! (Mesa, AZ) Wish they did! I'd be bringing our truck too!!! Your room is gorgeous!

  12. I love the look, I think I'll make a trip to my home goods right now!

  13. You have such a great eye and you're so inspirational! Where did you find that gold watering can/pitcher? Thanks for sharing!

  14. I found a mirror that large at Homegoods as well for only $199. It is plain all mirror with a 6 inch bevel all the way around. No frame, no color, just mirror but the beveled edge makes it classy and expensive looking. I’ve seen mirrors that size online for over $1,000 so I knew it was a steal right away. I do not have a truck or know anyone with a truck so I rented a U-Haul minivan between my house and Homegoods for $19.99! So for a total of approx $250 (mirror, tax, and U-Haul) I got a mirror worth easily 4x more :)