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6 ways to style a shelf with simple white dishes

Simple is as simple does.
Isn't that how the saying goes?

white dishes in cupboard

Basically, when it comes to styling shelves or putting something on display in the kitchen
simple is best. 

And what could be more simple than white dishes?

close up of oranges and flowers on shelves

White dishes don't complicate anything.
They don't overwhelm even when there are many of them
and they don't act like a diva and ask to be the center of attention.
I am a starry eyed fan for many reasons- but mostly because
white dishes are simply gorgeous.
Today it is about 5 times that those thrift store haul dishes
were absolutely simply perfect.

#1. All lined up in a row

autumn display with white dishes

It doesn't get much easier than lining up white pitchers on a shelf
and calling it good.
If I had 2 dozen more of various sized pitchers- I would probably do the entire cupboard
in white pitchers just because.
The nice thing about using pitchers is that you can also use a few of them for flowers
which brings in another element and a pop of pretty.

#2. Add a bit of Copper

autumn display with white dishes and hydrangeas

One of the best things about white dishes on display?
So easy to change the look for the seasons.
For fall, bring in a bit of warmth with copper or gold and a bit of greenery.

#3. Flowers for summer

buffet deux corps with dishes

Kind of an obvious choice for me... but yes, I do love to decorate those dishes 
with pretty blooms.  
Dried blooms, fresh blooms, any and all kinds.
This styling uses a tureen and sugar container filled with dried roses.
Simple and easy and adds just the right touch of summer.

#4. Add some green

Yes, this is a holiday photo. 
And yes,  I know it is July.
Please do not throw eggs at me. 

Same cupboard- different look.

Christmas greens with white dishes in cupboard

I wanted to share that white dishes are so versatile- that all it takes is a few clippings
or potted plants in a tureen to take those dishes from summer to holiday in a snap.

#5. Open Shelves

French cottage kitchen with white dishes on shelves

Remember that story about the kitchen when we moved in
and how I took the doors off two of the cupboards to create those open shelf areas?
Well, those shelves are perfect places for a few white dishes.
I like to use large bowls and stacks of plates and keep it simple- but you can bring in
coffee mugs, platters or whatever you need to store in a pretty way.

#6. Farmhouse Style

white dishes and purple flowers

Simple and sweet and full of vintage charm- yes, please.
This little old chippy wall cupboard was a Re-Store find that came home with me
and went right up on the wall in the cottage.
To let the character and patina shine- stacks of small plates, coffee mugs 
and dainty ironstone
were the perfect choices.

So simple really is as simple does.  
Styling shelves or display areas doesn't need to be complicated.
Keep it simple and let those collections of white dishes, platters, pitchers and everything in between shine- and sprinkle them with seasonal touches for a quick refresh.

Happy Wednesday everyone.


  1. I love how you style your cupboards:). I hope to see a few photographs in your book, simply beautiful!
    My favorite is the copper and Autumn display in your kitchen cupboard:).
    Kathleen in Az

  2. I think decorating with white dishes is sooo calming, so ethereal. Just perfect when you want "pretty" but not "busy." And, Christmas in July? Always room for Christmas celebrating, any time of year!

    Happy Wednesday!
    Barb 😊💕

  3. I love white dishes! I collect milk glass and I find it is always classic, goes with everything, and really does make a simple statement. White dishes are sort of the equivalent of a great white blouse that looks perfect with everything. Have a great Wednesday Courtney.


  4. After spending my youth going through many different patterns and colors of dishes and serveware, I finally figured out that all white makes the most sense economically and with regard to design versatility. Something breaks, replace it with something similar. So easy and fuss free. Glad I finally wised up! Your photos are great by the way. Great post!

  5. Beautiful!!! I love white dishes too and you have them styled so nice. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I have all glass uppers in my kitchen (which many people tried to talk me out of and thank goodness I didn't listen) and white dishes are my favorite to have in them. Classic and always looks great, even if I don't have them perfectly situated.

  7. I do the same---white or creamy white dishes, pitchers, etc. with the occasional greenery or flowers in my display shelves. Instead of copper I use aged brass because I have a few beautiful pieces that were given to us as gifts.

    Love your displays! :)

  8. Love all the white pitchers and styling tips!!!

  9. Love all the white dishes, and styling tips..

  10. Beautiful photos. I covet your collection of white china!