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Friday Favorites- simple summer bedroom refresh ideas

Sometimes it just takes something simple to change the look in a room.

peonies on nightstand in french cottage bedroom

A couple new pillows tossed on the sofa, maybe a new rug underfoot- 
or fresh linens in the bedroom.

Yes, I might be guilty of changing the look I love with linens in the bedroom often.
I can't help it.
I fall in love with pretty linens. They seem to find their way into my cart every.time. 
 and sometimes a ruffle quilt, needlepoint pillow or even a certain color
will inspire a whole new look and feeling.

quilt on bed in bedroom close up

Like this barely blushing quilt that brought a soft subtle color and warmth.

knit blanket with floral pillow on bed

Or that chunky knit blanket that added a barely there golden yellow 
and a feeling of sunshine.

French cottage style bedroom blush lamp

But linens aren't the only way to add a touch of summer.
Some of my favorites are with accessories or simply adding textures to bring in a new fresh feeling.
I love fresh flowers on the nightstand of course.
And nubby, detailed textures and patterns  add another element when layered.

checked and linen pillows

Over at the Design Happy blog today-
 I am sharing
to bring in a new look.

floral needlepoint pillow on bed

Happy Friday everyone.


  1. You are a woman after my own heart, I love linens! Sometimes, well, a lot of times, I buy them because I fall in love even though I have no immediate use for them. Your bedroom looks so summery. I adore that gorgeous, yet so simple quilt and the knit blanket...oh my goodness. Thanks for a beautiful share today. I just read in our local newspaper this morning about a large estate sale beng held tomorrow only a few blocks from our house; some new linens may be in the offing. Have an enjoyable weekend.

  2. You make it look so easy and simple! I absolutely love the pink and the flowers!

  3. Courtney: As always a beautiful post. The linens are so pretty and fresh flowers make everything better!

  4. Your bedroom is always exquisite for any season!

  5. Love your Bedroom, I am so loving my quilt that your bedroom inspired. Thanks for all the inspiration...

  6. I love the blush quilt and wondering where I can purchase one. Thanks.