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Giving Back- Christmas in July with Balsam Hill

Happy July 3rd  everyone!

And no you didn't read that title wrong...
 today we are talking about Christmas... in July. 
But not Christmas as in the holidays.
This Christmas in July post is about giving and giving back.
And how you can help give back in the easiest way-
with just your comments and likes.

I am veering off the normal decorating and design and pretty little flowers oriented post for a bit today to share something amazing that my Balsam Hill family is doing.

Many of you know that when I first started my blog,
it was because I was searching a bit for me.
Not that I didn't know me...
I knew that I loved being a stay at home mom and that spending each day raising those babies was the best thing in the world.
 It just knew that my coveted role of Stay at Home Mom, volunteer in the classroom, go on every.field.trip helicopter mom type role
 was changing as the kids grew.
And at the same time,
I found myself caring for a very special person who had always been one of my closest friends-
 my grandmother.

And I started to struggle a bit with who and what I would be when my kids grew up
and my grandmother was no longer here.

And so I started this blog.

A place to come and chat about pretty things, interior design and the renovations of our cottage.
I would write about something simple- a favorite sofa, a way to arrange plates or a new thrift find
and this blog was a doorway to finding me just a bit.
And in that spot in blogland- I met you.
And other bloggers.
And found this amazing community that I didn't realize that I was missing. 
And slowly, I started opening up a bit more about my world.

And after blogging for a few months, I introduced you to my grammy Betty
  in this post Now I know where to find Me.

Grammy and I were incredibly close from the time I was born,
 and when we moved to the area we live now
- it was to be close by so that my children would be able to know my grandparents
and my grandparents would be able to enjoy them
and we would be able to help out if we needed to.

It wasn't too many years after we moved that we noticed a few changes.
Nothing drastic at first, but when a Fire Department in a town 30 miles away
 called me one morning at 6 am to tell me that Grammy had driven into their fire station in the middle of the night and didn't know where she was -
we knew that something wasn't right and discovered that she had dementia.

Over several years as it progressed, the dementia began taking away so much.
 But she was still Grammy.
Her personality and smile and laughter and funny things she would say were there.
And her hand felt the same in mine as I held it when we walked.

Though as much as she was the same, she was different.
She didn't recognize people, or realize when her husband had passed earlier that year.
She didn't remember that she had two children
or even know where she was most of the time.

But she was still my Grammy to me. 
She was just hidden a bit.

It has now been almost 6 years since she was here and I miss her everyday.
If you would like to read more about Grammy -
you can find it here-
It is a post I wrote after she passed just a few weeks
 after introducing her to you-
but know that it is not a happy decorating post.

 Dementia and Alzheimer's are diseases that rob the person of special moments
 and memories.
My grandmother lost the memories of love and marriage to my grandfather,
memories of raising their children and the moments that make up life that were special to them-
and so much more.
Maybe the only blessing with this disease is that when it progresses far enough, they don't usually realize that they don't remember and that seems to be easier for them- though admittedly that becomes harder on family members who remember them.

So what does this have to do with Christmas in July and gifts?
This week starting Today through July 9th 
Balsam Hill is raising money to donate to 
Alzheimer's Association of Greater Idaho

What can you do? 

It is so simple.

 Every like on FB, comment on FB and share on FB
 will equal
 a monetary donation by Balsam Hill.

I am posting this on FB today and will be posting several times to
keep the momentum going
and any love you feel inclined to give with a like, comment and/or share
throughout the week will be counted. 

This is such an easy way to help raise money for good causes
 with just a simple click. 

And there will be more campaigns highlighted each week in July
that Balsam Hill is raising money for - so stay tuned.

And I know that this is a bit of an emotional post this morning
and many of you are caring for someone who has dementia
so I am sharing to help
spread the word about the good things that Balsam Hill
 is doing to give back to the community
and make a difference.

Have a safe and wonderful 4th of July everyone

*I work with Balsam Hill as their ambassador
but this post is not sponsored *


  1. Im just catching up this 4th of July weekend. So sorry to hear about the loss of your grandma. I hope the sweet memories comfort you as you deal with the loss. She was blessed to have such a sweet family and you for a granddaughter. I can just see you taking walks with her - hand in hand. Grannies have a big influence on us as we grow up. I know for my family our Grandpa was a ROCK. Sending you lots of love and sympathy and friendship <3

  2. Thanks to Balsam Hill for giving back to such a great cause. Lost my dad to dementia last November. Liked and shared the fb post. Happy 4th, Courtney!

  3. My beloved aunt had Alzheimer's. It is so heartbreaking to see what this disease does to our loved ones. Heading over to Facebook to share and like.

  4. Sorry for your loss. My sister just lost her sister in law to alzheimers at 68. Active competitive tennis player, long distance name it. Most of all an amazing wife and mom. It is such a sad disease to witness.

  5. Courtney: Grandmothers are so do us and I am so sorry for your loss. Toward the end of my Mom's life she suffered from dementia and you are correct, it seems much more difficult on the family members.

    Many thanks to the folks at Bal Hill for their kindness.

    Happy 4th to you and yours !

  6. This is a such a beautiful, heartfelt post. Wonderful that Balsam Hill and you have collaborated to give back. Thank you so much for your kindness.

  7. I shared your Facebook post - Good for Balsam Hill to join forces and do good for something that touches so many lives.